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Articleinfo (aka Page history): xtools-articleinfo

Planned changes[edit]


  • Add a way to start a new search without hitting the back button
  • Make language links into a single dropdown
  • Take out top link to Language Tool WikiCheck (404 error - see phab:T152049 for details)

General statistics[edit]

  • Wikidata ID: change "## items" to "## sitelinks"
  • Take out blue line on the left side next to Total revisions/Number of editors
  • Change Ø to Avg
  • First edit and last edit should have links to diff
  • Fix stats for "Links to this page" and "Redirects"
  • Fix pageviews (60 days), link to pageviews analysis tool
  • Bugs/Todo icon is broken, either fix or remove

Year counts[edit]

  • Better looking charts and font rendering
  • "Events" has no data, fix it (if it means something) or remove it (if it doesn't)


  • Take out this section (60 days pv and link to pageviews analysis tool are in the General statistics section)

Top editors[edit]

  • Link to "Export as wikitable" works sporadically, appears to be a different tool. Remove for now.
  • Make "# edits" the heading for column 3, rather than #1
  • Better looking charts and font rendering


  • Take out broken link to LanguageTool (404)
  • The bug section for Wikipedia articles seems to only show Wikidata bugs. Is this intentional? Should it be fixed?


  • Pull in data from PageAssessments API.
  • If the wiki doesn't have assessments, don't show this section.

Month counts[edit]

  • No changes needed?