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Learning Days


Since 2013, Learning Days for program and community leaders have been offered alongside international community convening in order to provide training and development support to help Wikimedia movement leaders to improve their skills in community engagement, program design, and evaluation.

Through workshops, panels, and presentations, these one- and two-day events have offered an increasingly collaborative platform for program leaders to learn from each other, harvest resources, and enhance skills on four priority themes: engaging and retaining volunteers, exchanging best practices, designing Wikimedia programs and events, and measuring and evaluating impact.

Designing Learning Days involves creating a spectrum of lessons learned and sharing them among the leaders and are meant for more granular understanding of program design, evaluation, resources, and building relations for more engagement in the future. In order to ensure coverage of most relevant issues for program leaders and best support their work, topics for Learning Days are chosen based on the votes of participants.

The Learning & Evaluation team also works to arrange responsive learning support to smaller regional events in collaboration with Wikimedia community partners (see L&E Workshops and Workshop Kits)

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