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This page is a translated version of the page Communications/Sound Logo/Sound collaboration and the translation is 41% complete.
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Logo dźwiękowe

Below was an audio collaboration page, intended to be inspiring and a place to collaborate with others to find or create a collection of sound recordings useful for constructing a sound logo for Wikimedia. The Wikimedia sound logo contest was open from September to October, 2022. Thanks to hundreds of Wikimedia volunteers who participated in and supported this project and thousands of people from around the world that submitted their version of the sound of all human knowledge to the contest. With this participatory, open contest, and a community vote, we now have a winner. Have a listen above.

Many recordings below come from and have been clearly released as CC0/public domain on the site. It's also good to find audio that is already on Wikimedia Commons that is dedicated by someone as their “Own Work”.

Please feel free to edit your ideas, themes, examples, audio and anything else below.

Themes and ideas of what the logo could represent are in one column. The next column describes examples of what corresponding sounds could be used to show the themes, while the final columns are high-quality, CC0 or public domain audio recordings. You can play multiple recordings at once to get a sense of what feelings can be communicated by mixing sounds together.

Possible combinations

Note: play all sounds at once to hear a combined sound.

The idea here is crowd + typing = enlightenment

Themes, Ideas and Sounds

Idea, Theme Examples Sound Sound Sound
Puzzle locking, mechanical clicking
Padlock click
Padlock click
padlock click
Lock click
Karabiner click
Enlightenment gong, bell, ding, spark Gallery of gongs Gallery of Ghana bells
Hiroshima peace bell
Typewriter ding
Gallery of Glockenspiel sounds
Grandfather clock chime
Flow Rivers, streams, fluids
Crowd Noisy outdoor crowd, clapping crowd, voices, choir
Geography Gravel under boots, commuter jet, commuter train,
Subway train
Literature Pages flipping in a book, books, typing
Gallery of sounds of pages turning
Education markers, chalkboard,
Permanent marker
Chalk on chalkboard
Math science beeps (sputnik), camera shutter release
Camera shutter
Gallery of achemical elements
Sport Race cars, basketball dribbling, shoes on gymnasium squeak, scoreboard buzz, Referee whistle
Referee whistle
History Clock ticking,
Clock ticking
General ambience Campfires, forests, deserts, wind Gallery of Ambience
Biology Heartbeats, cricket chirp
Art Music
Connections Forming
Knowledge Growing
Question & Answer
Trusted Information
Free & Open knowledge


Wolne i darmowe oprogramowanie

Poniższe narzędzia są dostępne na wolnej licencji („wolne”) i/lub bezpłatne („darmowe”).

  • Audacity - wolne oprogramowanie do edycji dźwięku
  • MilkyTracker - wolny tracker (oprogramowanie przydatne do edycji przebiegów fal)
  • MuseScore - darmowy i wolnoźródłowe oprogramowanie do obsługi notacji muzycznej
  • Spek - przeglądarka spektrogramów do wizualnego porównywania plików audio
  • LMMS - darmowy, wolnoźródłowy i multiplatformowy pakiet narzędzi do edycji cyfrowych plików audio

Zamknięte oprogramowanie

Poniższe narzędzia są dostępne bezpłatnie.

  • OnlineSequencer — helpful for playing with note intervals (only 12-semitone equal temperament supported, however)
    • Web browser
  • Waveform / Tracktion — few limitations to think of. Potentially too simple for advanced users but advanced users would likely already have their own preferred platform...simple to use but advanced sounds
    • Linux, macOS, Windows
  • Pro Tools First — Intro to industry standard; 16 track limit (likely not relevant in the context of the sound logo contest)
    • Windows, macOS
  • Cubase LE — Limited track capacity
    • Android smartphone, Windows, macOS Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, other tablets
  • Ableton Live Lite — Easy sampling + midi; 8 track limit (likely not not relevant in the context of the sound logo contest)
    • Windows, macOS
  • Soundation – A web-based multiplayer DAW with three projects included in the free plan. Virtual instruments and effects plus more that 20k samples

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Nie znalazłeś dźwięku, którego potrzebujesz?

Wpisz tutaj swoją nazwę użytkownika i opisz, jakiego rodzaju dźwięku szukasz. Być może ktoś będzie w stanie ci pomóc w nagraniu takiego dźwięku.

  • MKaur- Sound of water droplet and gentle drizzle sound
  • Add your name

Pomoc w nagraniach

Czy możesz nagrać dźwięk i przesłać go do Wikimedia Commons na licencji CC0? Podaj tutaj swoją nazwę użytkownika oraz wszelkie szczegóły dotyczące rodzaju nagrania, jakie możesz przygotować.

  • Wprowadź swoją nazwę użytkownika

Thinking about a different theme? Different sound concepts?

If you have a different theme you're thinking about, please share. What is your prompt and what does it feel like? What would it sound like? We'd love to hear from you.

  • Add theme or concept here