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Chapters meeting 2010/Preparation

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As announced before all chapters are asked to prepare a 3 minute presentation for the "State of the Chapters" session. Please note that you cannot, due to schedule restrictions, spend more time on this. If you want to use powerpoint slides, please send these to lodewijk.gelauff AT wikimedia.de *before* wednesday morning. That way we can load them onto the computer on beforehand, and not waste time with changing computers etc. Some of the sessions will contain some recommanded preperation, please try to read these before the meeting, that would help the discussion a lot.

What should be in my presentation at State of the Chapters?[edit]

Each chapter gets 3 minutes, so please make sure you stay within this time frame. We would like you to use this time to tell the other chapters what is so special about your chapter. You can be creative with this, but some suggestions, which depend on which stage of development you're in, or what you find most important to share:

  • A short overview of the basic facts of your chapter (number of people, members, volunteers, media coverage)
  • The activities of last year
  • The plans for the coming year
  • Problems you are encountering

Do not try to cover all these suggestions, but pick the most relevant. For example, if your chapter has been struggling a lot with finding active volunteers, you could describe shortly that, and what you tried to work on it. Or if you had a very successful event, you can give a short impression of that. If your chapter has big plans to professionalize or to organize a big conference, and has that been your main focus last months? Please tell us more about that.

The idea is that you give an impression of what your chapter is like. You can use examples, plans or even a metaphore to explain that - be creative!

We assume that you need nothing if you do not email us anything. If you need a powerpoint slide, send it by email. Do you need sound? Ask for it!

What else can I do to tell more about us?[edit]

If your chapter wants to show some outreach material to the other chapters (pens, leaflets, books, whatever you can think off) - we are organizing a special booth stand for that. Please bring this material to Zanox on Friday morning. You can take it home again afterwards, of course.

If you want to put a poster on the wall, that is possible! If you want to share more information by email about your chapter, please use the chapters-reports list for that (you can also find more reports from other chapters here).