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In this category there are templates which give some useful expressions in different languages.

Syntax : {{expression|xx}} xx is the language code.

Example :[edit]

language syntax result
br {{AliajLingvoj|br}} Yezhoù all
da {{AliajLingvoj|da}} Andre sprog
de {{AliajLingvoj|de}} Andere Sprache
en {{AliajLingvoj|en}} Other languages
eo {{AliajLingvoj|eo}} Aliaj lingvoj
es {{AliajLingvoj|es}} Otros idiomas
hu {{AliajLingvoj|hu}} Más nyelveken
uk {{AliajLingvoj|uk}} Інші мови


Please check the messages that I pasted from differents pages in languages I don't understand. AL  

To change a message (or to add one in a new language) please edit after " {{switch " the words in the xx languages appears after "="

    |case: xx=<the expression in xx language>

If you only change the expression it will automitacally appear in the table.

If you have added a new language, please add it also in the table pasting a line from an other language

| xx || <nowiki>{{Template|xx}}</nowiki> || {{Template|xx}}

So your translation will be shown in the table.

You perhaps will need to refresh the page : changes don't everytime appear immediatly.

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