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The Capacity Exchange (CapX) is a project focusing on Global Approaches to Local Skills Development within and for the Wikimedia Movement. It establishes a sociotechnical platform for peer-to-peer connection and knowledge sharing to sustainably enable community-based capacity-building.

The aim is to create a methodology and service, which will serve as the structure for initiating mutual skills development globally, regionally, and locally. An interactive, online platform, backed by a database, will enable wikimedians to publish information about themselves, their affiliates, and informal groups. They will also be able to conduct searches, access information and to connect with each other in a way that reflects the Wiki's spirit and the Wikimedia Movement Strategy.

Project Background

The project began in 2021. The first phase (2021-2022) was led by a voluntary working group of mostly European-based wikimedians, who designed the concept, taxonomy, and pilot platform for the initiative.
In 2022, the project started to scale and trans-localize its activities, outreaching to groups from emergent communities of the Global South. The initiative’s second phase (2023-2025) is coordinated by a Team located with Wiki Movimento Brasil, supported by an international Advisory Committee, and funded by a Movement Strategy Implementation Grant.