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IEEE 802.4: Token Bus Network[edit]

A 802.4 frame has the following fields:

  • Preamble: The Preamble is used to synchronize the receiver's clock.
  • Starting Delimiter (SD) and End Delimiter (ED): The Starting Delimiter and Ending Delimiter fields are used to mark frame boundaries. Both of them contain analog encoding of symbols other than 1 or 0 so that they cannot occur accidentally in the user data. Hence no length field is needed.
  • Frame Control (FC): This field is used to distinguish data frames from control frames. For data frames, it carries the frame's priority as well as a bit which the destination can set as an acknowledgement. For control frames, the Frame Control field is used to specify the frame type. The allowed types include token passing and various ring maintenance frames.
  • Destination and Source Address: The Destination and Source address fields may be 2 bytes (for a local address) or 6 bytes (for a global address).
  • Data: The Data field carries the actual data and it may be 8182 bytes when 2 byte addresses are used and 8174 bytes for 6 byte addresses.
  • Checksum: A 4-byte checksum calculated for the data. Used in error detection.