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Unfortunately, our desire to share in the sum of all knowledge with every single human being is sometimes met with restrictive actions by government entities. While the reasons and methods vary from situation to situation, the Wikimedia Foundation consistently works to have these restrictions removed as promptly as possible.

In extreme situations, these restrictions block access to all or parts of Wikipedia, or other Wikimedia projects, in an entire region or country. Consistent with our desire to expand access to free knowledge rather than restrict it, the Foundation at times engages in campaigns to raise awareness of these blocks and seek their removal.

The Wikimedia Foundation invites the community and our supporters to join us in these campaigns.

Turkey - May 2019 campaign[edit]

Campaign animated graphic with English text

On 23 May 2019, the Wikimedia Foundation announced the filing of a petition in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the international court hearing cases of human rights violations within Europe, seeking to lift the more than two-year block of Wikipedia in Turkey.

We invite affiliates, community, and the rest of the world to join us in amplifying the guiding basis for this action in Turkey, "knowledge is a human right," through a social media campaign.

The focal point of our social media channels during the launch will be on raising awareness of Wikipedia being blocked in Turkey, and educating people on why we took the step of filing with the ECHR. We will also tie into the broader narrative around “knowledge is a human right” to make clear the ECHR filing is one of many steps we need to take to ensure Wikipedia is accessible to everyone.

We invite you to join us in amplifying the messages of the campaign on social media and sharing our statement and plans with your networks. We ask that messages focus on the theme of the campaign - "Knowledge is a human right" and reflecting on a world without Wikipedia.

Get involved[edit]

Volunteers and affiliates are invited to join the Wikimedia Foundation in asking the authorities to support unblocking of Wikipedia.

Translate the messages[edit]

We need your help translating these key messages into multiple languages for use in social media graphics! You can do so by using the "Translate this page" setup to translate this section of the page. You are able (and invited) to translate the entire page, but translating this section will be particularly helpful to the campaign.

Please note that words in bold will be crossed out when used. Please use bold in your language accordingly so the message translates correctly in the animated graphic version as well.
Animated graphic message
Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey for more than 2 years.
Free knowledge is a fundamental human right. Set knowledge Free. Unblock Wikipedia.
Social media hashtags

Spread the messages[edit]

Share our key messages across social media platforms:

Share your own message about "Knowledge is a human right" and reflecting on a world without Wikipedia!

Share your story[edit]

#WithoutWikipedia: If you live in an areas where Wikipedia is blocked, tell the world your story of what that has been like! If you are fortunate to still have access to Wikipedia, imagine what life would be like for you if your access to Wikipedia was censored.

Past campaigns[edit]

Poster from #WeMissTurkey campaign
In March 2018, we conducted a week-long social media campaign to express why #WeMissTurkey and re-energize the conversation around Wikipedia in Turkey and galvanize public opinion to support unblocking the site.