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The 2030 Movement Brand project is creating an evolved brand system using Wikipedia as a central concept. The objective is to better communicate who we are in order to attract billions of new users into our movement.

The proposed brand system will consist of a new naming convention and brand design for our movement. All communities and affiliates are invited to get involved in its development. If the proposed brand system is approved by the Board for use, it will be adopted by the Foundation and it will be available for affiliates to opt in based on their needs.


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Problem statement

The 2030 strategic direction is all about growth and evolution. It is not only about continuing to provide access to free knowledge, but about growing and safeguarding that access, and evolving the way that knowledge is delivered. Our strategic direction challenges us to go further and become the essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge. The Wikimedia Foundation medium-term plan is set to grow participation globally, focusing on emerging markets.

Wikimedia branding will not help us in achieving these goals. Explaining who we are is hard. "Wikimedia" is unknown and confusing to the outside world. Affiliates and volunteers often introduce our movement through Wikipedia, because it is a strong, widely-recognized brand. How can the movement brand best raise awareness and increase participation in the Wikipedias and sister projects across languages and regions?


This project has the objective of evolving our movement brand in order to clarify who we are, simplify entry points for newcomers, and grow participation. To achieve this objective, the project uses our movement’s best-known brand, Wikipedia, as a central concept. The development of this project is informed by the qualities for good movement branding that emerged in the 2019 research and consultation (see below), and integrates new feedback as the project advances.

The brand system to be proposed will consist of a naming convention and brand design. The brand design is expected to include logos and design styles such as typefaces, colors and ready-to-use templates. This brand system, if approved for use, will be adopted by the Foundation and will be available for affiliates to opt in. It will not propose changes to the content projects.

This project supports the Brand Awareness priority in the Wikimedia Foundation's medium-term plan.

The qualities of good Movement branding

In 2019, the results of the 2030 research and planning community review presented six themes surfaced by the community review that should guide the 2030 Movement Brand Project. Several of these points have been reinforced in 2020 by the volunteer-initiated RfC Should the Foundation call itself Wikipedia.

  • Branding should reduce confusion about the distinction between community and projects, clearly identifying what roles platform and volunteers and affiliates play in the movement.
  • Branding should protect and improve the reputation of the movement, increasing trust in our content and contributors.
  • Branding should benefit the sister projects so that Wikipedia's international popularity and centrality to our movement are used to improve usage and participation in related projects.
  • Branding should mitigate legal and government risks to movement participants and affiliates, so that volunteers are not blamed or punished for Wikipedia content in places hostile to Wikipedia content and our policies of free speech.
  • Branding should grow our Movement by appealing to new users, contributors, donors, and partners around the world, and inviting them to join us in our 2030 direction.
  • Branding should be adopted gradually, allowing community groups to opt-in to the system at their own pace with support from the Foundation.

Get involved

We invite everyone to get involved. We encourage especially the participation of all movement affiliates because they are the target users of the evolved brand system being developed by this project.

  • Join the Brand Network on Meta or on Facebook.
  • Bring the conversation to your affiliate organization and consider becoming a brand project liaison.

Feedback and questions are welcome on the project talk page. You can write to the project team privately at brandproject(_AT_) Check the Frequently Asked Questions!


2030 movement brand project timeline

This is an open brand/design process. We want to work with movement participants to work in a similar method to how our wiki's work - iterative and involved with multiple opportunities to provide input and guidance.

Процесс является итеративным, что означает, что мы будем создавать, получать отзывы и совершенствовать по мере продвижения проекта. Будет много открытых вопросов, на которые нужно будет ответить коллективно. Мы ожидаем и приветствуем расхождение зрений, прежде чем сходиться на каких-либо результатах.

Это примерные вехи проекта, которые могут измениться.

  • Разработка концепции – происходит сейчас (с января по март)
  • Соглашения об наименовании и центральная концепция бренда (Март-Апрель)
  • Брендинговые дизайны для обсуждения - (апрель-июнь)

Every step of the process is documented in the project timeline.

Roles and Responsibilities

Wikimedia Movement

  1. Brand network - Guides brand concepting and design process in collaboration with Snøhetta (the project design partner) and Foundation staff
  2. Volunteer communities across the movement (cross projects, community lists, and village pumps) - Comments on proposed naming, design, and brand elements to highlight concerns, needs, and suggested improvements.

Wikimedia Foundation

  1. Steering Committee - Informs brand development based on deep understandings of organization Fundraising, Legal/Policy, Technology, Product, Finance, and Administration specialties
  2. Brand Studio (team within Communications) - Leads project coordination, collaboration, strategic development, and design across Movement, Foundation, and Snøhetta members
  3. Executive Leadership - Vets and reviews Movement brand changes

Snøhetta (project design partner)

Snøhetta is the design firm who created the new Library of Alexandria, home to Wikimania 2008. They have made exhibitions for history museums, visual identities for national parks, and bank note designs inspired by wind, water, and computer pixels. They have created grand operas designed to make elite art accessible to the public, and homey cabins in public parks that offer spectacular getaways for anyone in the world to use. At the mountain where they take their name, they built a pavilion for rest and conservation that is keyless- so any and all visitors can be at home. They have offices in 5 countries, with work spanning the globe. Their team is multilingual, and women-led.
Their role in the 2030 movement brand project is to facilitate collaborative design process by running workshops, collecting perspectives, distilling recommendations, and sharing proposals for feedback. They will also lead the design work – crafting potential naming solutions, logo options, and other graphic design elements for Movement review.

Still have questions? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or leave a comment on the project talk page.

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