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Wikimedia Nederland - Library project: Wiki loves bieb![edit]

Libraries have a similar mission as Wikimedia, and want to go digital.

  • Goal: establish a structure of collaboration
  • 3 areas:
    • media literacy
    • local cultural hertiage
    • including/linking library expertise & collections in Wikipedia


  • Project commissioned by the Dutch Association of Public Libraries
    • libraries take care of funding and staff
  • WMNL:
    • provide information for library staff
    • provide feedback / format are being developed*


  • materials and formats will be testest -> RESEARCH
  • create package transferrable to other libraries and cities

Media Literacy[edit]

target groups:

  • teachers ~ multipliers
  • students (14-18)

materials & formats to be developed

  • brochure
  • guest lesson - what format - video?
  • workshop - how does WP work?
  • video
  • teach the teacher workshops
  • lesson plans
  • evaluation

focus on proper use of WP (no focus on edit). Rationale:

  • low quality of editing is a problem
  • gets rejected by community
  • blocked school IPs
  • first teach proper use
    • plagiarism
    • sources

Knowledge transfer

  • Wikimedia NL gives trainings
  • Media Coaches for Library train
  • Teachers teach
  • students

Local cultural hertiage[edit]

  • cooperation WM & local heritage institutions together
  • round tables
  • produce information materials, such as on free licences
  • evaluation

Linking in the library[edit]

  • libraries have collections: link to collection as references
  • "help desk functions": free licensed anwers on Wiki
  • example of German PND (getting metadata)


  • is "wiki" the right term (in "wiki loves bieb")?
  • resolution discussion: low resolution vs. no content at all
  • linking to companies or to companies galleries
  • common sharing place: outreach-wiki
    • wiki-page with library partnerships!
    • wiki-page with school partnerships!
  • city-wikis: plattforms that may have information that is not suitable for wikimedia projects
  • seperate projects

Wikimedia Polska - Wiki Expedition[edit]

Tomasz (WM PL)


  • July 2009
  • travelling around taking photos in a remote region of PL (Podlasie)
  • area with no pictures on Wikipedia
  • showing local people how to contribute to WM Projects

facts + numbers

  • 15 people
    • Wikipedians
    • Open Street Mappers
    • Storm Hunters
  • 10 days
  • 4 cars
  • bikes for more inaccessible areas
  • 3 sleeping bases
  • total costs: 10 000 Zlotys
  • budget: 3800€; spent ~1500€
  • 2000 pictures uploaded; 200 articles enhanced


  • research: route planning, accomodation
  • contact local institutions


  • many pictures, articles enhanced
  • great media coverage


  • some maps are useless or not detailled enough (paper maps might be better)
  • separating into smaller groups might be better
  • do not plan too precisely!