COVID-19/Health and Gender Editathon/Topics

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The key messages from UNFPA and UN Women can be integrated into a whole range of articles. Articles can broadly be categorized into three main categories:

The messages works well in all three of them, but might need to be changed to work well in the different contexts.

Topics identified by Reader Vectors[edit]

WMF produced a more limited version of the research method provided at this page on meta, that examines what topics readers are likely to examine in the same reading sessions. Below is a list of a selection of topics from the top 1000 articles most likely to be connected with gendered impact of the COVID-19 pandemic (Q89666473) based on reader sessions, that could have greater coverage or connection to the gendered-perspective. Topics not included here were super specific or related to broader pandemic response, and were not obliviously connected to this editathon's actions.

International topics[edit]

By country topics[edit]