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Transcom is planning used to have a regular open meeting monthly. For further details, see the link below.


  • The Babylonian is a general newsletter from the translation subcommittee, available on translators-l and meta. Although it's dormant at this moment, a look would give you a brief overview on what and how volunteering translators and Transcom work together.

Suggestions and ideas



  • OmegaT (on Wikipedia) - using a CAT-Tool is valuable in particular when we have updates of articles and when people share translation memories.
  • Implementation of read-from-wiki store-to-wiki functionality within OmegaT (we were already talking about that with Kim - for the translation of wikipedia articles - I'll try to get detailed info by Saturday 1st April)
  • Using OmegaT we need a repository for translation memories so that other users can use them. Who works with OmegaT translating contents for the WMF that are under GFDL should accept to release the resulting translation memory under GFDL or in the Public Domain.
    • If you have a question about those tools, please put it to the talk page or mail it to translators-l.