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For a list of existing wikis that are related to children in one way or another, see List of wikis for children.

There have been several attempts or proposals to create a Wikipedia for children or Childrens' Wikipedia. This page contains a list of these attempts.

  • Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Children's English: A request to create a new Wikipedia, for children. According to the guideline of the Language Committee, it is not allowed to create a new Wikipedia language version in a language that already has a Wikipedia (Simple English Wikipedia is an exception because it was created prior to that guideline). Proposed in 2006.
  • Vikidia: Created in 2006 in french, in 2022, it has more than ten linguistic versions. Though it asked some years ago, not to rejoin the Wikipedia for children project, it is nowadays well and officialy partnering with the Wikimédia France association, and therefore, considered de facto as a member of (at least french-speaking) Wikimedia galaxy.
  • Wikikids: There is already an independent Dutch wiki called, but here on Meta-Wiki, Wikikids was the working title for a new Wikimedia wiki. The initiator decided not to go on with the procedure. Proposed in 2005.
  • Wikikids go!: proposed in 2017.
  • Kidswiki: proposed in 2017.
  • Encyclopedia for Children: proposed in 2019.
  • Wikipedia Kids: proposed in 2020.

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