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This is a proposed mailing list for topics that concern the Wikimedia Community, but not necessarily the Wikimedia Foundation or its Board or Staff. This is purely a list for feedback from the Wikimedia Community and its many editors.

Example discussion topics[edit]

  • Hi, I'm trying to help my wiki in language X grow, do you have any ideas about how to do it?
  • Hi Wikimedians, do you think 3RR should be a policy on every wiki? Why or why not?
  • Hi other projects, I'm curious to get impressions about how other projects deal with 'difficult users'. We have a user who does X and we don't quite want to block him, because he makes useful edits, but the way he relates to other people is causing friction. any ideas?
  • "Silent knowledge", tradition not policy, of various projects; gentle instruction the best practices of the community as a whole and across projects.

Examples of foundation-l threads in August that would be better suited to this list[edit]

  • Future fate of Siberian Wikipedia
  • wikipedia IRC channel guidelines review
  • Wikimania Golden Awards
  • Code detecting bots?
  • Wiki does not exist
  • Wikimania Live Streaming
  • Wikimania Awards closed early without warning
  • WikProject Classroom coordination
  • Commons:Quality Images reaches 1000 QIs in less than a year
  • Florence's presentation on Wikimania
  • Interview transcription
  • Wikiquote
  • A Thank You to the Taiwan Wikimania Team
  • New project - wikicracy
  • tool for coloring/treating maps searched ...
  • Wikimania 2008 Bidding opens
  • Wiki Scanner & wikinews
  • A general wiki list?
  • Spam blacklisting on Foundation wikis