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This page outlines the Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department's activities at Wikimania 2018.


The Communications Department will be attending Wikimania 2018 to provide capacity building, collect input, increase awareness, and network with community members.


Фото Имя Title Задачи
Erhart, Ed January 2016.jpg Ed Erhart Senior Editorial Associate
Johnson, Aubrie June 2016 01.jpg Aubrie Johnson Social Media Associate
Kinyanjui, Kui - August 2017.jpg Kui Kinyanjui Vice President Communications
Lien, Samantha April 2015.jpg Samantha Lien Менеджер по коммуникациям
  • Event communications support
  • General communications support
  • Press relations outreach
Zachary McCune - October 29, 2015.jpg Zachary McCune Senior Global Audiences Manager
  • Brand development
  • Networking
Varnum, Gregory January 2016.jpg Gregory Varnum Communications Strategist
06 Heather Walls - Wikimedia Foundation 04.jpg Heather Walls Главный Креативный Директор



With its participation in the conference, the department hopes to achieve these objectives:

  • Help community projects expand their communications capacity
  • Network with members of the community
  • Engage community members in Wikimedia Foundation's communications efforts
  • Increase awareness of department activities and efforts to support the community
  • Discuss initiatives the department is considering


The Communications Department is planning to meet with a number of community members at Wikimania 2018. If you would like to arrange for a meeting, please post a comment on this talk page, or email communications(_AT_)