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Work plan July 2016 - June 2017

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Telugu has been a focus language area for the last 3 years. The plan starts with a critical overview of CIS-A2K's work and presents the plan of activities for the year starting July 2016 to June 2017.

Performance against Plans[edit]


In 2015-16, CIS-A2K put its efforts to have organic growth of leadership in the community. Through consultations and following Village pump discussions, revised the needs assessment and worked along with community needs. CIS-A2K has taken several roles like conducting, co-organizing, organizing, facilitating events in order to work closely, increase community participation and fill the gaps in conducting outreach.

Tangible Impact[edit]

  • Cohort Analysis Summary.
Active editors involved New editors Reach Images added to commons Articles added Absolute bytes added
30 186 200 301 554 4.65 MB
  • Above table shows statistics upto January 2016.
Parameters Results
(Upto February 2016)
Content donation 380
Digitized folios 780+

Intangible Impact[edit]

  • More sources related to socio-political issues, personalities like freedom fighters, poets etc., available to Telugu Wikipedians who wanted to use them in improving Wikipedia articles.
  • Resources created by CIS-A2K are being used by community, for example - recently a Telugu Wikipedian who conducted an awareness program used the script of video tutorials which are under community review.
  • Community meetups started in another city - Vijayawada, in the resource centre created for Wikipedia activities in collaboration with Andhra Loyola College.
  • Spread awareness on Telugu Wikipedia through media mentions. For example: activities like Photowalk co-organized in AP state archaeological museum got covered in electronic as well as major print media.

Revisiting the Needs Assessment[edit]

  • CIS-A2K conducts both annual and monthly needs assessment on collaborating with community. Apart from On-wiki discussions, CIS-A2K kept time for assessment during Community meetups and outreach activities. Community is consulted in all programs during designing and implementation.
Program Wikimedia Strategy Nature of the activity Community suggestions Wikimedia Project Projection
Small City Outreach User cultivation, Increasing reach Workshops
  • Small cities/towns have many enthusiastic individuals and organizations, potential editors should be trained by workshops.
  • Community members strongly suggested this idea in a monthly meetup and also during annual consultation.
  • Develop partnerships in those cities/towns and develop leadership for follow-up activities and community meet-ups.
Telugu Wikipedia, Wikisource
  • Enlisting 60-120 new users by conducting workshops in 2-3 small cities.
  • Partner with local host organizations in 2 cities to facilitate organic growth of community.
Improving diversity in Telugu Wikipedia Increasing diversity, User cultivation Workshops, Edit-a-thons, Surveys
  • Encourage more women to write on Telugu Wikipedia to reduce the gender gap in the community.
  • Improve content related to women
Telugu Wikipedia
  • Conducting outreach specifically for women and differently abled that result in enlisting of at least 90 women and differently abled Wikipedians.
  • During workshops, rolling out a survey that helps in understanding what prevents women from editing Telugu Wikipedia.
  • Retaining at least 13-20 of them to be active contributors.
  • Conducting thematic edit-a-thons that result in creation or improvement of 150 articles related to women.
Outreach in places other than Telangana and Andhra Pradesh User cultivation, Improving reach, Community building activity Workshops
  • To contact organizations like Delhi Telugu Association and with their support conduct outreach activities to enthusiasts.
  • Develop leadership among newly formed community so that they can conduct outreach on their own.
  • Diaspora reserves special interest towards their mother tongue, so, potentially passionate wikimedians may participate even outside Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
Telugu Wikipedia
  • Conduct workshops with the help of local organizations and enlist 40-60 new users and 60-80 articles improved/created.
  • Explore opportunities to conduct online outreach to Telugu diaspora with the help of Telugu associations living in foreign countries like USA and Malaysia.
Training in monthly meet-ups User retention, Improving quality Training
  • Help conducting monthly meet-ups in more useful ways
  • Provide one-on-one training during monthly meet-ups
Telugu Wikipedia,
  • Identifying needs of users and conducting group and one-on-one training sessions
  • Utilize community meet-ups to conduct and connect the larger community via voice/video chat
  • Train at least 20 Wikimedians on nearly five useful aspects/tools and evaluate the effectiveness of training.
Wikimedia Educational Programme Education program Trainings, WEP, Edit-a-thons
  • Wikimedia Educational Programmes should continue and also be expanded
  • Quality of contributions made by Student Wikimedians should improve
  • Involving more Telugu Wikimedians in WEP
Telugu Wikipedia, Wikisource, Commons
  • Students write on sandbox. After peer review by students and evaluation by faculty, CIS-A2K team and volunteers interested, the article will be live.
  • At least 250 new users join Telugu Wikipedia and 200 articles will be created.
Qualitative measures Improving quality Edit-a-thons, Trainings
  • CIS-A2K should continue supporting Wikipedians in Machine translation cleaning up project.
  • Publish stub article list on a monthly basis
Telugu Wikipedia, Commons
  • Conducting GLAM activities and edit-a-thons to add images into articles lacking images.
  • To share resources useful to improve quality and content on Telugu Wikipedia with the help of the existing Wikipedians
  • To help Wikipedians track and improve stub articles on a monthly basis.
  • To support "cleaning up machine translations project"
Supporting Digitization Content digitization digitization sprints
  • Books getting digitized should be prioritized by community.
  • Rectify the errors and technical flaws in some of the books uploaded under programmatic effort.
  • Try making the books more easily digitized; mechanically and with good quality.
  • Devise useful tools which makes digitization more easy and accurate.
Telugu Wikisource
  • Digitizing at least 1000 folios in Telugu Wikisource and Improving quality of at least 400-500 folios currently available in Telugu Wikisource which consists of technical problems.
Content donation Content acquisition, Content digitization Content acquisition, digitization sprints
  • To release encyclopedic or reference works into CC-BY-SA license and upload.
  • Through programmatic effort, complete digitization in good quality.
Telugu Wikisource, Wikipedia
  • 150 books get released into CC-BY-SA license and get digitized in Telugu Wikisource which in turn is useful to creating and improving 100 articles in Wikisource.
Advanced Wikisource user session Capacity buildup Training
  • Some of the community members suggested conducting training because it helps expanding and empowering the Wikisource community.
  • To train wikimedians on tools and advanced editing options, especially which reduces human effort in digitization with more accuracy
Telugu Wikisource
  • To strengthen nearly 20 Wikimedians with advanced options and tools useful in making better contributions to Wikisource.

Implementation plan[edit]

Table 3

Program (1) # of newly registered users (2) # of active editors involved (3) # of individuals involved (4a) # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages (4b) # of new images/media uploaded (optional) (5) # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects (6) Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects
Wikipedia Education Program 200 10 250 700 1,400,000
Edit-a-thon 250 55 425 3050 920,000
GLAM 25 85 500 1500 100
Skill Building 35 40
Conducting digitization sprints 1400 (pages get digitized in Wikisource)

Table 3 notes:

Cultivating New Editors[edit]

Small city/town outreach


Actively spread awareness through the community to cities/towns like Khammam, Kadapa, Tirupathi, Tadepalligudem, Vizag. Outreach if already going on in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Guntur, and we will expand this list at least to 3 other cities/towns. Many Telugu Wikipedians considered spreading out Telugu Wikipedia activity to towns/cities as crucial to expand community in monthly meetup.

  • To conduct a primary survey in potential cities/towns of Telugu states and collect data under various metrics including:
    • No. of local cultural organizations or groups with knowledge in niche subjects, hobbies and independent projects
    • Educational Institutions and libraries;
    • Data on internet penetration, internet cafes (outlets), broadband connections, etc;
    • Virtual communities (like FaceBook communities, bloggers, websites);
    • Journalists, college teachers, writers and other members of the local intelligentsia
  • Consider if there are at least 1-2 Wikipedians closely associated with the city too. Some of the Telugu Wikipedians suggested some towns/cities to consider by stating educational, cultural activities and their advantages during community consultation. Shortlist 3 of the cities.
  • Collaborate with local hosting institutions and conduct workshops for enthusiasts.
  • Create themes that are interesting to local community and conduct edit-a-thons on them to convert new users into active users.
  • Involve local, experienced Wikipedians in the process and try sustaining the new community to expand slowly.
  • Try making a partnership with local institutions to facilitate future outreach and meet-ups.
  • Enlisting 90 New users and turning 15 out of them into active users.
  • At least 2 local institutions facilitate the outreach and meet-ups which in turn help expanding local community organically.
  • Creation of at least 80 quality thematic articles and improvement of 120 articles in Telugu Wikipedia.

Improving diversity in Telugu Wikipedia


Improving participation of women and physically disabled people in Telugu Wikipedia which is missing at this moment. Improving content related to them in order to achieve diversity. To understand the factors which are stopping women from editing Telugu Wikipedia. One Telugu Wikipedian suggested taking up activities to improve women participation as well as women related content.

  • Conducting 4 workshops especially for women and conducting 4 edit-a-thons to improve women related content in Telugu Wikipedia.
  • Partner with research organizations specifically working on women studies and conduct thematic edit-a-thons.
  • To conduct a small scale study with workshop participants and other women to know what made them not to edit Wikipedia till then.
  • Organizing 2 Workshops for physically disabled people.
  • Enlisting 100 New women and physically challenged Wikimedians and Turning out at least 13-20 of them into active users.
  • 150 articles related to Women will be improved or created in Telugu Wikipedia.

Outreach in places other than Telangana and Andhra Pradesh


To expand Telugu Wikipedia community outside the two Indian states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana where Telugu is the primary and official language. Also, to explore the possibility of online outreach for Telugu speakers outside India especially in the US and Malaysia where these two nations have significant number of Telugu speakers. Apart from the border states of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, many Indian cities have considerable number of Telugu speakers where the language and cultural associations organize regular gatherings and events. Tapping into such diaspora communities that are active in linguistic and cultural activities was suggested by Telugu community members like Gullapalli Nageswara rao and Sultan Khadar whereas another Telugu Wikipedian Kasyap suggested conducting outreach for Telugu diaspora living in Malaysia.

  • Engage in discussion with Telugu language and culture associations of Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru to collaborate for designing thematic projects. Also, work with Telugu Jathi Foundation—an organization with which CIS has an ongoing partnership and has conducted a few content donation activities—to engage with the Telugu diaspora in India.
  • Select two cities/towns by considering parameters like established vibrant cultural organizations related to Telugu.
  • conduct workshops with follow up activities in each of them
  • Provide training and resources for interested persons in local hosting organizations in order to conduct small scale outreach.
  • Develop a partnership with local hosting organization in order to facilitate meet ups and activities of local community with which it can organically improve.
  • Try contacting organizations of Telugu diaspora like TANA, Detroit Telugu Literary club, Telugu Association of Malaysia, etc., to explore opportunities of conducting online outreach.
  • Enlisting 60 users to Telugu Wikipedia from which 10-15 turn out to be active users.
  • At least 80 thematic articles about the places will be improved/created in Telugu Wikipedia.

Strengthening Existing Community[edit]

Training in monthly meet-ups


Make use of editor support programs like Train-a-Wikipedian and provide advanced training to Wikimedians with a focus on the areas where they need more support. Some long time community members like Gullapalli, Bhaskara Naidu have been suggesting the idea of making Wikipedia meetups more focused and to include hands-on sessions rather than having just a general gathering.

  • Identifying needs of individual editors by conducting user surveys (mostly rolled out in April or May 2016)
  • Conducting group and one-on-one, and general and focused training sessions for editors based on the needs identified in community consultations and surveys.
  • Leveraging community meetups as an opportunity to conduct such training sessions and also connecting a group of editors with the larger community via voice/video chat.
  • Make use of Learning and evaluation testing methods like quizzing and detailed analysis of training sessions.
  • To train 15 Wikipedians on nearly five essential aspects/tools.

Content Generation[edit]

Wikipedia Educational Program


To partner with 2-3 institutions listed below in order to use Telugu Wikipedia as a pedagogic tool to develop quality content on academic subjects and some other interested thematic topics in Telugu Wikipedia and also bring academic abilities of students and lecturers into Telugu Wikipedia.

Name of the Institution Status Description Wikimedia project WMF Strategy Alignment
Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada MoU signed and activities are being done Content generation
Content donation
Wikipedia, Wikisource
Potti Sriramulu Telugu University Primary discussions done, proposed in Telugu Wikipedia & will proceed after community discussion Content donation
Content Generation
Wikisource, Wikipedia
NTR Trust Skill Development center Primary discussions done, proposed in Telugu Wikipedia & will proceed after community discussion Content donation Wikipedia
NTR College for Women Primary discussions done, proposed in Telugu Wikipedia & will proceed after community discussion Content donation Wikipedia
  • Proposals were discussed in A2K and Telugu Wikipedia community and it was decided, wherever possible, to sign MoUs with organizations; with Interested Wikipedians as signatories.
  • Considering the previous learning and community suggestions into account and also with participation from interested community members, design and roll-out workshops in the organizations.
  • With the help and suggestions from community, nurture student Wikipedians in order to make their contributions qualitatively good and worthwhile. With the help of staff, conduct several activities which improve Telugu Wikimedia projects and fit in academic activities.
  • Conduct Wikimedia Education Program, by encouraging educators of the partner organizations to give assignments that Student Wikipedian has to write on-wiki.
  • Conduct sessions for student Wikipedians, in which they can learn about Wikipedia editing and best practices in it. Let student Wikimedians improve the articles in sand box. Some Telugu Wikipedians (one of whom is a teacher by profession) came forward to curate the assignments. After community review, articles will go live.
  • Creation of more than 200 good quality articles in Wikipedia and Improving nearly 500 stubs to class promotion.
  • Expected to enlist nearly 200 new users in Telugu Wikimedia projects and convert at least 10-20 of them to active users.

Qualitative Improvements

During consultations, Wikimedians expressed the need to clean up machine translations, publishing stub articles list, and also requested resources to improve current articles that don’t have proper sources, etc.,

  • Images into Telugu Wikipedia articles: Improving Telugu Wikipedia articles, especially articles that don’t have images, with adding appropriate free images. Conduct at least 4 GLAM activities, releasing quality photos of interested photographers into CC-BY-SA and conducting edit-a-thons to add those photos into Telugu Wikipedia. Telugu Wikipedia community has categorized mostly all Telugu Wikipedia articles that don't have images with template saying image needed. Vyzasatya completed it with a bot where Viswanadh is one of the initiators to start this attempt.* Sharing useful resources with Wikipedians: To share resources useful to improve quality and content in Telugu Wikipedia with existing Wikipedians and enthusiastic newbies to address the lack of resources in Telugu Wikipedia articles.
  • Stub article tracking: To help Wikipedians track and improve stub articles on a monthly basis. Consulted community on Telugu Wikipedia Village pump. The community accepted the idea to publish monthly stub articles along with the details of who created it.
  • Cleaning up machine translated articles project: To improve the quality of machine translated articles created during Google translation project. Google translated articles were considered as one of the major quality problems for Telugu Wikipedia. Arjuna Rao created a page to track the issues related to these articles and also conducted a very small sample survey in which only 1 out of 7 was found to be acceptible quality and 3 of 7 does need needed several several changes to improve quality. CIS-A2K recently helped starting a project on cleaning Google translated articles into good quality articles through conducting training on Wikipedia translate tool, etc., and Wikipedians who initiated this project have been requesting CIS-A2K to continue support.
  • Images into Telugu Wikipedia articles:
    • To conduct at least 2 photo walks in museums with artefacts useful to Telugu Wikipedia articles.
    • Selecting places of cities like Hyderabad and Vijayawada where we can get photos of places, statues and historical monuments and conduct at least 2 Wiki takes city kind of activities.
    • Discuss with several kinds of people who have a good repository with photos that can be useful in Telugu Wikipedia articles and release useful photos into CC-BY-SA.
    • Conduct edit-a-thons to add uploaded photos into Telugu Wikipedia articles.
  • Sharing useful resources with Wikipedians:
    • Collecting encyclopedic and scholarly resources in Telugu language and try making them release into CC-BY-SA licenses & get digitized into Wikisource.
    • Conduct edit-a-thons to improve quality and content in Telugu Wikipedia
    • Create an online wiki platform where users and organizers can share the details of required sources and available sources & can share them.
  • Stub article tracking: Track stub articles created in Telugu Wikipedia on a monthly basis and to publish the stub articles list in template that is already suggested by community. Encouraging users who created the stubs to improve them. Initiate a week long edit-a-thon to improve stub articles.
  • Cleaning up machine translated articles project:
    • Conducting training on Wikipedia translation tool to interested Wikipedians who wanted to work on this project.
    • Introducing the work being done to new users enlisted by other programmatic efforts. Train and encourage them to contribute to this project.
  • 500 photos will be added to Telugu Wikipedia articles, mainly those doesn't have proper free images.
  • 1500 Photos that are useful to Telugu Wikipedia, added to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Quality of 350 stub articles can be improved potentially
  • To create/improve 150 articles in Telugu Wikipedia.
  • 240 of machine translated articles improved in terms of quality.

Telugu Village stubs project


To improve village stubs especially those belonging to the districts on which content and quality is less till now.

  • Conduct research in random methods to get the data and find which district (administrative division) in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana does have more village stubs.
  • Collecting and sharing the sources with interested Telugu Wikipedians to improve several aspects of Village articles.
  • Conduct 2 edit-a-thons with the specific theme of improving village articles to class promotion at least to start class.
  • Quality of 2000 stub articles can be improved potentially

Telugu Wikisource[edit]

Supporting Digitization


To support digitization efforts in Telugu Wikisource by conducting digitization sprints to new users. During community consultation, community members like Bhaskara Naidu, Rajasekhar stressed the importance of introducing Telugu Wikisource to new users and according to community members this will help in expanding the Telugu Wikisource community to more users and also help in encouraging new users to use the platform as a launching pad to learn Telugu typing, wiki markup code. During IRC and other kinds of consultations, Arjuna Rao suggested rectifying the technical issues in the books previously added into Telugu Wikipedia by programmatic effort.

  • Selecting books through prioritizing them by on-wiki consultation and also considering previously uploaded books which have technical errors.
  • To conduct digitization sprints to Student Wikimedians and train them on different tools and skills like briss cutter, Telugu OCR, proofreading, etc.,
  • Digitizing at least 1000 folios in Telugu Wikisource
  • Improving quality of at least 400 folios currently available in Telugu Wikisource with technical problems.
  • Would like to get new users enlisted into Telugu Wikisource and at least some of them becoming active users in Wikisource.

Content donation


To work towards getting useful Telugu content re-released under CC-BY-SA 4.0 license and host it on Telugu Wikisource

  • Explain the importance and impact of CC Licenses
  • Consult the community and prioritize the books to be relicensed
  • Formalize agreement with authors
  • Organize a formal function for the re-release so that it motivates others to follow suit
  • Arrive at priority list from the catalogue to be digitized and typed on Wikisource
  • Books will be scanned and PDF files will be uploaded on Wikimedia Commons and also digitized in Telugu Wikisource.
  • 150 books gets released into CC-BY-SA license and gets digitized in Telugu Wikisource.
  • 100 articles created or improved in Telugu Wikipedia using those books as resources.

Advanced Wikisource user session


To train existing Wikipedians on advanced editing options on Telugu Wikisource and on tools like OCR. During community consultation, Rajasekhar explained the need of training session on advanced editing in Wikisource and also tools useful to digitization.

  • Design a training plan specifically for advanced options and useful tools in Wikisource.
  • Conduct training session for Existing Wikisource editors on tools and advanced editing options.
  • Carve the program into two different sessions and make use of evaluation methods to get detailed analysis of training.
  • This advanced workshop is aimed at strengthening about 20 existing Wikipedians.


Expenditure Item FDC Support (INR) FDC Support (US$) Other Sources and in kind Support (INR) Other Sources and in kind Support (US$)
1 PA x 100%[1] 378,000 5,513.330445 0 0
1 PD x 2.5%[2] 70,330.92 1,025.813763 0 0
1 PM x 5%[3] 52,800 770.1159987 0 0
3 PO x 11.11%[4] 318,282.7 4,642.321958 0 0
1 PA x 11.11%[5] 55,733.34 812.9003181 0 0
TTT, MWT, etc.,x20% 40,000 583.4212112 0 0
Travel and Stay[6] 0 0 42,000 612.5922717

  • Wikimedia Education Programme(12 Events) = Rs.60000/-
  • Small city/town outreach(6 Events) = Rs.40000/-
  • Images into Telugu Wikipedia articles (4 Events) = రూ.22000/-
  • Improving diversity in Telugu Wikipedia (4 Events) = రూ.30000/-
  • Outreach in places other than Telangana and Andhra Pradesh (2 Events) = రూ.12000/-
  • Training in monthly meet-ups (6 Events) = రూ.24000/-
  • Advanced Wikisource user sessions (2 Events) = రూ.12000/-
  • Conducting digitization sprints (4 Events) = రూ.24000/-
224,000 3,267.158782 15,000 218.7829542
Volunteer support 80,000 1,166.842422 40,000 583.4212112
Digitization 0 0 100,000 1,458.553028
Equipment 50,000 729.2765139 0 0
Printing/Stationery 50,000 729.2765139 0 0
Miscellaneous 6,000 87.51318167 0 0
Total 1,325,147 19,327.97111 197,000 583.4212112


  1. 100% time of PAvan Santhosh as Program Associate who will anchor this plan at CIS-A2K
  2. 2.5% time of Program Director, CIS-A2K
  3. 5% time of Program Manager, CIS-A2K
  4. 11.11% time of 3 Program Officers, CIS-A2K
  5. 11.11% time of Program Associate, CIS-A2K
  6. Expenses incurred by the CIS-A2K program team towards executing the plan