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Community Tech/Wishathon/May 2022/Autosuggest Linking Wikidata Item after Creating an Article

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Original Wish Autosuggest Linking Wikidata item after creating an Article
Wish Rank 13

March 2024

September & December 2022

CommTech Point Person Harumi Monroy
Phab ticket

AutosuggestSitelink tasks on Phabricator, T360184, T360185, T308059

Supporting documentation

March 2024 Wishathon[edit]


Next Steps[edit]

  • Add the loading state when the dialog is opened and wait for the API response.
  • If there are no available items to link to the current article or this later is already linked, we do not need to open the dialog; we just need to notify the user with an info toast.

December 2022 Wishathon[edit]


  • UI Popups designed
  • More versatile & polished dialog presentation code based on OOUI
  • New documentation page
  • Addition of Help icon with tooltip that clicks out to documentation page
  • Initial testing
  • Discussion of open issues, listed in Phab ticket
  • Proper setup of GitLab repo; linter added; increased familiarity with GitLab
  • Added code so that it can be run locally with a node server.
  • New friends! <3

Next Steps[edit]

  • More comprehensive testing (different languages, projects besides Wikipedia)
  • Update popups so that they look according to UI designs.
  • Resolution of identified open issues
  • Try out by knowledgeable community members; iterate on feedback
  • When ready, make available as a global script (gadget after approval) on Meta

September 2022 Wishathon[edit]

Next Steps[edit]

This requires some kind of pop-up that presents the search results the user can select from, which will require some design work. Bill will continue to work on Search functionality. Harumi and Bill will work with Nico to design the pop-up. We want tickets by the middle of Sprint 25 (May 27).


The team investigated this and implemented functionality for searching and saving.