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Chapters meeting 2009/Preparation/Wikimedia Indonesia

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Quick facts[edit]

When was the chapter created?
22 Nov 2006: first discussion at a Wikipedia meetup
5 Sep 2008: notary deed signed
7 Oct 2008: approved by WMF
31 Oct 2008: first annual meeting
20 March 2009: officially announced in Indonesia.
What are the main changes that affected the chapter since then? (if any)
Number of members
19 (founders)
Around 300€ at the end of 2008, 4600€ planned for 2009

Success stories[edit]

  1. Two times invited in national seminar (INAICTA 2007 and 2008), although not yet formed as legal entity.
  2. Appointed as Affiliate Institution for Creative Commons in Indonesia
  3. Successfully negotiated a famous public figure (actor) as a "goodwill ambassador"
  4. Started a good relationship with the government (Ministry of Communication and Informatics)


  1. Lack of member/volunteer participation
  2. Lack of funds
  3. Lack of "benefits" for members

Plans for the future[edit]

  • Plans for the short term (1 year)
    1. Start relationships with more government institutions
    2. Increase number of members
    3. Organize routine Wikipedia workshops/seminars
    4. Finish "porting" Creative Commons into Indonesian jurisdiction
  • Plans for the medium term (3 years)
    1. Become government partner in spreading knowledge
    2. Achieve financial sustainability


  1. Learn about possible chapter projects and activities
  2. Learn about building a community: getting members and volunteers
  3. Learn about effective fundraising