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Community Insights/2016-17 Report/Audience 1/Goal4

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Community Engagement Insights 2016-17 Report

Across audiences Editors Affiliates Program Leaders Developers

Goal 1 - "Improving new editor engagement"
Goal 2 - "Improving community health"
Goal 3 - "Improving collaboration and communications between the Foundation and communities"
Goal 4 - "Improving collaboration and communications around software development"

Question 149 (TC15)

Over the last 12 months, in which of the following ways have you contributed to Wikimedia or Mediawiki software projects? Select all that apply.

Participants could select more than one option

5% did not select an option [?]

1 – Create software related to Wikimedia (28%)
2 – Help test new Wikimedia Foundation products (35%)
3 – Help document Wikimedia Foundation software products (19%)
4 – Submit bugs related to Wikimedia Foundation products through phabricator (49%)
5 – Use Wikimedia projects and products (75%)
6 – Other (specify): (14%)
75% of respondents have used the Wikimedia projects or products to contribute to Wikimedia or Mediawiki software and 49% submit bugs.

Question list

Goal 5 - "Improving collaboration with affiliates related to partnerships"
Goal 6 - "Improving software for contributors"
Goal 7 - "Increasing software awareness and use"
Goal 8 - "Growing the Wikimedia technical community"
Goal 9 - "Improving information sharing for program leaders and affiliates"
Goal 10 - "Developing the capacity of affiliates"
Goal 11 - "Developing the capacity of program leaders"
Goal 12 - "Improving access to research materials by contributors"
Goal 13 - "Improving understanding of movement fundraising and fundraising needs"
Goal 14 - "Increasing awareness of GLAM and Libraries"
Goal 15 - "Increasing knowledge and capacity related to policy issues"