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Some pics from the online brand workshop

As part of the 2030 movement brand project, the Wikimedia Foundation, along with its design partner, Snøhetta, hosted an online workshop in February 2020. There were 24 participants. Participants from 13 countries were present. 17 volunteers and 6 Wikimedia Foundation staff were present along with members of the Snøhetta staff.

The objective of the workshop was to allow participants to collectively contemplate the question "Who are we?" as a movement. Participants broke into small groups and chose a general concept that they felt best represents the movement. Each group then built physical models or chose an existing image to explain their choice.

The concepts from the Oslo brand workshop, the Bengaluru brand workshop and the online workshops generated a total of 23 concepts. The 23 concepts were presented to the community for feedback in the March 2020 exercise "Who are we?". Feedback and engagement on the series of concepts is being used to develop a single concept from the 23 to guide proposals around naming conventions and brand design.


  • 24 total participants.
  • 10 home wikis present.
  • 12 regions present.
  • 17 volunteers and 6 Wikimedia Foundation staff participated.
Username Home wiki Region Affiliation
Ainali svwikinews Sweden Wikimedia Sverige and Wikimedia Belgium
DocJames enwiki Canada Board of Trustees
Esh77 hewiki Israel Board of Trustees
Esra'a Al Shafei N/A Middle East & North Africa Board of Trustees
Geertivp enwiki Germany WMBE
Joris Darlington Quarshie enwiki Ghana Open Foundation West Africa
Lisa Lewin N/A United States Board of Trustees
Lydia Pintscher (WMDE) metawiki Germany Wikidata
Pundit plwiki Poland Board of Trustees
Raju Narisetti N/A United States Board of Trustees
Raystorm eswiki Spain Board of Trustees
Risker enwiki Canada
Sakhalinio trwiki Turkey Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey
SandisterTei enwiki Ghana Wikimedia Ghana User Group
Vanjpadilla enwikinews Philippines Philwiki community
Waltercolor frwiki France Wikimedia FR
Wizkid49 enwiki Nigeria
Ziko dewiki Germany de.WP, nl.WP, eo.WP, member WMDE, WMNL
AKeton (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
GIngersoll (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
JVillagomez (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
Katherine (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
RMerkley (WMF) metawiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff
TNegrin (WMF) enwiki United States Wikimedia Foundation staff

Participants by home wiki. Foundation staff included.

Participants by Region. Foundation staff included.

  • Median edits (including staff): 845.5
    • Average account age: 6.2 years
  • Median edits (excluding staff): 11,659.50
    • Average account age: 7.73 years


  • Participants without Wikimedia accounts were not included in count of home wikis present.
  • "Home wiki" is defined using the CentralAuth definition, "This is the wiki at which the account was initially merged. Note that it may differ from the real home wiki of that user."
  • Some users are more active on projects other than their home wiki.

For information on how participants were selected, see the project FAQ.


Eleven concepts were developed during the online workshop series. The process of creating the concepts online is described in the blog post "Co-creation in a digital space".

What is a concept?[edit]

A concept is a tool making the complex more understandable. Concepts consolidate vast amounts of facts, data and details into a singular definition in its context. The workshop divided participants into groups to develop a unifying concept to answer the question "Who are we?" as a movement.

Concepts developed[edit]

Online Workshop Group Test[edit]


An open space not owned by anyone.

We are defined by diversity, inclusiveness and openness, and we are never ending. Like a galaxy our project is diverse and different from all angles. We are represented by both what you see, and by what you do not see, with the understanding that our potential is limitless.


Public | Open | Connect | Evolving | Expanding


There are so many elements that make up a galaxy that are vital for it to succeed.

Knowledge is like a galaxy. It is the sum of both small and large parts, and it is always changing. It is diverse, limitless and dynamic. The complexity of this system is also a representation of our movement. There will never be a point where we are done in what we are doing.


Limitless | Diverse | Point of view | Dynamic | Parts


We are rebellious and boundless – not conforming to most norms

Without fire we would not survive, and without knowledge we can not move forward. Fire is a core that connects us. The power of fire changes with context – like us, it has a double edge. It can warm your living room, but it can also destroy your house. We are contributing to a common good, but we are rebellious at the same time.


Generative | Energy | Creation | Evolving | Connect

Online Workshop Group 1[edit]


“We keep adding things to contribute for the greater good”

Collaboration is about people contributing and working together to complete something, just like builders. We are many people coming together, collaborating both internally and externally. We are collaborating by adding small things to contribute for the greater good.


Connect | Contribution | Together | Greater good | Creation


“Working together with a central goal in mind”

We are flexible – we can build different things at many levels, in big and small groups, or simply by ourselves. This is who we are as a movement –  we are building something together for a purpose.


Expanding | Dynamic | Greater good | Collaboration | Flexible


“Our members may be individuals, but the collaborative effect is huge”

In a beehive, the bees are working both individually and together for a shared cause. The beehive has a scientific and logical structure. The bee’s honey is also a metaphor for knowledge — pollinating the world and creating life. Bees are essential to all life and can be found across all continent.


Work in progress | Collaboration | Global | Knowledge | Collective

Online Workshop Group 2[edit]


“It is all about people contributing to a larger goal”

All life needs to be nurtured – a plant needs soil and water to be able to grow. People are nurturing each other by having discussions, a society is being nurtured by sharing different opinions, a Wikipedia article is being nurtured by people editing.


Greater good | Generative | Collaboration| Dynamic | Growth


“We are creating a formidable force by working together”

Everything is about commitment, belonging, inclusiveness, emotions and passion. It is about  working together for stronger outcomes and a common goal, despite our differences. We want to enlighten the human emotions and passion in our project by being inclusive.


Together | Human | Force | Greater good | Collaboration


“We are a work in progress!”

The Hebrew word בעבודה  is similar in meaning to Work in progress – We are always a work in progress. There are constantly things we want to change and evolve that we are actively working on. Creating a collage or an article is a work in progress in itself.


Work in progress | Evolving | Generative | Creation | Collaboration

Online Workshop Group 3[edit]

Public. Good.[edit]

“For the world, by the world”

We are a global collaborative on a mission to deliver free knowledge to everyone – the world is connected through our shared resources. Like water in the ocean we are a public utility that is universally needed. Like the lighthouse is guiding people, we are guiding by providing accurate knowledge to the world.


Public | Greater good | Global | Human | Contribution


“It is about coming together as a unit”

The Arabic word وحدة is similar in meaning to unity and community. It requires strength to be able to collaborate, but unity can lead to equality, freedom and consistency. Unity is not about a single language, nation or faith – it is about strength, diversity and coming together.


Collective | Together | Collaboration | Force | Greater good

What happened with the concepts developed?[edit]

Concepts from the workshops in Oslo, Bengaluru and online were compiled and presented to the community for feedback in the exercise entitled "Who are we?". Feedback on these concepts is being used to develop one single concept that Snøhetta will use to make proposals around a naming convention and brand design system later in the brand project.

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