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Celtic Knot Conference 2020/Submissions/Sámi placenames on Wikidata/Discussions

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Welcome to the note-taking pad of one of the Celtic Knot Conference 2020 sessions! This space is dedicated to collaborative note-taking, comments and questions to the speaker(s). You can edit this document directly, and use the chat feature in the bottom-side corner.

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💬❓ Questions[edit]

Feel free to add questions here, while or after watching the session. Please add your (user)name in bracket after the question. The host of the session will pick a few questions to ask them during the livestream. The speaker or other participants will answer on this pad (asynchronously: the answer may come in a few hours or days).

I am trying to add "Swedish" Glaciers they have sami names that I would like to add or understand if a name is sami. Any suggestion for sources

  • see task https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T236131 and list https://w.wiki/Rcw
    • I would suggest asking Lantmäteriet for lists of Sámi names. According to their website, however, stuff like this is a paid service (whereas the Norwegian Mapping Authority releases it freely under a CC license), and one might have to pay more if the data is to be used widely, but maybe they will be lenient for a good cause. -Jon Harald Søby

🖊️🔗 Collaborative note-taking[edit]

Feel free to take notes about the session here, add some useful links, etc.

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