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ar – Arabic Wikipedia[edit]

  • Local policy is at ar:ويكيبيديا:تدقيق مستخدم.
  • There is a separate mailing list for Arabic Wikipedia checkusers.
  • Checkusers who haven't used their checkuser access for more than a year will have their rights removed. (Point 1 of section 2.3 of the local rights removal policy.)
  • Inactive checkusers should be warned in their talk pages and by email (if they have set a valid email address in their preferences) before rights removal.
  • Inactive checkusers who had their rights removed can request to be reinstated as checkusers in the 3 months following their rights removal. After that period, they can only regain their rights by a new vote.

bn – Bengali Wikipedia[edit]

ca – Catalan Wikipedia[edit]

cz – Czech Wikipedia[edit]

da – Danish Wikipedia[edit]

de – German Wikipedia[edit]

  • CheckUsers are elected by the community; they are admins (only technically if not elected as an admin before), but do not have any other "higher" local rights such as arbitrator, bureaucrat, or oversight (segregation of duties).
  • Local policy is at Wikipedia:Checkuser.
  • CheckUsers only act on request, which should be made publicly at Wikipedia:Checkuser/Anfragen, fact-based comments by other users are possible.
  • Private requests are allowed as an exception (when private data, e.g. real names are affected).
  • Public log exists, requests and decisions are stored on archive pages.
  • Strictly all checks (also those from stewards and Office Actions) are publicly announced (anonymised if needed, e.g. regarding user names).
  • Checkusers don't perform any bans/blocks, they leave the decision on this to the administrators.

en – English Wikipedia[edit]

  • See the local policy.
  • Must be Administrators
  • Appointed by ArbCom, and removed by ArbCom.
  • Requests at w:en:WP:SPI.

es – Spanish Wikipedia[edit]

fi – Finnish Wikipedia[edit]

fr – French Wikipedia[edit]

he – Hebrew Wikipedia[edit]

hr – Croatian Wikipedia[edit]

hu – Hungarian Wikipedia[edit]

Cases of the check
  1. based on 5 editors' public vote (but there must be more supporting than protesting votes), with valid reason and evidence/suspicion supplied
  2. based on 2 admins' private or public vote
  3. based on 2 editors' common request to prove that they are not each other's sockpuppet

CheckUsers are not allowed to run a check without one of these conditions.


There is a public log, in which all the checks are to be listed, with the minimal content of the date and CU's name.

id – Indonesian Wikipedia[edit]

  • CheckUsers are elected by community. Only user with Sysop status can be elected.
  • CheckUsers are elected with no limits on the term
  • Local policy is on id:Wikipedia:CheckUser
  • Request can be made on id:WP:IPS
  • CheckUsers can perform any following blocks/bans themselves

it – Italian Wikipedia[edit]

  • CheckUsers are elected by community. Only user with Sysop status can be elected.
  • CheckUsers are elected for a year, with no limits on the number of re-election
  • Local policy is on Wikipedia:CheckUser
  • Request can be made on it:WP:RCU
  • CheckUsers can perform any following blocks/bans themselves

ja – Japanese Wikipedia[edit]

ko – Korean Wikipedia[edit]

ml – Malayalam Wikipedia[edit]

nl – Dutch Wikipedia[edit]

no – Norwegian (Bokmål) Wikipedia[edit]

pl – Polish Wikipedia[edit]

pt – Portuguese Wikipedia[edit]

  • See the local policy;
  • Must be administrators;
  • Elected by community with at least 25 votes and 75% of favorable votes;
  • The voting period should not be less than 7 days, nor more than 30 days;
  • Interested users receive notices about RfCUs by MassMessage;
  • CheckUsers are elected for 2 years, with no term limits;
  • Checkusers who haven't used their tools for more than 6 months will have their rights removed;
  • Requests at WP:PV.

ro – Romanian Wikipedia[edit]

ru – Russian Wikipedia[edit]

sl – Slovene Wikipedia[edit]

sr – Serbian Wikipedia[edit]

  • CU access is appointed/removed by voting according to the global policy (at least 70%-80% votes of support and with at least 25-30 editors' approval). They are allowed to be administrators, but cannot be bureaucrats at the same time.
  • CU requests should be send by e-mail to the User:Checkuser which is checked regularly by local checkusers. It is forbidden to accuse publicly anyone for sockpuppeting.
  • After the check has been performed, and if a sockpuppeting is discovered, a checkuser report is given at local Village Pump. If the checking doesn't give any results, no report is publicly presented.
  • No public log.
  • Checkusers don't perform any bans/blocks, but recommend them, and leave the decision on this to the administrators.

simple – Simple English Wikipedia[edit]

  • Checkusers are appointed after a local election on Request for Permissions. There must be at least 25 support votes as per global policy with a 70% support. The election period is no more then one month.
  • Simple Wikipedia does not support 'neutral votes', they are seen as comments, and do not count towards the total number of votes.
  • Per local guideline only administrators can apply for the checkuser role.
  • As they are admins, checkusers can peform blocks, if necessary.

sv – Swedish Wikipedia[edit]

th – Thai Wikipedia[edit]

tr – Turkish Wikipedia[edit]

uk – Ukranian Wikipedia[edit]

vi – Vietnamese Wikipedia[edit]

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English Wikibooks[edit]

  • No local policy; the Meta policy is used.
  • Checks are performed at the CheckUsers' discretion, though requests could be made at b:WB:AA.
  • CheckUsers typically perform checks and act on the results independently – there is no request process & detailed results are not revealed. There is no public log.

English Wikinews[edit]

  • See Local policy
  • Requests may be placed on above-listed page
  • Checking is at Checkuser's discretion
  • Checkusers are expected to request an independent CU complete the check where a conflict may exist
  • Detailed replies will not be given. Only sufficient general information for a course of action to be decided

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English Wiktionary[edit]


Projects with no local CheckUsers[edit]

bs- Bosnian Wikipedia[edit]

  • CheckUsers are elected by community. Only user with Sysop status can be elected.
  • Local policy is on Wikipedia:CheckUser
  • Acting only at request at Check
  • Log and decisions are on Check
  • CheckUsers can perform any following blocks/bans themselves

zh – Chinese Wikipedia[edit]

  • There are no users with CheckUser permissions since 30 March 2018 due to security concerns from WMF staffs.
    • In 13 January 2022, WMF announced the requirements to un-freeze CU elections, it's still unclear whether zhwiki community has acknowledged them or not.
  • Local policy is at zh:Wikipedia:用戶查核方針, note that some local users reported that some Stewards may not recognize it, and enforce just the global Checkuser policy for their zhwiki actions.
  • CheckUsers can act in one of these situations:
    • (RFCU) On request (public or private);
    • (CUP1) To block underlying IPs of an account, where the autoblock has expired or been ineffective. Sockpuppets found may also be blocked.
    • (CUP2) Collateral damage checks for the hardblocking of IPs or ranges.
    • (CUP3) IP block exemption checks before granting IPBE (or to verify it is being used constructively).
  • Currently, CU requests are handling at zh:WP:SPI with reviews, if there are reasons to believe that actions from Meta-Wiki are really needed, one of the administrators or SPI clearks may transfer the requests to SRCU.
  • CheckUsers may perform any blocks themselves; but it is not mandatory.
  • The status of CheckUser usage were available at zh:Wikipedia:用戶查核/統計.

English Wikiquote[edit]

  • No local policy, Wikimedia Checkuser policy is assumed.
  • Requests may come to q:WQ:AN.
  • No public log. Some reports may come to q:WQ:AN.
  • Checks are performed at the checkuser's discretion, and reported to the other local checkusers by email.
  • When a request comes to q:WQ:AN, it is usual to give as detailed a reply as is consistent with privacy, but there is no rule.
  • Currently no local CheckUsers.

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