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CentralNotice/Retningslinjer for bruk

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This page is a translated version of the page CentralNotice/Usage guidelines and the translation is 17% complete.
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  1. Be as unobtrusive as possible.
  2. Be as narrowly tailored as necessary.
  3. Be consensus-driven and respect our principles.
  4. Avoid constant use, to prevent banner blindness as much as possible, and to leave some space to the local community.


Every central notice (or group of them) must be requested on CentralNotice/Request and added on due time to the CentralNotice/Calendar, which is the key tracking and coordination tool. It must also have a contact person/responsible who asks it on behalf of the promoters and defines its specifications.

All banners need a comment period of at least 7 days on the request page. The target wikis should be notified of the Meta-Wiki discussion, see Distribution list or whatever venue is most suitable to efficiently reach most interested users. All Catalan Wikimedia projects have opted out of all campaigns that were not discussed in full with the community (see this request).

Standard varsling av nettsamfunn

Bannere for hele Wikimedia-bevegelsen relatert til Wikimania, forvaltervalg, styrevalg, andre generelle Wikimedia-avstemninger og -undersøkelser, vedlikeholdsnotiser osv. vil som regel få automatisk godkjenning, men bør være planlagt på forhånd, plassert på kampanjekalenderen, og CentralNotice-administratorer bør varsles via den vanlige prosessen.

Controversial cases

Some campaigns are controversial whatever their implementation, simply because their content is uncommon or because they are not yet clearly established as compliant with our principles. As examples, consider the promotion of initiatives involving a non-Wikimedia organization, project-wide protest, advocacy initiatives.

Depending on how potentially controversial the notice is, such additional issues should be discussed with the global community in a visible venue such as Wikimedia Forum, wikimedia-l or Requests for comment. Local notifications per above should be checked with additional scrutiny; a small banner notification can help increase the visibility of the discussion for the most affected audience within editors.

Decisions to partake in advocacy also require approval from the Wikimedia Foundation.


  • Innholdsbannere på innholdsprosjekter – Bannere relatert til oppretting av innhold bør ha innholdsprosjekt som mål, og unngå støtteprosjekter som Meta
  • Kampanjevekting – Der det er mulig bør kampanjer kjøres på under 50 % av trafikken med mindre det er konsensus for det i nettsamfunnet.
  • Visningsbegrensing – Navngitte informasjonskapsler bør brukes for alle kampanjer. Typisk vil bannere vises fem ganger. Dette resettes etter minimum seks dager og tolv timer. (De tolv timene er for å unngå å vise bannere på samme tid i en persons uke.)
  • Kampanjelengde – Kampanjer bør vanligvis være kortere enn to uker. Kun i tilfeller der bevist suksess finnes eller eksplisitt konsensus finnes vil kampanjer kunne kjøres i én måned.
  • Grense – Det er en hard grense på to kampanjer per språk-, land- og prosjektkombinasjon per måned.
  • Alternativer – Mindre bannere, lokale notiser og massemeldingskampanjer bør brukes som alternativer til CentralNotice.


  • Fritt lisensiert – Alt innhold, inkludert tekst, bakgrunnsbilder og logoer må være skapt eller sluppet under fri lisens (CC-by, CC-by-SA, public domain eller tilsvarende).
  • Wikimedia-eid – Bannere må lenke til Wikimedia-kontrollerte domener (eid enten av Wikimedia Foundation, samarbeidsorganisasjoner eller frivillige wikimedianere identifisert av Wikimedia Foundation).
  • Ingen eksterne ressurser – Alle bannerressurser (kode og bilder) må komme fra nettsteder kontrollert av Wikimedia.
  • Secure links (From October 2019) - All links from CentralNotice banners must use https connections.


Banners for fundraising and external surveys should be discussed at least 90 days and requires approval from Wikimedia Foundation in all instances. For these please contact Julia Brungs.

Innsamlingsbannere kjøres av Wikimedia Foundation, men det er nå vanlig praksis å koordinere timingen til innsamlingskampanjer for alle land (utenom USA, Storbritannia, Canada, New Zealand og Australia) med lokalavdelinger. Målet er at dette skal gjøres 4–5 måneder i forveien, men store endringer i innsamlingsperiodene kan diskuteres opptil 9 måneder i forveien.

Innsamlingsbannere som drives av lokalorganisasjoner godkjennes via en juridisk avtale med Wikimedia Foundation og trenger ikke ytterligere godkjenning.

  • Innsamlingsprinsipper – Inkludert de ovennevnte kravene må Wikimedia Foundation og samarbeidsorganisasjoner som gjør pengeinnsamling eller skattefradragskampanjer følge WMFs styres innsamlingsprinsipper.


This guidance applies to all Wikimedia requests for surveys is also duplicated for the reference of WMF staff internally

Software: In interests of privacy of our users. Individuals running campaigns with surveys or forms used to collect information via CentralNotice are strongly encouraged to request and use a Qualtrics account by emailing surveys(_AT_)wikimedia.org. This protects the privacy of our users to a much greater degree compared with SurveyMonkey or Google Forms.

Metrics: It's really important to think about how many replies you would like and expect (they are not the same), including breakdowns across languages. It is encouraged all requests for surveys consider about what would be a useful amount of data to collect rather than, which we are all often too guilty of, simply as much as possible. Setting expectations allows CN admins to adjust a campaign to be more or less intensive depending on how on target we are. It's all in the name of efficiency.

Size of audience: Our largest surveys across the whole movement reach thousands of editors. Set realistic expectations about how many responses you will get. As a survey gets narrower in focus, you should not expect nor demand response levels on par with those largest of surveys. You might only get hundreds or even tens of replies. If it's representative of your target audience, small size is not inherently a bad things. You also might want to consider deliberately under-representing certain languages (English or German) to allow the voices of other communities to be louder and positively biased towards.

Is central notice the right tool?: Although applicable to all campaigns, it is particularly important to consider who your audience. Consider other means of communication. Send out surveys to user talkpages, user email, mailing lists, social media, appropriate notice boards/talk pages and village pumps BEFORE any CentralNotice campaign if you are targetting editors.

Maintenance windows

Banners for maintenance windows are set as they are needed, usually by WMF staff. They use a dedicated banner (please translate). They are identifiable by they syntax: 2019-09-17_Maintenance_window_Wikipedia.

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