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ウィキメディアとはグローバルな運動で、人類の知の総和を蓄積しようと活動しています。そこで音声ロゴの探求も – 当然ながら人類の知の総和の音を募集します。

Writing your own headlines

The campaign title is designed to be modular. Meaning, “all human knowledge” can be replaced by any topic or world event, to demonstrate that the sound we’re creating truly needs to represent all of human knowledge. Examples:

"The sound of" Articles and categories

"The sound of" learning experiences

  • The Sound of discovering a good conversation starter.
  • The Sound of finding out how two things that seem unrelated are actually connected.
  • The Sound of unexpected personal facts.

The campaign call to action

We are using a fun and inspiring call to action throughout the whole campaign: Play your part. The call to action, like the campaign line,  is modular and can be modified to match the different phases of the campaign. See below for examples:

  • Play your part. Submit your sound.
  • Play your part. Vote for a sound.
  • Play your part. Share the sound logo.

The campaign lockup

The Sound of All Human Knowledge - EN

What is?

A campaign lockup exists to land the campaign line and concept in a single key visual asset. It is not a logo, but an introduction for an audience to the intention behind a campaign.

To create excitement and intrigue around the search for “The Sound of all Human Knowledge”, we created a unique campaign lockup that is used across all assets. We have also translated it into eight other languages, download any of the lockups for you to use below.

Please note: the sound logo campaign lockup can only be used on grey or white backgrounds.

The Campaign Look & Feel

The sound logo campaign uses the Wikimedia brand guidelines as a base for the look & feel. The art direction for this campaign is vibrant, clean, dynamic and allows for a lot of play. By establishing a campaign look & feel, we make it possible for all the executions in the campaign to work together while also becoming identifiable on their own.

The look & feel of this campaign also brings the executions closer to the movement through the use of our colour palette, fonts, and the Wikimedia logo throughout.

The key design assets include

  1. “The Sound of All Human Knowledge” campaign title lockup
  2. Typefaces used
  3. Colour palette
  4. A graphic “sound wave”, sometimes using photography depicting all aspects of human knowledge: art and culture, science and nature, history and current affairs.
  5. Wikimedia logo

By following the design recommendations below, you can make the designs both personal to you and recognisable as part of the Wikimedia Sound Logo Contest.

The Typefaces we use

The primary typeface for this campaign is Montserrat. It is used in the Wikimedia Foundation logo, and for all the branded content we make. Montserrat is a versatile sans-serif typeface. It has certain humanist features, giving it character and warmth, while its large X-height and wide construction give it a lot of impact. It works well for big headlines as well as smaller paragraphs of body copy. It is used in the “The Sound of All Human Knowledge” lockup, and across the campaign look & feel. Download the font

The secondary typeface used in this campaign is Lato, an open source unicode font. Download it.

The Colour Palette

The campaign uses our Creative palette. The Creative palette consists of 11 colours derived from those frequently used by community groups around the world, as well as the much loved Wikipedia20 birthday colours. It's also a palette developed to complement the Legacy and Core palette, providing greater versatility in situations where many colours are needed. The Creative palette includes both strong colours and lighter shades. The lighter shades can be useful when there is a need for a more subtle expression.

You can adjust the colours to fit your design needs using the colour palette below.

R230, G121, B166
C5, M66, Y7, K0

R113, G209, B179
C46, M0, Y14, K18

R238, G128, B25
C3, M60, Y100, K0

R240, G188, B0
C6, M25, Y100, K0

R4, G157, B255
C69, M31, Y0, K0

The Soundwave

In the same way that  "The Sound of All Human Knowledge" line is modular. We have created an audio-emulating visual device made of sound bars that is fluid too just like a sound wave that keeps changing according to the sound. The audio device can be customised with imagery according to the 4 themes (Nature; Society and culture; Science; Engineering). The vertical height of the individual bars can also be adjusted, allowing you to create your very own. There are 2 different versions of the audio graphic device; 1. Photographic Audio Device; 2. Colour Audio Device.

How to use the soundwave device

The audio graphic device is made of sound bars that are fluid just like a sound wave that keeps changing according to the sound. There are 2 different versions of the device:

Photographic Audio Device

The photographic audio device is made up of imagery from Wikimedia Commons based on the following 4 themes (Nature, Society, Culture; Science and Innovation).

You can use any of the above soundwaves in your materials. Alternatively, you can build your own.

Step 1: Choose your images                                                                                                    

You can find images anywhere on Commons. You can see some of the images we have used.

Step 2: Adjust your own Audio Graphic Device                                                                  

When replacing images it is important to note that images use a 3 bar rule: This means that images must stretch across 3 of the sound bars. You can adjust the length of each vertical soundbar to create your very own customised Audio Graphic device. To create a sound wave using your chosen images, make a clipping mask using the holding shapes below.

Step 3: Use your Audio Graphic Device By applying it to the colour background of your choosing, from the above palette.

If you would not like to use photographs, you can instead use the simpler "Colour audio device".

Colour Audio Device

The colour audio device is a simplified full-colour version of the audio graphic device with no imagery. You can adjust the length of each vertical soundbar to create your very own customised audio graphic device.

Full colour audio graphic device / soundwave

SNS 用ツールキット


  • 募集期間: 9月13日 – 10月10日
  • 投票期間: 11月29日 – 12月19日。ただし11月29日がアメリカ合衆国の休日のため、ウィキメディア財団とウィキペディアのSNSチャンネルではこの段階の発信を11月30日から始めます。
  • 受賞者の発表:2023年2月(調整中)



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We do! The following posts are written to fit within Twitter's length limitations but can be easily modified for other platforms like Facebook or Instagram (remember to change the accounts that you tag accordingly). You can also add the custom graphics and videos below.

  • ツイートする: @Wikimedia 運動では @Wikipediaを含むプロジェクトから発信した情報だとわかるように、ロゴになる音声を募集中です。皆さんのパートを奏でませんか? 詳しくはこちら。 soundlogo.wikimedia.org/ #WikiSoundLogo
  • ツイートする: 音声ロゴというのを #WikiSoundLogo コンテストに応募してみたよ。 🔊 あなたもぜひ! soundlogo.wikimedia.org/
  • ツイートする: 生きていると雑音だらけだけど、人類の知の総和の音、聞いたことありますか? それにぴったりの作品を、#WikiSoundLogoコンペは現在、募集中です。あなたのパートを奏でてみて! soundlogo.wikimedia.org/
  • ツイートする: ちょっと音でも出してみて! 🔊 私たちに #WikiSoundLogo を作ってくれる人に、このメッセージを届けたいのです。@Wikimediaのコンテンツを聴こうかなと思った人に、聞いてもらう音声なのです。 soundlogo.wikimedia.org/
  • ツイートする: 音声ロゴってなに? たとえば@Wikipedia のパズルのロゴみたいに 音声ロゴはブランド認知の要素として、音で特定のブランドの存在をアピールします。画像のロゴが有効でない場面でこそ強みを発揮します。
  • ツイートする: スマートスピーカーに質問して答えをを聞いても、その情報をどこから取ってきたのか、世間の人は知りません。 #WikiSoundLogo コンペは、誰でもウィキメディアのサイトから来た情報なんだとわかるように、音で知らせようとしています。 soundlogo.wikimedia.org/
  • ツイートする: Let's jam! We are looking for the #WikiSoundLogo, a sound logo that will identify content from all @Wikimedia projects, including @Wikipedia. Does that sound like something you would be interested in? Learn more at soundlogo.wikimedia.org/.


もちろん! 下記はご用意してあるSNS拡散用の画像です。画像ごとに継承の表示があります。音波のみのカラー画像(周囲の画像なし)ならCC0指定ですので、継承の表示は無用です。




Campaign graphics