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Chapters Committee/Resolutions/Amendment of rules - December 2008

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That the following changes to the Rules of Procedure of the Chapters Committee be suggested to the Board of Trustees:

Rules of Procedure of the Chapters Committee, amended version as of 12/01/08



The committee will comprise no fewer than five voting "members" and a number of non-voting "advisers", serving at the pleasure of the board. The committee can choose how to conduct its ordinary business, either through regular meetings or through other means (wiki, mailinglist).

The term "meeting" refers both to virtual and physical meetings.

Additional members and advisers will be appointed by 2/3 vote of the committee, and removed in the same manner. A member or adviser may resign at any time by notifying the committee of this intent in writing. The Board of Trustees, after consultation with the committee, has the power to remove or appoint any further members and advisers if desired.

The Board of Trustees will appoint at least one of its members as adviser to the Chapters committee.

The committee will be presided over by a chairperson, appointed by resolution of the committee.

A vice chairperson will also be appointed by resolution, to stand in the chairperson's stead as required. The chairperson's and the vice chairperson's term end with their voluntary resignation, the appointment of a successor by the committee or their removal by the board. If the board decides to remove a chairperson or vice chairperson from its office, it is required to consult the Committee. After a chairperson or vice chairperson is removed by the board, the committee shall elect a successor at the earliest convenience.

The committee will decide on the responsibilities of the chair person and the vice chairperson. It may also create additional roles and assign them such responsibilities as desired.

Resolutions and motions

Actions effected by the committee are usually to take the form of a resolution. Resolutions may be proposed by a member or adviser, or by an individual from outside the committee with the support of a member or adviser. A resolution will be considered adopted once a majority of members has voted in favour.

The usual manner of proposing a resolution is by notice on the committee mailing list, referring to a draft of the resolution on the wiki. Votes will usually be taken on the wiki or during a meeting. If a vote on a resolution is to be taken during a meeting, the resolution has to be proposed at least seven days in advance of the meeting, unless two/third of the committee decide to waive this requirement ("emergency motions"). If a vote is to be taken on the wiki, after the notice of the proposed resolution, members have seven days to vote either in favour of or against, after which point they are considered to have abstained. The resolution will then be considered adopted or defeated if a majority of members has so voted; otherwise, the committee will decide by consensus (or vote) to extend the period of voting, to let the motion lapse or to reconsider the motion at a later date.

Resolution passed with 5 votes in favor, on 9 December 2008.