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Communications Committee Meetup at Wikimania 2012

The Communications committee (ComCom) is a Wikimedia Foundation staff-facilitated committee of community volunteers engaged in communications efforts either with Wikimedia projects or movement affiliates.

The aim of the committee is to support and collaborate on global communications efforts across the Wikimedia movement. This includes communication with the general public, the media, and the Wikimedia movement. It functions as an advisory group for supporting, developing, and sharing information about communications efforts throughout the Wikimedia movement. The committee's primary method of communication is its private mailing list: comcom(_AT_)wikimedia.org

The committee is one of several committees within the Wikimedia Foundation, and is designated as a staff committee working with the Vice President of Communications for the Wikimedia Foundation and the Communications Department. The primary contacts for the committee within the department are Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska (nszafran(_AT_)wikimedia.org) and Gregory Varnum (gvarnum(_AT_)wikimedia.org) within the Movement Communications team.


The Communications committee is composed of volunteers and affiliate staff actively engaged in movement communications activities. The 10-15 members each serve three-year terms. The inaugural committee was selected by the Communications department. Additional and future members will be selected by the committee, with support from the Communications department.

Name Notes
Fawaz Tairou [Fawaz.tairou]
Anne Clin [Risker]
Justice Okai-Allotey [Owula kpakpo]
Paulina Lordméndez [Paulina Lordméndez]
Maiken Hagemeister [Maiken Hagemeister (WMDE)]
Itzik Edri [Itzike]
Mohammed Sadat Abdulai [Masssly]
Nahid Sultan [NahidSultan]
Krishna Chaitanya Velaga [KCVelaga]
Habib Mhenni [Dyolf77]
Wikimedia Foundation Communications
Name Notes
Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska [NSzafran-WMF] List moderator and primary group contact from Wikimedia Foundation
Gregory Varnum [GVarnum-WMF] List moderator and primary group contact from Wikimedia Foundation
Anusha Alikhan [AAlikhan (WMF)]
Lauren Dickinson [LDickinson (WMF)]
Nadee Gunasena [NGunasena (WMF)]
Zachary McCune [ZMcCune (WMF)]
Mayur Paul [MPaul (WMF)]


As a staff committee, the Communications committee primarily collaborates with members of that department on efforts related to Wikimedia movement communications. That engagement includes:

  • Support of project and affiliate communications capacities - such as sharing ideas related to local communications activities, sharing best practices on use of social media, and seeking input on a new communications program.
  • Advising the Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department on it's work, specifically related to:
    • Development of capacity building resources, including the Communications Resource Center
    • Outreach efforts to developing communities and new readers
    • Efforts around social media and the Wikimedia Blog
    • Messaging for the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia projects, and Wikimedia movement
    • Development of the Wikimedia brands
  • Facilitating and leading the Movement communications group.


All interactions and communication within and on behalf of the committee, including on the group's mailing list, must follow the Wikimedia Foundation's Friendly space policy. Failure to follow this policy will result in removal from the committee by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Additionally, members are expected to remain in good standing with the Wikimedia movement. Blocks or other community-imposed sanctions may result in removal from the committee by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Methods of communicating

Mailing list

Currently, the committee primarily communicates via a private mailing list.

The Wikimedia Communications Committee list is for discussions and coordination between the members of the committee and the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department.

Contacting the committee

The committee can be contacted via their private mailing list: comcom@wikimedia.org


The committee has a private mailing list where media coverage and responses are discussed. Other resources available to the committee include:

  • General communications resources at the Communications Resource Center
  • The press & translation queues in VRTS
  • The press release distribution and archive software on wikimedia.de


Historically, the committee was authorized by a resolution of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees in January 2006, and its initial members were confirmed in February of that year. Much of the Wikimedia Foundation's communications work was partially, or completely, conducted by the committee. At its inception, the committee held IRC meetings; agendas are archived.

In January 2009, the committee became a staff committee, with much of the committee's work being delegated to what is today the Wikimedia Foundation's Communications Department.

In March 2019, the Communications department introduced a new model for the committee, returning to a smaller traditional committee member. At that time, the 200+ mailing list was repurposed and used to create the Movement communications group.

As of 2019, the committee advises the Communications Department and coordinates on communications efforts in the movement, including within the Wikimedia Foundation. The committee communicates primarily through the "ComCom" mailing list.

Original statement of scope

The original (but no longer in use) statement of scope and areas of responsibility was approved by the Board of Trustees in a May 2006 resolution.

  • Coordinating communications with the press, including press releases, interviews, and inquiries.
  • Supporting communication between the Wikimedia Foundation and project communities, particularly spokespersons within the Wikimedia Chapters.
  • Organizing and coordinating publicity and outreach.
  • Supporting and overseeing communication with the general public.
  • Maintaining a Wikimedia style guide.
  • Reporting on core Wikimedia statistics.


Previously, Communications subcommittees were formed around tasks and needs. This practice ended in 2009 as the role of the committee shifted from a working committee to a staff committee, with much of the work of the committee being delegated to the Communications Department.

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