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CIS-A2K/Reports/Newsletter/September 2023

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Access to Knowledge
 September 2023 
 Volume 09 

The September edition of A2K's Newsletter showcases the dynamic online engagement within the Wikimedia Indic communities, highlights impactful partnerships for digitization, spotlights outreach activities conducted as part of Wiki Loves Monuments, and provides insights into on-ground skill development programs benefiting Indian Wikimedians.

Online Engagement[edit]

Learning Clinic: Collective learning from grantee reports in South Asia[edit]

The third call of the Indic Community Monthly Engagement Calls initiative took place on September 8, 2023. During this call, A2K hosted a Learning Clinic titled "Collective Learning from Grantee Reports in South Asia" by Let's Connect. The objective of this call was to collectively reflect on the work that had occurred in the region based on data from grantees' reports in 2022.

The focus was on 1 or 2 specific topics that could be discussed collectively, with the aim of drawing practical recommendations for future work in the region. This was particularly important as the next round of grant proposals was set to begin in September 2023. The discussions encompassed elements that grantees could incorporate into their organizational and programmatic work, as well as ways in which CIS-A2K and/or the Wikimedia Foundation could provide support.

To ensure transparency and accessibility, comprehensive documentation of each call, including summaries, key takeaways, and relevant resources, read more...

Partnership & Digitisation[edit]

Relicensing and Digitisation workshop at Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal[edit]

CIS-A2K, in collaboration with KWUG, conducted a two-day workshop on Relicensing and Digitization at Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal, Karnataka, on September 15-16, 2023. The initiative included relicensing three Yakshagana books and training students and faculty in Wikimedia editing and digitization. The event saw active participation from students, faculty, and librarians, with a book release on Wikimedia Commons attended by around 60 students and 15 faculty members, emphasizing the importance of free knowledge creation and local heritage preservation. The workshop was read more...

Relicensing and Digitisation workshop at Sayajirao Gaekwad Research Centre, Aurangabad[edit]

CIS-A2K conducted a comprehensive relicensing and digitization workshop in collaboration with the Sayajirao Gaekwad Research and Training Organization (SGRT) in Aurangabad on September 11th and 12th, 2023. This collaboration stems from the GLAM project initiated with SGRT in December 2022, aiming to establish digital archives focused on Sayajirao Gaekwad and his published works.

In the first phase of this project, we successfully relicensed and uploaded 60 books onto Wikimedia Commons, making valuable content accessible to a wider audience. The second phase, commencing on September 11th, was marked by intensive digitization training provided to SGRT staff. This training included scanning and post-processing techniques for digitizing books and read more...

Wiki Loves Monuments 2023 Outreach in Telangana[edit]

The "Commons Workshop for Telangana Historians" was a one-day training event that aimed to equip historians, archaeologists, and archaeology enthusiasts with the necessary skills and understanding to contribute photographs of monuments located in Telangana to Wikimedia Commons. The workshop had a dual purpose: to impart essential knowledge about copyrights and Wikimedia Commons and to facilitate skill development among its participants.

The workshop took place on September 17, 2023, from 10 AM to 4 PM. It was held at the Paidi Jairaj Preview Theatre, located within Ravindra Bharathi in Hyderabad, providing a suitable venue for the event. The workshop was attended by active historians and archaeologists from Telangana. These participants were carefully selected and invited by TORCH Hyderabad, ensuring that the event drew individuals with a genuine interest and expertise in the field. The list of participants was continuously updated to accommodate more attendees.

The event was organized by Pavan Santhosh from CIS-A2K and Aravind Arya Pakide from TORCH-Telangana, who played pivotal roles in coordinating and facilitating the workshop. Additionally, IM3847, a Wikimedian and Photographer, along with Pranayraj, a Telugu Wikimedian, served as co-organizers and speakers, enriching the event with their insights and read more...

Mula Mutha Nadi Darshan Photography contest results and exhibition of images[edit]

CIS-A2K, in collaboration with Pune River Revival group, organized the 'Mula Mutha Nadi Darshan' campaign and photography contest on Wikimedia Commons from May 15 to August 31. The campaign aimed to document the Mula and Mutha rivers, along with their tributaries in Pune district, through images and videos on Wikimedia Commons. Partner organizations like Jeevitnadi, Ecological Society, Samuchit Enviro Tech, Nisarg Sevak, National Society for Clean Cities, and others actively participated. Awareness drives and technical training programs were conducted for educational institutes, citizen forums, and social organizations to engage them in documenting the rivers on Wikimedia Commons. After the conclusion of the contest, a panel of four judges utilized the Montage tool to evaluate the submitted images. Orientation sessions were conducted to familiarize participants with the tool. Subsequently, the top ten winners were announced based on the evaluation results. In addition to the contest, the Pune River Revival group organized community engagement initiatives such as 'Paint the river,' 'Sketch the river,' and 'Poster stories on river.' The outcomes of these campaigns were showcased in an exhibition at Yashavantrao Chavan Kaladalan, Pune, coinciding with 'World River Day' and the 'Ganesh Festival.' read more...


Train The Trainer 2023[edit]

A2K, in its commitment to fostering knowledge sharing and community building, organized the Train-the-Trainer (TTT) event. This initiative has a storied history, having been conducted successfully seven times in the past, from 2013 to 2020. The TTT event serves as a testament to the organization's dedication to continuous improvement and innovation in its programs. The essence of the TTT program lies in its experiential learning approach, designed to empower participants by immersing them in practical experiences and hands-on activities. By doing so, it aims to equip them with valuable skills and knowledge that they can later impart to others. This "learning by doing" philosophy has proven to be highly effective in enhancing the capabilities of individuals in the Wikimedia movement. One of the standout features of the TTT workshop is its focus on addressing biases. It recognizes that biases, whether conscious or unconscious, can hinder the growth of inclusive and diverse communities. To combat this, the program actively engages participants in discussions and activities aimed at identifying and mitigating biases. By doing so, it strives to create a more welcoming and equitable environment for all Wikimedia contributors. In August, A2K also published a diff post regarding TTT. There were 26 scholars who attended the TTT and the total participants were 39 read more...

Note: The release of the TTT report by A2K is forthcoming and can be expected shortly.