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<loco085>	:D
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<symode09>	next tome you can wake up at 4am
<seanw`>	Hey all.
<symode09>	heya!
<loco085>	hi seanw :)
<seanw`>	(ignore my other nick for now)
<loco085>	and hi Wiki_Blue
<Wiki_Blue>	brb.... :)
<Wiki_Blue>	start without me
<Wiki_Blue>	5 secs
<seanw`>	Alright then... let's wait a few mins for anyone else...
<seanw`>	Hey loco085
<loco085>	oki :)
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<Martinp23>	:)
<symode09>	Hello :)
<bastique>	omgomg they showed up
<symode09>	wow
<symode09>	amazing
<Martinp23>	hi symode09
<symode09>	Heya :D
<seanw`>	Okay, well, I'll begin with an apology...
<seanw`>	I've been extremely inactive wrt to comproj (and Wikimedia in general) due to extreme amounts of school work :\
<seanw`>	martinp23: btw I got my ICT coursework mark - 163/168 :D
<seanw`>	However, I've been tring to continue co-ordinator duties rather than particular projects.
<Wiki_Blue>	o
<Wiki_Blue>	o
<Wiki_Blue>	, nsvl
<Martinp23>	:O :D - well done :). I'm finishing off my user guide just now...
<Martinp23>	Procrastination is so fun!
<seanw`>	martinp23: we never had to do that :O
<seanw`>	wiki_blue: ?
<Wiki_Blue>	sorry..meant to type i'm back
<Martinp23>	seanw`: Are you doing AQA A?
<seanw`>	np
<seanw`>	martinp23: edexcel.. but let's take this to pm :P
<seanw`>	What has everyone else been up to?
<symode09>	Sleep
<symode09>	or at least, lack of it
<seanw`>	:D
<symode09>	:D
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<cary_on_phone>	sorry all
<cary_on_phone>	older fellow
<cary_on_phone>	chatty
<loco085>	:P
<seanw`>	Have fun cary..
<seanw`>	Okay, so what have people been up to with regard to comproj? ;P
<CraigSpurrier>	I have been working some on the presslist
<seanw`>	Ah yes, the presslist.
<loco085>	me too
<seanw`>	For things like that I think that we really ought to have a wiki.
<symode09>	When you talk about the press, do you mean local or reuters?
seanw`>	wiki_blue: do you think we could ask for one? I could handle the campaign to the developers etc, but what do you think?
<Wiki_Blue>	the problem with a wiki
<Wiki_Blue>	is that this will eventually be uploaded ot
<Wiki_Blue>	our fundraising program.....that allows you a) to access and do searches
<Wiki_Blue>	and send out press release in a more effecient manner
<Wiki_Blue>	so has to be in excel/database format
<Wiki_Blue>	to be uploaded...this is only temporary
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<Wiki_Blue>	the new system kicks ass
<Wiki_Blue>	and we can give people different access
<Wiki_Blue>	(internet accessible)
<Wiki_Blue>	I apologize if its difficult ... i know it is a bit hard
<CraigSpurrier>	It would be nice if we could have it be in an alphabetical order. Can Google docs sort?
<Platonides>	WMF uses an excel-database system? :O
<Wiki_Blue>	(when you guys are ready...i have another project)
<Wiki_Blue>	YES! it can
<loco085>	hi Platonides :)
<Wiki_Blue>	hold on looking it up
<Platonides>	hi loco085
<symode09>	you can sort in excell (if that is what you wanted)
<seanw`>	A wiki can be searched!
<seanw`>	But yeah, I see what you mean :)
<symode09>	wow
<Platonides>	you have sortable on wiki ;)
<bastique>	<--- needs a press release for wikibooks
<loco085>	i get in contact with some latinamerican media, Wiki_Blue
<Wiki_Blue>	thats awesome....let me tell you..our list is quite small right now
<Wiki_Blue>	but it brings results
<seanw`>	Okay then, bastique, how about you post that to our mailing list?
<Wiki_Blue>	the .05 release.....
<bastique>	okay
<Wiki_Blue>	for example, got covered by bcc and AP
<Wiki_Blue>	so GOOD job y'all
<seanw`>	I assume they are American?
<Wiki_Blue>	BBC?
<Wiki_Blue>	sorry.
<Wiki_Blue>	bbc and associated press
<symode09>	you gor reuters?
<seanw`>	Oh bbc, groovy.
* seanw`	likes the bbc as they do DOCTOR WHO which is the best thing on TV right now.
<seanw`>	Exterminate!
<symode09>	*shivers*
<bastique>	\o/
<bastique>	"TO BE CONTINUED"
<symode09>	good riddance
<symode09>	so...
<seanw`>	"They always survive, and I lose everything..."
<symode09>	what is happening with video wikinews + the production
<seanw`>	"You had to start killing!"
* seanw`	shuts up about dr who and gets back to wmf :)
<symode09>	:)
<symode09>	so, what about video wikinews (the only thing I do)
<seanw`>	wiki_blue: you know about this one?
<Wiki_Blue>	no I don't
<Wiki_Blue>	what is going on?
<CraigSpurrier>	I doubt Wikinews has anywhere near enough people to support it
<Wiki_Blue>	you know CRAIG!
<symode09>	I have the facilities + skill to produce + edit the video edition but....
<Wiki_Blue>	you just reminded me of something!
<CraigSpurrier>	Audio Wikinews has been very slow going and it takes a lot less then video
<Wiki_Blue>	the New York times doing a story on how wikipedia is a great source for current news
<Wiki_Blue>	covering Viriginia massacre, 911 etc
<Wiki_Blue>	maybe you could talk to them abuot wikinews
<Wiki_Blue>	and say yes, wikipedia is good...but we also have this project going on
<Wiki_Blue>	Would you be open to talking to the reporter??
<seanw`>	Ooo good idea
<CraigSpurrier>	That would be great Wikinews does not get nearly enough coverage
<CraigSpurrier>	sure
<Wiki_Blue>	whats your email?
<Wiki_Blue>	so I can email him/you right now
<CraigSpurrier>	craig <at> craigweb <dot> net
<symode09>	we were gonna make out pilot on wikinews about the virginia tech but, we are waiting for someone who could interview
<loco085>	some Brazilian newspapers talk about the Virginia Tech and the efficiency of Wikipedia
<seanw`>	I think video stuff if very difficult on a voluntary basis, basically.
<symode09>	we should cross promote more
<symode09>	IN ALL THE WIKI'S
<symode09>	oops, caps
<loco085>	symode09: is difficult make videos?
<symode09>	so, have an ad in wikipedia about wikinews
<symode09>	no, I can make vids easily
<symode09>	I made the opener in about 45 mins
<symode09>	simple interviews etc can be done very fast
<jtico>	This remainds me
<jtico>	Will be video coverage at Wikimania?
<symode09>	ooooh!
<symode09>	if someone is filming there, if they can put the vids on the net, I can edit them together within 30 minutes
<seanw`>	jtico: I think so
<jtico>	Cos that would be a big source for editing, etc...
<Wiki_Blue>	yes, that would be awesome...I think the Taiwan team is working on that
<seanw`>	Perhaps we could liaise with them on that.
<symode09>	daily hilights
<symode09>	?
<Wiki_Blue>	as I hear stuff, I will relate to you guys
<Wiki_Blue>	they are still planning, gathering stuff etc
<jtico>	seanw: Do you know how organized is this coverage porject?
<jtico>	sory
<symode09>	if you pay for my flights I'll go!!! :P
<jtico>	Wiki_Blue: How can we contact them?
<loco085>	symode09: and is possible to subtitle that videos then to other languages?
<symode09>	yeh
<loco085>	nice
<symode09>	but, I can't translate
<symode09>	very well
<Wiki_Blue>	as I sit here, I'm thinking that it might be a good idea to serve as the liaison between comproj and wikimania..there is a list serve,,but i dont' know how open it is
<Wiki_Blue>	let me investigage
<Wiki_Blue>	in the meanwhile, who wants to be the liaison?
<Wiki_Blue>	soI have someone ready...if its a possiblity
<seanw`>	jtic: I'm not sure I'm afraid
<seanw`>	Yes, who wants to be our Wikimania liaison? :)
<Wiki_Blue>	the listserve talks about other things...besides this aspect..but it would be good for someone on comproj to be ears for comproj
<symode09>	what do we do :s
<symode09>	I will do it if i know what to do!
<Wiki_Blue>	just require taking notes of going on....and when that topic comes up....participating
<symode09>	:s I'm out
<Wiki_Blue>	or I could just find out
<Wiki_Blue>	who is the contact at taiwan and put you in contac with them
<Wiki_Blue>	so they can keep you updated
<seanw`>	Right.
<symode09>	now, one thing which I personally can't get over,
<jtico>	I think symode09 should be more involved with the video stuf
<seanw`>	So, ComProj's Wikimania ears/contact person
<seanw`>	Who wants to do it? :)
<CraigSpurrier>	I could do it if no one else is going to volunteer :)
<symode09>	I can do the vid stuff - just one question...
<loco085>	my english is no so good... :(
<Wiki_Blue>	YES it is!
<symode09>	my englishk isn't
<symode09>	:P
<seanw`>	It's fine!
<seanw`>	Everyone here is fine!
<seanw`>	Defiantely foer an internal task like that.
<jtico>	It is not necessary to make the decision now
<Wiki_Blue>	I wish I spoke another language how you guys speak english
<jtico>	I think we can think about it
<bastique>	what am I missing?
<Wiki_Blue>	def.
<jtico>	and have an ansver next time
<symode09>	are we allowed to use a flash player as well as java for whe videos are uploaded?
<Wiki_Blue>	sounds good
<CraigSpurrier>	flash is nonfree and evil :)
<symode09>	ARGH!
<loco085>	lol
<symode09>	lol
<jtico>	Quicktime :P
<symode09>	Java isn't free (yet)
<seanw`>	heh
<symode09>	why don't we stop using it until it is free
<seanw`>	I think we ought to stick to open standards as far as we can.
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<Wiki_Blue>	(so just throwing this out there.....don't have to respond here..just email me..but does anyone want to be involved with another PR project promoting WikiProject Classroom coordination )
<seanw`>	wiki_blue: haven't we got Lise on that?
<symode09>	I even have a flash prototype -
<Wiki_Blue>	yes sir. but we need people to spread the word, and I have to send out rpess release to academic journals, etc.)
<loco085>	WikiProject Classroom coordination, Wiki_Blue ?
<symode09>	wikiproject classroom??????? I don't know about it
<Wiki_Blue>	symode....Nothing happens when I open that link!
<symode09>	kk, ill fix it
<Wiki_Blue>	forget it I got it
<symode09>	the link does work - it might need to load - press play
<Wiki_Blue>	got it
<symode09>	k
<symode09>	kool
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<seanw`>	Oaky guys.
<Wiki_Blue>	dear hurts to watch this
<seanw`>	Do we have anything else to bring up?
<jtico>	Wiki_Blue: About the Classroom, perhaps you could send us more ifno to the email list
<Wiki_Blue>	yes sir. will do
<jtico>	:)
<jtico>	Well, I was thinking that now that there are more people in the project, it would be nice to have an agenda for the following meetings
<symode09>	i agree
<Wiki_Blue>	that would be nice
<symode09>	Wiki_Blue, how would we go about looking for someone, say in washington to do an interveiw?
<Wiki_Blue>	however, we are doing really well :)
<Wiki_Blue>	you guys rock
<Wiki_Blue>	what do you mean.....
<symode09>	I don't know how to find users in certain parts of the US to do interveiws
<Wiki_Blue>	you mean wikimedians?
<symode09>	for virginia tech massacres - no point in me interveiwing Australians about the massacre in the US
<symode09>	yeh
<seanw`>	Okay, a schedule for meetings sounds like a good idea.
<Wiki_Blue>	OHH you mean normal people
<symode09>	yeah
<seanw`>	jtico: want to post some ideas to the list? (I really ought to put some effort into that as co-ordinator)
<Wiki_Blue>	yes,thats the thing
<Wiki_Blue>	I want you guys to use comproj as well
<jtico>	seanw: shure
<jtico>	I will
<Wiki_Blue>	Symode...I will search for Normal people, right?
<Wiki_Blue>	but by all means send an email to comproj as well
<symode09>	yeah, thanks
<symode09>	when I need to find someone, no one responds (to me or admins)
<Wiki_Blue>	(remember alot of people on list that are not here)
<CraigSpurrier>	symode09: is a good starting point for finding Wikinewsies
<Wiki_Blue>	kay guys..have to run..the techies are calling me
<jtico>	Wiki_Blue: I'll bothering you with some mails
<symode09>	ok, kool thanks!
<symode09>	kk
<symode09>	cya
<Wiki_Blue>	kay :)
<jtico>	Is that ok?
<Wiki_Blue>	for real...honestly..i said it before but I love working with you guys
<Wiki_Blue>	sooo nice and effective :)
<Wiki_Blue>	bye
<loco085>	:)
<jtico>	Bye Wiki_Blue
<loco085>	bye Wiki_Blue
<seanw`>	Right then... let's close the meeting here.
<symode09>	Bye Wiki_Blu
<seanw`>	Night all.
<symode09>	cya
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<symode09>	good riddance to bad rubbish :P
<bastique>	wheee... just got a senior into Wikibooks
<jtico>	bastique: ?