Chapters meeting 2009/Communication & Marketing

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General discussion[edit]

Documentation board

How to deal with negative press[edit]

Note taker: Carlos Barcenilla

Course of the discussion[edit]

  • Reports on common vandalisms reported by press
  • Errors are corrected as soon as detected
  • No massive copyright violations discovered so far
  • Journalists use Wikipedia as source


  1. Media fact list (explain how Wikipedia works)

Press contacts, tools, calendar[edit]

Note taker: Guillaume Paumier

Course of the discussion[edit]

  • Common press database? Not useful and difficult to maintain
  • Press trips: invite journalists from all over the world to San Francisco (+ useful for fundraising if made well)
  • Finding mascots / famous spokepersons; doing "on-the-spot" interviews
  • Doing videos with webcams & putting them on youtube etc.
  • Organizing small "press meetings" (especially for freelance journalists)
  • Coordinating the PR strategy for press releases (e.g. for the Wikipedia survey) & working together before the publication

SMART goals[edit]

  1. Identify & evaluate solutions for a private calendar for chapters

How to make journalists understand Wikimedia vs. Wikipedia[edit]

Note taker: Manuel Schneider

Course of the discussion[edit]

  • Wikipedia vs. other projects
  • Wikimedia Foundation vs. Wikipedia
    1. explain WP vs. WM
    2. WM has local branches
    3. there are other projects
  • add context, say "Wikimedia organisation", "Wikipedia project"

SMART goals[edit]

  • Leaflet with an explanation as PR material
  • for all materials created, have the context when mentioned one of the words
  • any release/material comes with a brief explanation at the end

First steps[edit]

For April 20th:

  • Asaf will write a brief explanation used for releases / background explanation / 100-200 words.
  • Agnieszka will write a document about best practiceson how to explain or do press releases.
  • Lennart will write a leaflet (aka "long version" explanation)