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How do we improve

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Raphael Berchie

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Open Foundation West Africa

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Asante Twi is arguably the largest known dialect in Ghana. Although it is the dialect of only Asantes, it has other Akan related sister languages like Fante, Akim, Bono etc. Most Ghanaians can at least speak one of these local dialects. Although vast majority of the populace can speak this, the language has not evolved over the years. It is characterized by few vocabulary mostly things of the past. This therefore makes it difficult for one to communicate about various modern stuff in Science, Technology and very day stuff. One will have to borrow mostly English words to be able to communicate. This I believe has a tremendous effect on literacy, communication and information because it becomes very difficult to wholly communicate in the language without thw use of English words. This talk is to expose people to need to develop more vocabulary for this language and how this will affect the speakers of the language and the world at large.

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