Community Liaisons/Product Surveys/Text Translation

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The Community Engagement (Product) team would deeply appreciate support in translating the following text into Spanish. This text will be used to the pilot product survey which will be run during the month of December.

AllOurIdeas is the third party system being used to conduct this pilot survey. There are some character limitations which will need to be taken into consideration which will be listed, and due to their spam considerations they do not allow for hyperlinking. Thank you so much for any help you're able to provide.

Welcome Message on AllOurIdeas (limit: 350 characters)[edit]

Please participate in letting the Wikimedia Foundation know which existing community-created tools or gadgets could be improved to make your life easier. This is a pilot survey, and we will take the results into account as part of our prioritization for the coming quarter. More info: (link will be added)

Question (limit: 100 characters)[edit]

Which tool or gadget would you want WMF to improve to make contributing to our projects easier?

Starter list of tools, gadgets, and descriptions (140 character limit)[edit]

  • NavPopups - article previews/editing function popups when hovering over links
  • HotCat - easily remove, change, add categories
  • Twinkle - quick support for maintenance tasks
  • metadata - display quality assessment metadata [Only for a few wikis]
  • JSL - JavaScript Standard Library - compatibility library for browsers
  • Reflinks - semi-automatically adds meta-info to bare references
  • Tab2Wiki - converts tsv-tables (i.e. copied from any spreadsheet application) to Wikitext tables
  • FlickrFree - shows free, recently uploaded images, ready for transfer to Commons
  • CrossCats - find relevant categories based on other languages
  • GLAMourus - keep track of Commons images used on other projects
  • PrepBio - helps to generate infobox templates for biographies
  • derivativeFX - helps to upload derivative works from Wikimedia Commons