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Assign: Wikiblue, Schiste

Interactive Lounge Publicity - Advertise how individuals can participate virtually, as well as publicise "interactive lounge"

1) Research the specifics of the interactive lounge, podcasts, etc for press release.

2) Write press release and send out to press list.

3) Draft an email to send to friends, family, etc. (that can be forwarded).

4) Contact reporters

5) Post to blogs, like slashdot, and word of mouth advertisement. (ie, send email to friends, etc.)

for more info about lounge, see

PROJECT II Assign: Wikiblue

Wikimania Press Kit 2007 - Please add missing information. This needs to be done ASAP.

PROJECT III Assign: Wikiblue

Wikimania Coverage - To report how Wikimania 2007 is going during and after conference.

  • PLEASE POST A MESSAGE TO USER PAGES: Ask them to sign up to do article coverage of an event, and to post pics in the Events_Coverage page on wikimania 2007.

People Attending:

Also, contact, and any other wikimedia group that can help.

After Conference:

a) Gather stories on different seminars, presentations, etc. If you can cover an event, please list your name below:

Sandy - Press conference

b) After conference, immediately coordinate an IRC meeting, to gather all materials we can find including: recoreded podcasts, stories, pictures, audio files, etc. Additionally, coordinate who will do what.

c) Compile a virtual newsletter that contains all the gathered material.

d) Post link to virtual newsletter on Wikimedia Foundation website.

e) Send email to reporters

f) Contact Wikizine to also include link to newsletter.

g) Send email to foundation-l

Wikinews Reporters and ComProj members Covering Wikimania

  • Craig Spurrier (
  • Andrew Lih (Wikipedia Weekly)
  • David Still (Wikipedia Weekly)
  • Liam Wyatt (Wikipedia Weekly)
  • Wiki Blue

Gathered Material 3%E5%9C%A8%E5%8F%B0%E5%8C%97%EF%BC%8C%E4%B8%AD%E8%8F%AF%E9%9B%BB%E4%BF%A1%E7 %B0%BD%E7%B4%84%E8%A8%98%E8%80%85%E6%9C%83 (Htchien working on translation of this)