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Celtic Knot
Wikimedia Language Conference
9-10 July 2020
online event

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Name and/or username Time zone Spoken languages Main areas of interest, what you'd like to do during the conference & "talk to me about" Contact
Léa Lacroix UTC+2 French, English, German I'm one of the organizers of the conference, I'm also working on Wikidata, connecting the Wikidata development team to communicate about the software and features of Wikidata. I'm supporting the Wikidata community on various projects, such as events (like Wikidata's eighth birthday in October 2020!).

Talk to me about: Wikidata, your experiences with remote events, Celtic music <3 and Breton dances <3, onwiki communication, feminism and vegetarian recipes!

Email: lea.lacroix@wikimedia.de

Telegram & Twitter: @Auregann

Rebecca O'Neill UTC+1 English, some Irish I'm one of the organizers of the conference, and project coordinator for Wikimedia Community Ireland. I am passionate about small language representation across Wikimedia projects, with a special grá (love) for Irish, of course!

Talk to me about: Minority English speaking cultures (such as Irish culture on EN Wikipedia), the gender gap, and Vicipéid!

Email: wikimediaireland@gmail.com

Telegram: @Smirkybec Twitter: @restlesscurator

Richard Nevell UTC+1 English I am part of the organising team for this year's conference and work for Wikimedia UK. I was at the first Celtic Knot Conference in 2017 and helped organise last year's edition in Cornwall. Though I am tragically monolingual, Wikimedia UK do some excellent work supporting language communities such as the Welsh Wicipedia. It's a crucial part of our programme and I'm looking forward to the Celtic Knot.

Talk to me about: Cultural heritage online and Wikipedia training.

Email: richard.nevell@wikimedia.org.uk

Telegram & Twitter: @RichardNevell

Nicolas Vigneron UTC+1 French, Breton, English, etc. Languages (obviously), Wikisource and Wikidata (and how to interlink them efficiently) on wiki, by mail, on Facebook or on Twitter: @belett
Anass Sedrati UTC+2 Berber, Arabic, English, Swedish, Spanish, French Areas of interest & Talk to me about: Languages, Incubator, Oral Heritage, Wikimedia Strategy, Future of Free Knowledge On Wiki @:user:Anass Sedrati
Paucabot UTC+1 Catalan, Spanish, English Wikidata, Wikipedia infoboxes Twitter: @Paucabot
RexxS UTC+1 English, a few words of French and German I'm a trustee of WMUK and chair of WMMED. I've delivered training for WMUK for almost 10 years now. My on-wiki interests include integration of Wikidata into different language Wikipedias and Lua programming.
Talk to me about: Lua and Wikipedia/Wikidata training.
Email: rexx at blueyonder.co.uk
Mike Peel UTC+1 English, some Spanish, some Portuguese Using Wikidata in the Wikimedia projects and elsewhere, particularly through multilingual infoboxes User talk:Mike Peel
JimKillock UTC+1 English, Welsh (fluent but rusty), Latin (B1ish), German (B1ish) I think that reusable Open Content can support language learning extremely well, as well as hep cultural creation. I am hoping to talk about reusing the recently released ZDF professional broadcast standard content on climate change and historical events as an example of how we can push state media to promote open content effectively to these ends. Email: jim at killock dot org dot uk
Michaelgraaf (talk) 15:50, 22 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply] UTC+2 English, Afrikaans, conv.Zulu Concerned that African languages are missing the semantic web/NLP bus
Christina Mutter UTC+2 German, English, Italian, French Areas of interest & Talk to me about: FAIR principles, research data management, integration of norm data (like Q- and L-IDs of Wikidata) in research projects Email: christina.mutter@lmu.de

Telegram: @ChristinaMutter

Jason Evans UTC+1 Welsh & English Areas of interest & Talk to me about: I'm interested in growing small language editing communities, Wikipedia in education and Wikiprojects, especially Wikidata, in cultural organisations and multilingual settings of any kind, and would love to chat about any or all of the above. Email: Jason.nlw@gmail.com

Twitter: @Wiki_NLW

Gareth Morlais UTC+1 Welsh & English The role of Wikipedia article writing and editing workshops in increasing language use and community cohesion. Wikipedia as a way of strengthening languages. Twitter: @digitalst in English @melynmelyn yn Gymraeg
Eli Asikin-Garmager UTC-6 English, Spanish, Indonesian Areas of interest: languages, infoboxes, under-represented languages, translation, editor experiences Email: easikingarmager@wikimedia.org


Iñaki LL UTC+1 Basque, Spanish, English, French, some German, some Catalan Cooperation of minorized language Wikimedia projects and their technical and quality content provision, particularly Basque. Etc. Telegram:@Inaki L


Ewa Hermanowicz UTC+2 Polish, Italian, English, French, some German, some Spanish Cooperation with international scientific community on Wikipedia articles related to forestry in different languagues Twitter:@miscelanousmind
Meghan Dowling UTC+1 English, Irish, some Scottish Gaelic Final year PhD student investigating English-Irish machine translation, Vicipéid editor and Vicipéid tutor in DCU. Also dabble in Wikimedia Commons & Wikidata when I notice something missing for Irish :)

Talk to me about: Translation, Vicipéid, Wikipedia in education, language technology, Wiki gender gap

Rachel Farrand UTC-7 English, very small amount of Spanish I am helping to facilitate and happy to help anyone that needs anything. Also have to be around to chat about Wikimedia Foundation Conference Grants or anything related to events. rfarrand @ wikimedia.org
Trey Jones UTC-4 English, very small amount of Spanish Tell me why search sucks in your language—maybe I can do something about it! tjones @ wikimedia.org
Ilario Valdelli UTC+1 English, Italian, French Education program manager of Wikimedia CH and Italian community manager ivaldelli @ wikimedia.ch
Luistxo Fernandez UTC+2 Basque, Spanish, English Volunteer at the Basque Wikipedia branch, and as an employee and developer of a software company, currently interested in the use of Wikidata/Wikipedia info in a trivia game app (Egunean Behin), open to l10n in other languages. Twitter:@luistxo
Adrián Estévez UTC+1 Galician, Spanish, Portuguese, English Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons and Wiktionary user
Talk me about Toponymy and literature in minorized languages
User talk:Estevoaei
Lianne Wilson UTC+1 English, Cornish, Welsh, French, Japanese Cornish Wikipedia editor, TranslateWiki translator for Cornish

Talk to me about: Literally anything Cornish, inter-Celtic co-operation, minority language growth and participation

User page: Gwikor Frank

Twitter: @InformalNebula

Ewan McAndrew (Wikimedian at University of Edinburgh) UTC+1 English and some rusty French mainly but a modicum of Spanish, Scots Gaelic and Japanese Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons and Wikisource user
Talk me about Wikimedia in education, Wikidata maps of witches and the first Celtic Knot conference.
Twitter: @emcandre
Email: ewan.mcandrew@ed.ac.uk
David (Davydh) Trethewey UTC+1 Cornish, English, some Welsh, and learning some Scottish Gaelic and Irish Wikipedia Kernewek, Cornish Language, place names. Natural Language Processing for Cornish.
I have worked for the Cornish Language Office on the data for the Akademi Kernewek Cornish online dictionary, and Cornwall place name online map.
Twitter & Telegram: @mawkernewek
Mohammed Sadat UTC English Wikidata, Wikibase mohammed.sadat_ext@wikimedia.de

Telegram & Twitter: @masssly

Owen Blacker UTC+1
  • English (native; en)
  • français (avancé; fr)
  • español (intermedio; es)
  • Deutsch (mittelmäßig; de)
  • Cymraeg (canolradd; cy)
  • Gàidhlig (ionnsaiche; gd)
enwiki, wikidata, commons, ClimateAction.tech, …
Killim UTC+1 English, semi-fluent Irish First timer, here to listen, connect, knot puns. I'm an archivist at Dublin City University and Europeana Members Councillor

Talk to me about: Europeana cooperation with Wikimedia community (Wikidata) Supporting young and new professionals within digital cultural heritage domain Improving inclusivity and diversity in Europeana

Twitter: @KillDowning
Nolan S. Purcell UTC-5 English, Gaelainn (~ TEG A2) First-timer. Computer Programmer. Bagpiper. Theater Artist. Here to connect and learn. Twitter: @piper_patroc
Kevin Scannell UTC-5 Irish, English Software developer and Irish Wikipedian. Professor of Computer Science in the US.

Talk to me about: Wikidata, natural language processing, machine translation, Celtic languages and linguistics, lexicography

Twitter: @kscanne
Dr.üsenfieber UTC+2
  • Deutsch (Muttersprache; de)
  • english (advanced; en)
  • español (intermedio; es)
  • esperanto (meznivela; eo)
  • latine (la)
wikidata, NLP & CAT, GLAM cooperation. I'm studying romance philology and work in the field of digital humanities, so those are the broad subjects I'm more-or-less competent and interested in.
R Ashwani Banjan Murmu UTC+5.30 Santali, Odia,Hindi, English I'm a santali wikipedian and working for the promotion of Santali Language. Santali Language is one of the Indigenous language of India spoken in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Talk to me about: Santali Language and its current status in India

Email: ashwani.murmu@gmail.com

Telegram: @Ashwani86 Twitter: @ashwanimurmu }}

Ahava Cohen UTC+3
  • English
  • Hebrew (רמה גבוהה; he)
  • some Yiddish
  • Cymraeg (mynediad; cy)
Hebrew Cataloguing Department, Head, and Wikidata project manager at National Library of Israel.

Talk to me about: multilingualism, wikidata and authority control, wikidata in GLAM, ethics

Simon Tubb UTC+2 English, Dutch, French, German, intermediate Frisian I'm a project manager at an educational non-profit, Learning Hub Friesland, working on European funded projects with schools and colleges in the Friesland region of the northern Netherlands, including on minority language education.

Talk to me about: Minority language education projects, anything Frisian language, European cooperation projects.

Email: simon@learninghubfriesland.nl
Sylvain Boissel WMFr (talk) UTC+2
  • French
  • English
  • some Breton
  • some German
Staff member of Wikimédia France

Talk to me about: Wikidata

Andy Mabbett (Pigsonthewing) UTC+1 English I'm a serial Wikimedian in Residence
Talk to me about how an English monoglot can be an ally to speakers of other languages
Twitter: @Pigsonthewing
Martin Poulter UTC+1 English and a bit of French Talk to me about: Wikidata
Toni Sant UTC+1 Maltese, English, Italian and a bit of Spanish+Arabic I'm presenting with User:Nevborg on the Maltese-language Wikipedia during the first day of CKC2020.
Talk to me about: Maltese-language Wikipedia + wikis in Malta
  • Twitter: @tonisant
  • Email: toni.sant(_AT_)wikimalta.org
Shannon Eichelberger UTC+1 English I am the Chair of Wikimedia Community Ireland.
Satdeep Gill UTC+5:30 English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu Wikisource enthusiast.

Also, a member of the GLAM team at WMF.



Neville Borg UTC+2 Maltese, English and Italian (and the most basic and broken French imaginable) Maltese Wikimedian, member of Wikimedia Malta, PhD student, Researcher at the Arts Council in Malta. Talk to me about: Maltese-language Wikipedia, GLAM
  • Twitter: @nevborg
  • Email: neville.borg(_AT_)wikimalta.org
CAlmog (WMF) UTC+1 Hebrew; English I'm here to help facilitate some of the sessions and to help wherever I can.

I'm also the Conference Grants program officer at the Wikimedia Foundation so I'll be VERY happy to talk about any events and conferences related things. Remote and in-person!

Email: calmog@wikimedia.org

Telegram: @chenalmog

Ciaran UTC+2 Irish Editor in Irish, newbie and curious Email: tgcoa1@gmail.com
Danielt998 UTC English, Welsh, (bad) Mandarin, bits of others.. Editor on Welsh and English Wikipedia and Wikidata Telegram: @danielt998
Siôn Jobbins UTC Welsh, English, Deutsch (schlecht!) Contributor to Welsh language Wicipedia, set article a day target betweem April 2018- March 2019 for myself #wici365, still trying to write article a day in 2020. Not very technical but passionate about Wicipedia in Welsh and different languages esp minioritised languages. Twitter: @MarchGlas
Roseallen UTC-6 Papiamentu, Dutch. Curacao. Cultural anthropologist, First timer, here to listen, learn
Kimberli Mäkäräinen UTC+3

Northern Saami Skolt Saami English some other languages

Bureaucrat on the Northern Saami Wikipedia, translator, and terminologist. Talk to me about: language revitalization, translating indigenous languages, computational linguistics. Drop me a line at the Northern Saami Wikipedia.
Ainali UTC+2 Swedish, English Active on Commons, Wikidata and Swedish Wikipedia. Twitter: @Jan_ainali
GoEThe UTC+1 Portuguese, English, other romance languages, some Danish and Dutch (don't test me on that) Board member of Wikimedia Portugal. I am interested in ways to help smaller projects in Portuguese, and :w:Mirandese language, as well as communities in Portuguese speaking countries. Email:goncalo.themudo@wikimedia.pt