Chapters Dialogue/2013-04-23

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Chapters Dialouge[edit]

Plenary room, Sunday, April 21

Page on meta:

(Session shared with the Accreditation coordination as that could be viewed as a special case of the Dialouge)

[Nicole introduced the project]

Question: Are there are overlapping with what the WCA are thinking of doing?

Answer (Nicole): It is not meant to be competing with the WCA.

Question (Manuel): What about the WCA research?

Answer (Ziko): The reseach is more about numbers It would be nice to have more comparable characterisitcs of the chapters.

Manuel: A survey should be filled in once a year. E.g. how many members each chapter does have?

Nicole: A survey is good, but does not fill the need of the dialouge. We need to share stories and experiences.

Ziko: Which entity needs what data? What is the deliverable? What does a chapter have to do?

Nicole: Not really reports from each chapter, but the end result could be a big report. That report should give guidelines, which for example could be "Have an informal announcement mailing list on projects that are about to be started." Input on the recruitment is welcome.

[Short summary of the Contractor requirements]

Perhaps more experience for the contractor if the contractor should conduct interviews.

Assess all of the reporting chpaters have to do. Use data that is already there (for example FDC reports/applications) Data is needed especially to really start the dialouges.

THe movement is too big for one person too comprehense. Overlapping projects will probably happen in the future, but this is a good start.

"It doesn't have to be boring!" <3

It's an issue of Knowledge Management

Could reporting be more standardized and/or tagged so that it would be easier to extract data and get a better overview.

Just as important to not doing the same mistakes as other chapters have made. Document why projecits fail, perhaps it can be fixed or just works in a different culture or jursdiction.

Don't replicate - be inspired!

wikimania: have a "pressconference" and ask thousands of questions live