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Wikimedia Foundation Meta-Wiki presence

Update 3 - March 2024[edit]

Hi! This is our third update, sharing our work in the new year so far.

We've published four new pages on Meta-Wiki, updating the main Wikimedia Foundation page and providing links to resources and contact information:

We are very interested in your feedback on these pages, and what we could add or remove to provide what you're looking for when you visit Wikimedia Foundation pages on Meta-Wiki.

Update 2 - December 2023[edit]

Hello! We wanted to share an update on our work since April.

We’ve completed our design phase, and have moved the templates to Meta-Wiki. We also have a set of demo pages to showcase how these templates look and work in practice:

If you have feedback or questions about the demo pages, please ask on our project’s talk page!

From our previous update on the answers@ workflow, we updated the Answers portal in July and August, which will be integrated into the new set of pages.

We are also continuing to work towards gathering and preparing departments’ and teams’ content for publishing on their new Meta-Wiki pages.

Update 1 – April 2023[edit]

Hi all! This is the first update for our Meta presence project, providing information on what we've accomplished so far.

We set out with the goal of rethinking and redesigning the Wikimedia Foundation's presence on Meta-Wiki.

At this point, we have nearly completed our design phase, with a strong set of page designs and templates prepared on a staging wiki. This array of new designs includes a central Foundation page (the "front door"), department pages, team pages, and user pages. This phase also includes part of our internal information gathering steps, communicating across the Foundation to gather content from departments and teams.

Additionally, Movement Communications has taken ownership of the answers@ workflow, which will be highlighted as a single point of contact in the new Foundation Meta-Wiki pages system.

What are our next steps?

First of all, this update! We're here to communicate with you about our project's plans and implementation. After our internal work is complete, we'll work towards importing the prepared templates to Meta-Wiki and develop demo pages, which we will use for testing/prep and to gather feedback. From there, the next step is implementation of the new page system on a rolling/gradual basis. We do not have any specific timelines as of yet, but will keep you updated here.

With additional questions, please feel free to ask on the project's talk page.