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Techstorm 2019[edit]

What is the purpose of the campaign? How will you measure the success of the campaign?[edit]

Description - Registration for the mw:Wiki Techstorm is open.

Metrics -

What banner(s) will you use? What will be your landing page?[edit]

Banners - TBD

Landing Page - wikimedia.nl

Is this project grant funded? Please provide a link[edit]

Type of grant -

Link to grant -


  • Does this really need to be a two-week banner with such a broad audience? Is it actually expected that unregistered users will show up from Ukraine and Norway just because they saw it in a CentralNotice? Frankly, is it even reasonable to use a CentralNotice at all for this, broadcasting to an audience of tens (or hundreds) of millions, just to communicate with a few dozen people? --Yair rand (talk) 20:14, 12 August 2019 (UTC)
    • 1) The standard setting are nowadays that a banner is shown 5 times to a user: it doesn't show all the time afaik.
    • 2) We hope to attract people from outside Wikimedia, that have an interest in Wikimedia. So yes, unregistered is asked.
    • 3) The CN is the only way to communicate with geographical settings afaik, especially on Wikidata and Commons. Ciell (talk) 20:44, 12 August 2019 (UTC)
      • @Ciell: It's important to keep in mind the scale we're talking about. The listed countries make up over 20% of our traffic. This is hundreds of millions of unique devices, each of which will get maximum 5 times per device, hundreds of millions of people having their experience disrupted, just to get a couple dozen people to show up at a non-critical event. This is a completely unreasonable use of the CentralNotice. Oppose Oppose. --Yair rand (talk) 22:28, 12 August 2019 (UTC)
        • No event is truly critical, ie. Wikipedia won't shut down without one event, regardless how big. We do have banners for big events, and Techstorm proven to be a useful event. BTW, half of visitors of Czech annual Wikiconference (national event, but still) say they attended the conference "because of the banner", as well as many Wikigap attendees came because they saw a banner, so yes, people do come because they saw a banner. It's not millions of people, but no venue can handle millions of people, so it doesn't matter. CN never attracts few than a few percents of impressions. Symbol strong support vote.svg Strong support from me. --Martin Urbanec (talk) 15:45, 25 August 2019 (UTC)
          • @Martin Urbanec: A few percents would be several million people. Half the attendees equals twenty-five people, and presumably only 17 would be users who aren't logged in, per the targets.
            Imagine a person working at a company with 300 people, who sends a company-wide email asking for someone to help with something, but nobody shows up, so they send a follow-up email, and another notice to everyone 10 minutes later, and a text, and then some other notification, and this just keeps happening every ten minutes, throughout the entire work day, and also the next day, just little notifications popping up to everyone every ten minutes for twenty years, just to find one person. That's the kind of scale we're talking about here, using hundreds of million of notifications to find so few. --Yair rand (talk) 18:12, 25 August 2019 (UTC)

Central Notice admin comments[edit]