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Community Tech/Pageview stats tool/Notes

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Notes from preliminary assessment meeting, Dec 17[edit]

See stats.grok.se for existing 3rd party tool.

Related to "All Our Ideas" survey request phab:T110147 - add pageview stats to information pages? Ex: en:Camel milk?action=info. Maybe, but most people don't know that info pages exist, and adding another element won't change that.

Instead of the info page -- a special page to enter one article or multiple articles, like Google Trends interface.

One big use case: people working on programs and grants need hard numbers on the impact of what they've contributed.

WikiProjects? There's the popular pages report. Ex: en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Feminism/Popular pages. There's an existing ticket -- phab:T116997 -- to add mobile pageviews.

People want something like stats.grok.se, but it's volunteer-maintained, goes down sometimes, and may not include mobile stats. (Not using the new pageviews API.)

The API team has created Vital Signs, shows pageviews by project. We could add functionality to drill down by page. We could build something on Tool Labs off of Vital Signs.

Might make sense to keep it on Tool Labs? It's relying on a specific service. If we created a special page, it wouldn't work for third-party MediaWiki users.

We could use the API -- build it on tool labs first, then implement it as a special page. It's basically all going to be front-end, making ajax requests to the api. Doing it on tool labs makes it easy to do a quick prototype and let people try it out, without worrying about security review.

If people express support for it to be a special page, it would be pretty easy to port it over.

Talk to Yurik -- interested in helping with data visualization, graphing. He wants to help.

Talk to Erik Zachte, currently maintaining stats.grok. How he feels about new tool, would he be interested working on it or helping maintain it.

Conversations at Dev Summit, Jan 4[edit]

On phab:T120497, Leila and Nuria say that most of this already exists.

Talked to Marcel in Analytics. They have a new definition of pageviews, which breaks out web/mobile and humans/bots. You can filter to remove bot pvs. He's thinking about using a business intelligence tool like Cycle/Mondrian to help with different breakdowns. See phab:T112956.

Stats.grok.se does appear to be running again. They're probably not pulling data from Analytics using the new pageview definition.

From Marcel:

phab:T112956 -- Dev Summit Etherpad notes

Community Tech meeting, Jan 5[edit]

Discoverability for this tool?

A group of students will be working on this as well, with Swedish Wikimedia: phab:T120497#1914938. We'll talk to them about their plans.

TCB meeting, Jan 13[edit]

TCB also has this as a top wish. (TCB notes, in German.) We can work together on this.

Team meeting, March 14[edit]

Currently working with MusikAnimal on Pageviews Analysis.

User:Legoktm is also working on a pageviews stats tool: WikimediaPageViewInfo. Kaldari will talk to Lego about connecting this with MusikAnimal's version.