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CIS-A2K/Strategic plan June 2016 - July 2018

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The CIS-A2K Strategic Plan June 2016 - July 2018 addresses four priorities :

  1. Cultivating new editors
  2. Empowering the existing community
  3. Content generation
  4. Skill building and general service to the movement.

These four priorities would be achieved with the following three strategies :

  1. Building leadership
  2. Optimization of Opportunities
  3. Idea Exchange platform for Indian Wikimedia Communities

These priorities and strategies are based on WMF's strategies and specifically try to address the 2015 strategies.

Building leadership[edit]

A2K would have to move from the facilitator role to an active contributor towards skill building initiatives. Micro TTT and MWT is definitely a good idea. So are ideas of offering certificate courses and diploma courses in partnership with our WEP partner institutions. Our initiatives to make the community members write PEG and IEG applications are also important steps in this direction. Leading the way by offering dedicated internships, twining programs with seasoned Wikimedians for new Wkimedians and if possible a program similar to summer school would go long way in building leadership in Indian language communities.

Optimization of Opportunities[edit]

A2K has put in dedicated efforts from the past four years in India and has been able to grab attention both by Indian Wikimedia communities and other organisations (higher educational institutions, research institutes, developmental organisations). A2K should leverage its access to generate higher in-kind support to the program and partner with these organisations in their initiatives and not always wait for exclusive partnerships.

Idea Exchange platform for Indian Wikimedia Communities[edit]

Indian Wikimedia communities are doing amazing work at their level but all of this work seems to be done in isolation. A2K will function as an incubation/idea exchange centre and provide the much needed common platform for all Indian Wikimedia enthusiasts to collaborate and develop ideas it would be a great service for Wikimedia movement.