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Community Insights/Annual surveys

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The Community Insights Survey[edit]

The Community Insights Survey is conducted annually to help the Wikimedia Foundation learn how to better support you, both on- and off-wiki. For the 2019 survey, we are asking questions to help track our progress toward the Wikimedia Foundation's Medium Term Plan.

We're interested in how we can better support our communities, especially concerning the Wikimedia community's experience with safety and inclusion in online and offline spaces, experience with Wikimedia's technical infrastructure, and resources and support available for project organizers and affiliates. The information gathered in this survey helps the Foundation evaluate and strengthen its programs and strategies.

Some of the questions you might see could be about:

  • The online and offline activities you participate (or would like to participate) in.
  • Your satisfaction with the technical tools you use.
  • Your experience with collaboration, communication, and respectful interaction in the movement.
  • Your preferences for communicating about movement activities.
  • Your awareness of as well as opinions about various Wikimedia programs.
  • General demographic information such as where you live or the languages you speak.


Month and Year Survey Milestones Status
January - May 2021 2020 Survey results reported back to community and Foundation staff. Full report will be available on meta in May 2021. Complete
October 2021 Changes to Community Insights for 2021-22 announced. Complete
October 2021 - May 2022 Survey revised and shortened, Survey translated, Survey sampling and participant recruitment tools are explored, Global Data & Insights collaborates with interested community members to pilot, confirm, and contextualize questions. Complete
June 2022 - October 2022 Survey is live. Complete
October 2022 - January 2023 (tentative) Survey Data is analyzed. In progress
January - March 2023 (tentative) Survey results reported back to community and Foundation staff. Full report will be available on Meta-Wiki in March 2023 (tentative estimate, dependent on previous step). Upcoming


This survey is managed and conducted by the Learning and Evaluation team, with input from across the Wikimedia Foundation. The information is used to help other teams at the Foundation plan their projects with a better understanding of (1) community needs and feedback about Foundation projects, programs and services; and (2) ongoing outcomes and impacts of the Foundation's projects, programs and services.

Phase 1: Survey Development[edit]

The 2019 Community Insights Survey is intended to more closely measure outcomes associated with the Wikimedia Foundation's Medium Term Plan. It is also intended to take less time to complete. In the first phase, the Learning and Evaluation team adapted the existing survey toward these goals.

Phase 2: Refining, finalizing, and translating questions[edit]

In the second phase, questions were improved, refined and scoped with input from across the Wikimedia Foundation.

Phase 3: Data collection[edit]

This phase, which will last from 1 September 2019 to 31 October 2019, will have the survey go "live," or open for anyone to complete it. Members of the Wikimedia community may see a link to the survey in an email, on their talk page, in a banner on central notice, or in a mass message.

Phase 4: Analysis & Reporting[edit]

The data will be analyzed and reports will be prepared tailored to help inform the work of different Wikimedia Foundation teams. A full report of the findings will be available on meta-wiki.

Phase 5: Evaluation[edit]

When planning for the next year's Community Insights Survey, the Learning and Evaluation team will gather feedback from Wikimedia Foundation teams and the community about changes they would like to see in the future.

Questions or Feedback?[edit]

Let us know on the talk page or by emailing surveys@wikimedia.org.