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File:902672558 6.jpgSummary: Create a virtual Press kit


  • Create One Liners - this involves having various clips - we need some that are 4, 8 and 11 seconds long. We need to ensure the one liners will not be taken out of context
  • Wikipedia
    • Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia which anyone can edit.
    • Wikipedia is the worlds largest and most comprehensive encyclopedia
    • Wikipedia is the worlds largest and most comprehensive encyclopedia with over a million articles
    • Wikipedia has strict standards for all articles. Any page which is not up to standards is reviewed or deleted.
    • Studies have shown that wikipedia is just as accurate as encyclopedia Britannica
    • In an independent assessment of scientific wikipedia articles, only 4 critical mistakes were made in comparison to encyclopedia Britannica which had 3 mistakes
    • Wikipedia is the most targeted website by vandals but, we do have automated and manual systems which we use to undo vandalism
    • Independent studies have shown that most obscene vandalism is undone within 2 minutes
    • The median time for vandalism to be undone is 18 hours however, most major vandalism is undone within 8 minutes

  • Create Disclaimers
    • This media asset is free for use in editorial broadcast/print/online/radio reports. It is restricted for use for other purposes. The Wikimedia Foundation reserves the right to withdraw permission for the use of footage at any time. Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikiversity, Wikijunior, Meta Wiki, Wiktionarty, Wikisource, Wikiquote and Wikispecies are all registered trademarks of the Wikimedia Foundation. A copy of all articles using footage must be sent to
  • Create Simple Verification

Background Info:

  • Sandy has a DRAFT press kit (written).Contact her at sordonez<<At>> Lets ensure that we are sending out the same messages.