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Presentation slides for "Understanding Social Media" at Wikimedia Conference 2016

What is social media?[edit]

Web 2.0 applications hosting user-generated content shared from profiles that connect with other users and groups.

Why does the Wikimedia Foundation use social media?[edit]

  • 77% of our Twitter followers use Wikipedia daily. Only 55% have ever edited.
  • Our Instagram and Pinterest communities are more than half women.
  • Many Wikipedians do not share their projects.
  • We help people become more involved with the Wikimedia movement, and we help the movement reach out to the world.

Who does social media for Wikimedia Foundation?[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation's social media accounts are managed by the Foundation's Communications Department.

The Wikimedia Foundation social media huddle group on Facebook is a group where you can connect and shape social media for the movement.

Which social media platforms does the Wikimedia Foundation use?[edit]

What does the Wikimedia Foundation do on social media?[edit]

Our posts generally fall into two categories: Crowd-pleasing content, and explanations of the Wikimedia movement.

How does the Wikimedia Foundation NOT use social media?[edit]

  • Do not endorse any products or political candidates
  • Do not engage in any dispute with other accounts
  • Do not post sarcasm, “snarky” or unfriendly tones
  • Do not retweet or repost anything that contains any of the above
  • Do not post media that is not either owned or co-owned by the Wikimedia Foundation (such as photos we take), in the public domain or licensed under CC0
  • Remember the “five pillars” of Wikipedia’s fundamental principles

What can you do right now?[edit]

How can the Wikimedia Foundation help you?[edit]

  • We can reshare your posts when they have broad appeal.
  • You can reshare our posts when you need content.
  • We can offer guidance or advice on managing your accounts.
  • We can help you connect with social media companies and other social media people in the movement.
  • We can support your events via #hashtags and mentions.