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This page documents a completed research project.


Wikipedia editors seek to summarize the best available sources of information in Wikipedia articles. An early bottleneck in Wikipedia article development is identifying reliable sources of information and matching them to likely Wikipedia articles into which editors may summarize the source. Traditionally the suggestion of sources into Wikipedia articles has been a process in which a volunteer with domain knowledge uses their time and labor to present sources in a Wikipedia article as the first step toward integrating information from that source into the article.

Cochrane journals have been favorites among Wikipedia editors in medical articles. As of June 2018 Cochrane offers 7000 up-to-date medical articles. English Wikipedia cites 2000 of these. The Wikipedia community since 2011 at least has sought to summarize and cite most or all Cochrane publications in Wikipedia articles.


This project seeks to use machine learning to make recommendations on which Wikipedia article would be a good place to summarize each Cochrane publication.

Research team[edit]

The researchers are

Jennifer Dawson (user:JenOttawa) is representing Cochrane in this project. See Cochrane Collaboration-Wikipedia Initiative for more information on Cochrane's Wikimedia activities.

Lane Rasberry (user:bluerasberry) is representing the Data Science Institute at the University of Virginia as the graduate student researchers do their project. For more information about the university's Wikimedia projects see University of Virginia.

Community outreach plans[edit]

Persons involved in this project will present it at the following events:

  • The medicine series at Wikimania in Cape Town, July 2018
  • WikiConference North America in Columbus, Ohio, October 2018
  • Cochrane Colloquium 2018
  • WikiCite in San Francisco November 2018
  • Cochrane Colloquium 2019 (J. Dawson to share tool prototype)
  • Submitted for publication in IEEE

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Wikimedia data sets[edit]

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