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Some existing combinations[edit]

This table is based on 2- and 3-letter Wiktionary Babel languages codes, mostly based on the BCP 47 standard (with most codes from ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-3). To know language names in several languages responding to 2-letter or 3-letter codes, please look at languages names and ISO 639. Please edit the templates to add missing languages names and create templates for missing languages. Remember to add a new lang code also to Template:Language combination from.

Extended content
afr ast arb ben bul bpy cat ces chr dan deu dsb ell eml eng epo est fas fin fra frr fry gal gsw guj hrv hsb hat haw heb hin hye ind ita jpn jav khw kjp kor ksh kur lat lit lmo ltz lva mal mar mhr min mkd mlt mnw mrh msa mya nap nep nld nor pol por ron rus san scn shq sin slk slv snd spa srp sun swa swe szl tam tel tgl tha tpi tur ukr vie yue zho
afr   afr
arb   arb
ast   ast
ben   ben
bpy   bpy
bul   bul
cat   cat
ces   ces
chr   chr
dan   dan
deu   deu
dsb   dsb
ell   ell
eml   eml
eng   eng
epo   epo
est   est
fas   fas
fin   fin
fra   fra
frr   frr
fry   fry
gal   gal
gsw   gsw
guj   guj
hat   hat
haw   haw
heb   heb
hin   hin
hrv   hrv
hsb   hsb
hye   hye
ind   ind
ita   ita