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Work plan July 2016 - June 2017

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This plan contains details about the proposed activities for this year based on community discussions. Based on the experience and learning from the past work CIS-A2K has created this plan with support from the Odia Wikipedia community.

Performance against Plans[edit]

Proposed activity Target for Work plan July 2015- June 2016 Projection Achievement Comments
Cultivating New Editors (Odia Wikisource)
Odia Wikisource
Odia Wikipedia
  • Total 4 workshops have been done.
  • Online training.
  • 2 workshops for Odia Wikisource at New Delhi.
  • 2 Workshops for Odia Wikipedia at Utkal University and Puri.
  • Reached at least 150 individuals and more than 100 accounts created on both the projects. (A2K effort)
  • More than 1000 folios digitized
With the support of Odia community the editor retention rate has increased.
Content Acquisition
Odia Wikisource
Acquired 730 books Due to the constant efforts of Odia Wikisource community, organizations such as Srujanika and Sambad have shown interest in 'content donation'
Cultivating New editors
Odia Wikimedia projects
Online Outreach (Social media accounts such as Twitter , Facebook and Instagram (for tracking photographers)

New Wikimedians 20 Articles 30-40 Images uploaded- 50+ data added 50,000 bytes

By coupling social and cultural festivals such as 'Nabakalebara' Odia Wikimedia community has seen increased number of editors, readers and media mentions.
Institutional Partnership

At least 2-3 institutions.

No formal Institutional Partnership has been signed but Odia Wikimedia community has received support from media houses, research organizations
WikiTungis -

Creating Theme and city based Wikipedia clubs and reviving existing Wikiclubs.

  • Outreach to new cities.
  • Building leaders among the community.
  • Creating Social media groups such as Whatsapp and Google hangouts for clearing their doubts.

20 individuals 1 lakh bytes added 200 images 40 articles

Reaching out to editors and readers from small cities has proved useful

Tangible impact[edit]

  • The impact of CIS-A2K’s work on Odia Wikipedia can be viewed in the fact-sheet and graphs shared below:
No. of Editors as on Jan 2015 No. of Editors as on Jan 2016 No. of Active Editors as on Jan 2015 No. of Active Editors as on Jan 2016 No. of Articles/entries as on Jan 2015 No. of Articles/entries as on Jan 2016 No. of outreach events No. of celebratory-outreach events Absolute bytes added through CIS-A2K outreach
114 152 13 29* 8680 10,516** 4 2 5,640,000

* Number of active editors including existing editors.
**Number of articles with the help of community members and CIS-A2K outreach. Values in the table are according to the cohort analysis before '''31st January, 2016'''.

Intangible Imapct[edit]

  • Content in Odia language has increased due to Unicode font converter, Major news sources and readers are using the converter to convert non-Unicode font into Unicode.
  • Community consultation during celebration events helped in prioritising policies for Odia Wikimedia projects, which also decides the content acquisition policy for Odia Wikisource.

Needs Assessment[edit]

  • CIS-A2K conducts both yearly and monthly needs assessment in collaboration with the community. A2K carves out time for the needs assessment section during its outreach activities, community meet-ups and IRC discussions. The needs articulated through these channels inform our design for our outreach activities and skill building initiatives.
  • Community is consulted actively for all programs both at the level of design and at the level of implementation. Feedback provided by the community regarding the activity is documented as a blog post for future references.
Program Wikimedia Strategy Nature of the activity Community Suggestion Wikimedia Project Projection
Online Outreach Awareness Program , User cultivation Surveys , Trainings
  • Social Media outreach; There are lot enthusiasts available in the web world, we need to find potential editors.
  • Online quarterly newsletters and distributing it cross community.
Commons, Wikisource and Wikipedia
  • Involving 50 individuals on Wikimedia projects.
  • Helping them upload good quality images on Commons.
Wikipedia Education Program Education Program Surveys, Trainings, WEP


  • Finding place for new WEPs and reviving existing WEPs
  • Targeting technical institutions for MediaWiki development and literary groups, general public and retired persons for content development.
Commons, Wikisource and Wikipedia
  • Reviving Wikipedia Education Program in Odia language.
  • At least 100 new Wikipedians to join Odia Wikipedia
  • At least 300 new articles to be created and 200 existing articles to be improved.
  • At least 500 new images/files to be added to commons
  • At least 100 kilobytes to be added.
Offline Promotion of Odia Wikipedia and Workshops Awareness, User Creation Surveys, workshop
  • Conducting focused edit-a-thons and workshops at various places in Odisha.
  • Targeting teachers, community and schools.
  • Spreading to the Western and Southern belt of Odisha (the current community consists of Wikimedians from Central and Northern parts of Odisha) and creating leaders for follow up work.
Commons, Wikisource and Wikipedia
  • Targeting literary groups.
  • Wikipedia kiosks at Book fairs.
  • Taking help from various NGOs and clubs for conducting activities
Community Outreach with prominent personalities Content Acquisition Training , One-on-one activity.
  • Sending letters to prominent authors/writers/poets of Odisha, regarding Odia Wikipedia projects, Wikimedians and availability of books on Odia Wikisource.
  • Bringing their attention towards Odia Wikisource and how digitisation work has taken place in Odia community.
  • Acquiring their popular works.
  • Introducing Wikimedia projects.
Media Awareness program Promotional
  • Promoting Wikimedians on print media.
  • Monthly columns in renowned newspapers, magazines, portals related to Odia Wikipedia.
  • Community meetup with media personals.
Retention of Existing Wikimedians Capacity building Growth
  • Bringing new members to Odia Wikipedia and recognising old members.
  • Providing technical knowledge to community members.
  • Making a strong reference and citation base for existing Wikimedians.
Wikisource, Wikipedia
  • Increasing one-on-one training sessions and mentorship programs for community members.
  • By introducing various stakeholders in the Wikimedia universe, bringing awareness and connecting Odia Wikimedians to the global audience.
WikiTungis: Community support by city user groups. Capacity building Outreach , Training
  • Encouraging the members of WikiTungis to conduct photowalks, editathons etc.
  • Technical outreach for Puri community members as they have expressed interest in contributing to Mediawiki during the last work plan.
  • Empowering WikiTungis for doing Outreach Programs, providing financial support for the community meetups and outreach programs.
  • WikiTungis to be supported with training tools and handbooks and funds for community meetups. Inviting one experienced Wikimedian for monthly mentoring and edit-a-thons.
Wikisource, Wikipedia
  • Facilitating meet-ups planned by Tungis.
  • Collaborating with local libraries to acquire and digitize public domain books and attempt to re-release more content under CC-BY-SA license.
  • Regular monthly community meet-ups to be conducted as quality monitoring exercise and needs assessment mapping project.
  • Cross Tungi Participation (For ex; Member of Puri Tungi to participate in Nalco Tungi meetup to learn about the best practices and challenges.)
Font and Software Building MediaWiki development. Training
  • Creating awareness for mobile editors, raising issues and challenges in Wikipedia App.
MediaWiki , Wikipedia and Wikisource.
  • Will increase the participation of technical members in the Wiki Projects.
  • Training community members through MWT.
Edit-a-thons Content generation Edit-a-thons
  • Photowalks and Edit-a-thons for strengthening the Wikipedia content and community members.
  • Thematic Edit-a-thons based on recent trends and festivals on Odisha.
Wikipedia, Wikisource
  • Thematic Edit-a-thons.
  • Involving 10-15 existing Wikimedians, attracting 10 new Wikimedians for each Edit-a-thon.
  • Creating special categories to track the activity occurred during the Edit-a-thon.

Implementation plan[edit]

Table 3

Program (1) # of newly registered users (2) # of active editors involved (3) # of individuals involved (4a) # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages (4b) # of new images/media uploaded (optional) (5) # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects (6) Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects
GLAM 15 15 20 100 200 120 3,00,000
Wikipedia Education Program - - - 100 - - -
Edit-a-thon 100 20 160 145 150 450 10,54,000
Skill Building 50 17 33 75 65 200 4,60,000

Table 3 notes:Bytes are indicative of Text not images

Cultivating New Editors[edit]

Online Outreach

This reader survey was run on three different places; Odisha Sun Times, an English news portal covering the Indian state of Odisha, Odiyas in Facebook (Facebook group) and on Twitter. This report is published based on the poll result.
Statistics on the percentage of mobile and web editors editing Wikimedia projects.
"Nabakalebara" edit-a-thon, an edit-a-thon that was planned during a large cultural observation "Nabakalebara", has resulted in creation of more than 114 new articles and by the contribution of fourteen Wikimedians.

Social media users have been engaged with growing both content and community in Odia Wikimedia projects. Sharing articles from Odia Wikipedia on Twitter regularly and encouraging Twitter users to edit Wikipedia and upload images on Commons has made available functional content and images related to many important topics related to the state of Odisha. Sharing newsletters, image based daily tweets of Wikipedia articles, community achievements, stories of Wikimedians on a monthly basis on twitter has also increased reach of Odia Wikipedia. As there is a gap of both mobile readership and contribution the online campaigns and promotion will hopefully contribute in bridging the gap.


Spreading Wikipedia Awareness on social media platforms, targeting mobile editors for instant data addition during popular events. CIS-A2K will enhance efforts on cultivating active participants on social media platforms and train them on 'How to edit Wikipedia' through mobile phone. Odia Wikimedians feel that it is an easy method to contribute. A2K would also like to work towards creating a buzz around any trending topic by publishing stub-class article, sharing a picture, creating online awareness about any notable topic to crowd-source information targeting Facebook groups trending topics in Twitter, bloggers, etc.

Content Created Collaboratively (CCC) is an online campaign based on popular or trending topics related to Odisha and Odia language, people and culture. Popular local celebrations, current affairs and breaking news in Odisha, awards and death announcement of notable people of Odisha origin will be used to create content collaboratively. This activity will not just promote Odia Wikipedia on social and other online media but will also help in encouraging more bloggers and other social media users to contribute in Wikipedia editing. CCC helps acquire content in real time and inculcate the sense of community with potential editors. We would like to form a team of Wikimedians that are experts in social media to coordinate such activities.

  • Design campaigns and storytelling related to Odia language, people and culture and Odisha on the Internet, identify and engage with a critical mass to convert online users to Wikimedians.
  • As almost all the newspapers publish their online content in non-Unicode encoding systems an non-standard encoding to Unicode encoding converter could make a significant difference. The published news from noted media could then be used as source to grow Wikipedia.
  • Engagement with 10 people on a monthly basis and mentoring about 5 people to contribute images or information on Wikimedia Commons and Odia Wikipedia respectively.
  • Creating/enhancing about 1-10 articles every month.

Education Program

Odia Wikipedia Workshop at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar , Odisha, India. Image by: Jnanaranjan Sahu shared under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

With the help of community members and Wikipedia Education Program at KISS, Odia Wikisource became an active project from incubation[1].As there was less follow up work, WEP for Odia language failed to work. The discussion on reviving of WEPs has occured in two IRCs and one community consultation.[2][3], from the output of the consultation CIS A2K will approach these institutions for proposed WEPs after proper consultation with the community, surveying the scenario and interest of institution and participants. There are 18 Universities in Odisha, following the above criteria, some institutions can be approached for reviving WEPs.

List of Institutions.
Name of the Institution
Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
Utkal University of Culture
Sambalpur University , Burla
Berhampur University , Bhanjavihar
Ravenshaw University, Cuttack
Sri Jagannath Sanskrit Viswavidyalaya, Puri
Fakir Mohan University, Balasore
North Odisha University , Baripada
Odisha University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar
Centurion University of Technology and Management
Central University,Odisha,Koraput


To approach the above mentioned universities with the aim of creating a network of academicians and to reach out to different institutes mentioned to conduct workshops and sign MOUs with at least two. Targeting a place for WEP on the basis of its need towards Wikimedia projects, (technical universities for MediaWiki development, cultural and research related universities for Wikipedia and Wikisource to create articles and digitizing folios). MoU's with institutions will help in maintaining long term relationships with the universities and will help in working closely with the editors.

  • Creating separate project pages for each engagement. Allowing the students and faculty members to write an article of their choice under the guidance of Odia Wikimedians. Engaging the existing community members with the editors from WEPs to help in following the Wikipedia style of writing and helping them to correct the mistakes.
  • Notifying the community for a review process of articles written by students as the quality of the Wikipedia should be maintained.
  • If there is a publication in these universities they can be released under CC-BY-SA and used on Wikisource.
  • Reviving Wikipedia Education Program in Odia language.
  • At least 100 kilobytes to be added.


Offline Promotion of Odia Wikipedia


Odia Wikipedia awareness program is limited to 2-3 districts of Odisha. Recently, we have moved to a new place and conducted a workshop at Puri district which led to an increase in the number of contributors on Odia Wikipedia.[4]Promoting Odia Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects at various part of Odisha and empowering leaders from the community could help in spreading awareness about Odia Wikimedia projects. There are 30 districts in Odisha from which the presence of educational institutes and good computer and internet penetration have to be tapped for potential editors. Another part of the plan is reaching the Odia community and associations living outside of Odisha or spreading to the cities with larger Odia community.

  • Approaching literary groups, reading clubs, libraries.
  • Pamphlet distribution in schools and colleges during workshops or meetups.
  • Newspaper advertisements or posts about the workshop or meetup in local newspapers to attract the general public.
  • 2-3 bi-monthly seminars for journalists, language activists and government bureaucrats.
  • Targeting famous book fairs at Puri, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack (How). Putting Odia Wikipedia kiosks at book fairs while demonstrating editing for the visitors.
  • Social media advertisements.
  • Promoting Wikimedians' work on social media or top websites to bring attention to the projects.
  • Book fairs are the focal point for literature personalities and students and are a good channel for spreading awareness about Odia Wikipedia.
  • Publishing achievements of Odia Wikipedia and Wikimedians in newspapers.

Community Outreach with Prominent personalities


Letters to writers/poets/authors about Odia Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. There are many Sahitya Academy , Jnanapitha awardees for Odia language. Content acquisition from them in the form of books, will help Odia Wikisource attract readers. Important steps are providing information on the availability of books on Odia Wikisource and its importance to this open movement, articles about them on Odia Wikipedia and exploring possibilities on how they can contribute to it. This will also help in engaging community members for one-on-one outreach with the prominent personalities.

  • Involving existing community members in writing letter format.
  • Building contact of Odia Wikimedians with famous personalities.
  • Spreading awareness of the movement among famous literature personalities.

There are lot of prominent writer/poet/author on Odia language, they can provide their books to Odia Wikisource if our project is properly explained to them. Sending an A4 size letter to them mentioning the number of books available on Wikisource, about Odia Wikipedia, Wikisource and Wikimedians and how their books are important for us will be beneficial. We can title the letter Internet Re Odia Bhasha Andolan (Odia language Movement on Internet)

— Aditya Mahar during community consultation for the work plan.


Participants editing during the Odia Wikisource workshop at New Delhi.

Workshops at various places in Odisha. Moving towards smaller cities where there is no community or a single Wikimedian, taking help from the Wikimedian and organising workshops at educational institutes or similar organisations. If each of the smaller cities could have at least one active wikipedian he/she could be trained to conduct outreach.

  • Two to three follow-up workshops at the same place.
  • Engaging Wikimedians in both on wiki and off Wiki activities।
  • Educational Institutions and libraries;
  • Journalists, College teachers, Writers and other members of the local intelligentsia.

  • Survey for participants after workshops based on their interest increase the activities at that place.
  • At least 100 new Wikipedians to join Odia Wikipedia
  • At least 200 new articles and 200 existing articles to be improved.

Media Coverage


More awareness by spreading out news in print, web and electronic media both locally and globally as it has helped to increase the unique visitors to Odia Wikipedia in the past. Mainstream Odia language media is still unaware of the presence and importance of Odia Wikipedia. There is a need for wider media coverage about Odia Wikipedia.

  • Working with existing contacts with media houses and building new ties.
  • Targeting the audience and aiming at engaging with them based on audience response to the news, blogs and columns, etc.
  • Training media persons to educate them about editing Odia Wikipedia.
  • Documentary on Odia Wikipedia, publishing stories about Odia Wikimedians and showcasing community efforts.
  • Outreach activity at new place captures media attention.
  • Op-ed's and articles in renowned newspapers, magazines, portals related to Odia Wikipedia.
  • Community meetup with media personals.

Strengthening existing community[edit]

Retention of Existing Wikimedians

Administrators of Odia Wikimedia projects felicitated for their tireless work for the growth of the projects during Odia Wikisource's 1st Anniversary
Community consultation and participation during Odia Wikisource's 1st Anniversary/

Odia Wikipedia requires user retention for the growth of its projects. Community members of Odia Wikipedia are always welcoming and help new Wikimedians to learn and grow in the project. Retention of existing Wikimedians would help in evaluating work and in general growth of the project.


Involving existing Wikimedians as resource persons in workshops, seminars, meetups etc. for sharing their experience and encouraging the new Wikimedians.

  • Creating separate project pages for each engagement (single workshop or a set of workshops as a single entity)
  • Inviting Wikimedians for events and encouraging them to lead.
  • Notifying the community for a review process of articles written by new Wikimedians.
  • Proper training of one user can bring ten more users.
  • Increasing one-on-one activities for community members.
  • Bridging the gap between staffers, admins and Wikimedians by conducting regular meetings (both real and virtual).

Bridging the gender gap

Gender diversity in Odia Wikimedia community during 2014-16. For this statistics, Odia Wikipedia and Odia Wikisource have been considered. Attribution
Info-graphic on Female-Male ratio in Odia Wikisource.

Odia Wikipedia faced a scarcity of female editors which resulted in the lack of gender related content. Recently, some outreach by CIS-A2K has helped in increasing the female editors from one to ten.[5]. Community support and encouragement has helped the female contributors and resulted in content creation that was previously ignored.


Odia Wikimedia projects will have 10 more active female editors.


By forming female editor clubs and gender thematic based edit-a-thons. By facilitating partnerships between Womens Rights and other developmental organisations that would provide primary material for bringing content on Wikipedia. Collaboratively developing content using trending topics with added emphasis on gender related issues.

  • Encouraging participation for female contributors, guiding them to participate in community discussion, starting new projects.
  • Helping them to organize outreach programs, one-on-one activities to bring new editors.
  • Proper guidance and encouragement from Odia Wikipedia community members has helped User:Aliva sahoo to create the 10th longest article on Odia Wikipedia.[6]

WikiTungi: Community support by city user groups

Puri Wikimedians after 20th December Workshop
Wikimedians during Bhubaneswar WikiTungi monthly meetup

WikiTungi would be a city-wise group of experienced editors. The WikiTungi will function as an informal local group that will focus on off-line outreach locally, meet-ups and local outreach programs. These activities would be confined to the city and would cater to the interests of the members. Minimal grant would be allocated for activities that incur expenses.

  • More group activities like edit-a-thons, photothons, and other Wikimedia project production sprints.
  • Regular one-on-one capacity building.
  • Supporting local outreach.
  • WikiTungi to lead the outreach in institutional programs.

  • Wikipedia edit-a-thons during events, production sprints for Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource, etc.
  • Helping Bhubaneswar, Puri and Nalco WikiTungis.
  • Collaborating with local libraries to acquire and digitize public domain books.
  • Regular monthly community meetups.
  • Cross Tungi Participation (For ex; Member of Puri Tungi to participate in Nalco Tungi meetup to know more about their projects.)

Creating Movement Resources

Odia language input in Wikipedia explained in an animated tutorial. This has been used in Odia Wikipedia help page "Chatasabha".
Wikipedia Handbooks printed by CIS-A2K for Odia Wikipedia outreach programs.

Building beginner level on-wiki, online and for offline distribution of resources for newbies and existing Wikimedians.

  • Making “Chatasabha” (help page on Odia Wikipedia) a one point platform for supporting new editors for on-wiki engagement and diverting newbies to it, and enhance it to make it more interactive.
  • Designing interactive tutorials for several other platforms (blogs, social media, etc.) that will aim to educate people beyond Wikipedia readers about Odia language input, searching on web, and diverting them to Odia Wikipedia.
  • Creating tutorials for mobile editors. It is encouraging to note that as of the Editors survey of 2016, the mobile editors of Odia Wikipedia has increased.
  • Enriching the Chatasabha with essential information about Wikipedia policies, basics of editing, dos and don’ts.
  • Creating interactive beginner level tutorials and promoting them regularly on social media, blogs and other popular web portals so more visitors land on Wikipedia.
  • Engaging with people on the above-mentioned platforms on a regular basis so some of them would contribute to Wikipedia as editors.
  • Engaging community members for creating CMR.

Technical and Outreach Support and Development[edit]

Font and Software Building

Keyboard layout for "Lekhani" input tool for typing in Odia language.
New tools and enhancement plans for addressing several technical issues faced by the community.
  • Building and/or enhancement of free software tools like offline Odia input tool, encoding converters for converting content typed in non-standard/outdated standard legacy fonts into Unicode, tools to measure metrics.
  • Mass distribution in various events to individuals and institutions.
  • User and community feedback for bugs and feature enhancement needs.
  • Enhancement, fixing bugs.
  • Building/enhancement of various free software tools that will directly or indirectly enrich Odia Wikipedia and help the community
  • Will increase the participation of technical members in the Wiki Projects.
  • Training community members through MWT.


GIF file on How to participate on Nabakalebara Edit-a-thon.
GIF file on How to participate on Nabakalebara Edit-a-thon.

Online Edit-a-thons are one of the most successful activities among Odia Wikimedians. It increases the participation of existing Wikimedians and helps in bringing new Wikimedians. From the last 10 Edit-a-thons, the community was able to engage 20-30 Wikimedians and 300+ articles were created.


To conduct thematic edit-a-thons. Training Wikimedians about participation in edit-a-thons.

  • Discuss with the community over village pump, mailing list and IRC.
  • Arrive at a consensus on the topics, planning and listing articles.
  • Organize 2-3 such Edit-a-thons in one year on trending topics (For example, Rathyatra, Women's History Month , Rajo etc.).
  • Involving 10-15 existing Wikimedians, attracting 10 new Wikimedians for each Edit-a-thon.
  • Creating special categories to track the activity occurred during the Edit-a-thon.


There are no GLAM activities for Odia Wikimedia Projects. GLAM activities can help in accessing information on various temples, tribes and various cultural activities of Odisha.

Goal(Plan) To visit different Archives, Museums & libraries. Introducing community members to GLAM activities.

  • To visit Archive, Museums & libraries for accessing information and conduct photowalks, edit-a-thons.
  • Training staffs of the institution about Wikipedia.
  • Explaining the importance of GLAM to the heads of institutions.
  • Training community members about GLAM projects and its importance will help in achieving the plan.

At least 2 GLAM projects in next work plan. There are 1000 monuments under different government projects and information on 75% monuments are not available on Wikimedia projects. The main objective of this goal is to access the information from the GLAM institutes and converting them into Wikipedia articles.

  • At least to get 120 new articles.
  • At least to get 200 images/files to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Starting a GLAM project for Odia Wikimedia projects.


Expenditure Item FDC Support (INR) FDC Support (US$) Other Sources and in kind Support (INR) Other Sources and in kind Support (US$)
1 PA x 100%[7] 252,000 3,675.55363 0 0
1 PD x 2.5%[8] 70,330.92 1,025.813763 0 0
1 PM x 5%[9] 52,800 770.1159987 0 0
3 PO x 11.11%[10] 318,282.7 4,642.321958 0 0
1 PA x 11.11%[11] 55,733 812.9003181 0 0
Travel and Stay[12] 20,000 291.7106056 10,000 145.8553028
Volunteer support 120,000 1,750.263633 5,000 72.92765139
Events/Meet-ups/Workshops 80,000 1,166.842422 10,000 145.8553028
Digitization 50,000 729.2765139 0 0
Consumables/Printing/Stationery/Swag 5,000 72.92765139 0 0
Skill Building Initiatives 45,000 656.3488625 0 0
Miscellaneous 5,000 72.92765139 0 0
Total 1,074,147 15667.00359 25,000 364.638257


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