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Welcome to the Swahili Office Hours Page!

The Swahili office hours happened on 30th April 2022 during the launch of Wiki For Human Rights 2022 in Tanzania and on 01st May 2022 for the whole of the Swahili speaking community (East Africa)


This is the place that highlights what happened during the last office hours for the Swahili speaking communities and updates on the upcoming sessions regarding the Campaigns/events products being developed by the WMF Campaigns Product Team.

The Swahili Office Hours Summary[edit]

On 30th April 2022[edit]

We had a session during an in-person launching of the WikiForHumanRights campaign where an overview presentation of what the Campaigns Product Team is, as well as about the tools this team is currently creating within the Wikimedia Movement in regards to events and Campaigns. Then the members were allowed to ask questions and directly write their feedback/opinions on the project meta page. You can visit and read their feedback/opinions.

On 01st May 2022[edit]

We had a general Office Hour for the Swahili speaking communities around East Africa. In this call, similar to the in-person session carried out on 30th April, we discussed about the Campaigns team, Event Registration system, Event Centre, some knowledge on what Namespace means and then the discussion around the Proposal to create two new namespaces followed. Then the chance were given to the participants to ask questions and provide their opinions. For more info, you are warmly welcome to watch the Swahili Office Hour recorded video.

What's next?[edit]

Stay tuned for the release of the Registration system prototype (V0) in July 2022. For now you can already start learning what's on the participant side by watching this video and in case you want a hands on interaction with the prototype, feel free to do any testing using the following.

Do you have something to say?[edit]

In case you have any thoughts regarding the Campaigns product team or the tools that the team is developing, please don't hesitate to leave your comments.

Contact us[edit]

Feel free to reach to the Campaigns Product Ambassador for the Swahili Community through amtavangu-ctr(_AT_)