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Strategy Plan Walkthrough[edit]

  • long term (2010-2015) plan, announced last year


  • LiquidThreads Acitvity
    • 4500 total posts
    • 415 participants
  • activity: more volunteers needed
  • strategy task force collects all ideas of the other task forces
  • difference: movement goals - foundation goals


  • project was announced last year
  • since then: a lot of participation (see numbers)


  • 350M visitors (Wikimedia switched to comscore)
  • 100K editors (5 edits a month)
  • all numbers have grown organically
    • Europe and North America
    • Global South has to grow
  • Strategic plan
    • a virtuous circle around: reach, participation, quality

Numbers (ComScore map 1)

  • Canada, Germany, UK and Japan >40% penetration
  • US, Europe, South America, Australia 30-40%
  • Brazil, Africa, Asia <30%
  • mainly mobile services are used in developing countries (e.g. sms-access)
  • unfortunately not all mobile services translated
  • detailled statistics on some countries will be published (J. Walsh)
  • 12 Wikipedias have more than 1K contributors (more than 5 edits a month)
  • 31 Wikipedias have 100-1K contributors
  • All other Wikipedia have below 100 contributors

mature projects

  • Mature Wikipedias
  • Emerging Wikipedias
  • success-story: russian wikipedia is the fastest growing
  • Community health task force:
    • a lot of editors leaving (-> survey)
    • avoid decline, increase diversity
    • bringing in women
    • bringing in "social engineers"
    • bringing in new people in general
  • smaller wikipedias
    • goal is to encourage people
    • goal is to grow article count


  • quality vs. quantity
  • article-count vs. head-count
  • 2015 scenario:
    • strong, steady growth scenario: increase reach to 680 million people
    • slowed growth scenario: ~500 million people
    • no growth scenario:
    • or even better: "dramatic" growth: >1000 million people
  • Open Questions
    • What will it take to reach more peple in the many parts of the world where Wikimedia is weak today?
    • (Missing)


  • Priority1: Build the technological and operating platform that enables Wikimedia to function sustainably as a top global Internet property.
    • additional data centres
    • caching servers
    • better performance & reliability
  • Priority 2: Strengthen, grow and increase diversity of the editing community that is the lifeblood of Wikimedia projects
    • shelter & support new editors
    • funding to enable coming togethers of editors
  • Priority 3: Accelerate impact by investing in key geographic areas, mobile application development and bottom-up innovation.
    • supporting partnerships that expand mobile and offline access
    • Boots on the ground: deploy staff teams in high-potential areas


  • relation to media and general public
  • events to recruit new editors and "social engineers"
  • relations to GLAMs
  • supporting volunteers
  • representing Wikimedia's agenda
  • fundraising


  • How can people that are reading articles be motivated/encouraged to write articles?


  • Budgets are built during the next weeks
  • Question: How can WMF help the chapters?
  1. Most important part of the presentation/foundation's strategy?
  2. What's surprising?
  3. What are the priorities of the chapters?
  4. How can the foundation provide help?


  • Most important
    • Foundation should help weak areas.
    • Question must be separated:
    • Priority Number 1: Stability of projects
    • Relationship
    • Communities need numbers and statistics: Analytical view on what's actually happening.
  • Surprising:
    • Alignment between WMF's and thinking DEWIKI
    • Impact of criticism on wikimedia
    • Limited / No focus on the scope of content
    • Africa: faster growth
    • How can chapters be founded in Africa?
    • relationship with large enterprises weren't mentioned; e.g. cooperation with Telefonica
  • Chapters; Priorities & contribution
    • Increasing participation in the sociological (poltical, cultural) content of their community; what does it mean to expand part in a local country
    • Content: main chapters are working to build their own organisations; important to strengthen for long-term
    • Build chapters in other geographies
    • Focus on other projects: e.g. Wikisource & Wikinews
    • India: Support South Asia in general
    • Involve Chapters
  • How can WMF provide help?
    • relalationship between Foundation and chapters; equal treatment (e.g. merchandising...)
    • real communication, information & dialogue
    • help to reach our full potential
    • provide kick starts: money, help
    • regional collaboratives of chatpers (e.g. pan-asian)