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Access to Knowledge
 June 2021 
 Volume 06 

Charaiveti 01: Wikimedia Wikimeet and Beyond: Ideas and Opinions[edit]

On 19 – 21 February 2021, A2K conducted Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021. The Wikimeet was a national-level online meet with different types of programs in it such as training, workshop, presentation, brainstorming sessions etc. In this particular blog post you will be able to find some of the learning during the preparation of the Wikimeet, or a few learning we applied during the event. However, this writing will go beyond the Wikimeet 2021, as we’ll try to recollect a few learnings from other events, and incidents, as well read more...

Awareness Session on Mental Health and the Pandemic[edit]

As part of COVID-19 support in India, CIS-A2K hosted the Awareness Session on Mental Health and the Pandemic with the help of the Institute of Psychological Health. As the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to a number of concerns related to mental health. During the session, Dr. Anand Nadkarni shared his expertise and helped the Indic Wikimedians read more...

Re-licensing of books[edit]

CIS-A2K appealed to four different authors to release the books to enrich the Wikisource among these languages. The OTRS process was explained in the online sessions with copyright holders. The relicensing include books by - Dwarakadas Lohiya, Ramesh Sharma, Pradeep Purandare and Rajanish Joshi. Thus total 16 books in Marathi, Hindi and English were scanned and uploaded on Wikimedia Commons.

Stay safe, stay connected[edit]

Stay safe, stay connected (2021) is a lightweight interaction zone created for Wikimedians in India. CIS-A2K has powered the event by providing logistical and coordination support. In June one session related to Wikisource was conducted in which the current status of Indic Wikisource's was discussed.  Which was followed by the discussion related to the current tech development on Wikisource and few presentations by the different communities about their work was involved in the sessions read more...

Internet support for Wikimedians in India[edit]

Internet Support for Wikimedians is an initiative by CIS-A2K & WMF to help the Indic Wikimedians who have been proactively contributing to Wikimedia projects and have given their valuable time towards the growth of the movement/Wikimedia projects in India. This support is a part of project tiger 3.0, which was started on 1 June 2021 and still going on, anyone who needs help apply here and for more information read here.

A Comparative Analysis of Article Creation Campaigns on Wikipedia[edit]

A comparative analysis of two prominent Wikimedia initiatives, Wikipedia Asian Month and Project Tiger, to understand prevailing challenges and opportunities, and strategies to address the same. The report has been authored by Nitesh Gill with inputs from Suswetha Kolluru, and editorial oversight and support by Puthiya Purayil Sneha. This the last in a series of short-term studies undertaken by the CIS-A2K team in 2019–2021 read more...

Wikimedia orientation Session[edit]

VANI working on vulnerable and endangered languages approached CIS-A2K for collaboration to work Wikimedia commons. The first session for orientation on Wikimedia projects and to decide the components of the proposed project was conducted on 3 June 2021. In this session, two coordinators of VANI participated and the Lexicographical data in Wikidata, Lingua Libre project to build a repository of pronunciations on Wikimedia Commons and Wikisource for uploading digitised books was discussed at length read more...

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