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Celtic Knot
Wikimedia Language Conference
9-10 July 2020
online event

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How to use the videos pool?

Because the Celtic Knot Conference is remote and international, we wanted to make sure that most of the content would be accessible at any time by the participants. That's why we asked most speakers to record their session in advance, and it will be available at any time as Youtube videos. The abstract, slides, and more information are available on the wikipage of the session, linked below.

Because watching the content will happen asynchronously, discussions and questions to the speakers will take place asynchronously as well. Each session is connected to a pad, a page where people can collaboratively add notes, comments and questions. The speakers will be able to answer these questions during and after the conference.

Don't want to watch a video on your own? Feel free to watch it together with other participants! You can use the Telegram group to ask if other participants would like to watch a session with you, or set up a watch party on existing tools (see the "watch together" section below).

All sessions[edit]

You can find all videos in this Youtube playlist.
Session & Speaker Duration Theme Links
Basque Education Programme: three years in review


13 min Wikimedia projects in education Watch on Youtube Discussions
FAIR linguistic data thanks to norm data – Wikidata as part of the research project VerbaAlpina

Christina Mutter

19 min Wikidata Watch on Youtube Discussions
Help your community grow

Trizek (WMF), MMiller (WMF)

15 min Empowering wiki communities Watch on Youtube Discussions
Participatory Leadership and Education Sharing Santali Wikipedia a Look

R Ashwani Banjan Murmu

6 min Empowering wiki communities Watch on Youtube Discussions
Sámi placenames on Wikidata

Jon Harald Søby

17 min Wikidata Watch on Youtube Discussions
Wici-Addysg. Putting Wikipedia at the heart of education in Wales


11 min Wikimedia projects in education Watch on Youtube Discussions
Non-dominant language Wikipedias: Lessons from the "Russian Knot"

Oleg Abarnikov, Farhad Fatkullin, Zaytuna Nigamatyanova

18 min Empowering wiki communities Watch on Youtube Discussions
Wikisource, statistics and dynamics

Nicolas Vigneron

26 min Other Watch on Youtube Discussions
How can the Incubator be improved

Amir E. Aharoni

22 min Language technology Watch on Youtube Discussions
Rhaeto-Romansh language atlas: System integration Wikidata-Wikisource-Wiktionary

Ilario Valdelli

17 min Language technology Watch on Youtube Discussions

Watch together[edit]

There is no defined time to watch the videos of the Celtic Knot Conference 2020. They will be uploaded on Youtube a few days before the event, and will stay available after that. The videos will be released under CC-BY-SA and can also be uploaded on other platforms.

In the conference main program, we suggested a few slots called "watch along" to take some time and watch the sessions that you're interested in - but overall, we wanted the participants to enjoy the sessions at their own pace.

This doesn't mean that you have to watch the videos alone! Here are several ways to schedule a "watch party" with other participants:

  • Decide on a time to start and watch the video synchronously, interacting with other viewers on the related pad
  • Set up a video call where viewers can watch and comment the video together (for example, on Jitsi)
  • Use other tools having a "watch party" feature (for example, there's a Chrome extension)

In any case, to find other viewers, feel free to ask around on the conference Telegram group: you can write something like "Hey, I'm about to watch session X, who would like to join?"