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Community Wishlist Survey 2016/Results

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Here are the results of the Community Wishlist Survey – thanks to everyone who participated this year!

Curious about what happens next? Check out the Community Wishlist Survey FAQ.

Rank Proposal Category Tickets Status
1 Global gadgets Bots and gadgets 91 T22153, T71445  Declined
2 Edit summary length for non-Latin languages Miscellaneous 90 T6715 Done
3 Section heading URLs for non-Latin languages Miscellaneous 88 T75092 Done
4 Global preferences Miscellaneous 84 T16950 Done
5 Rewrite XTools Moderation tools 84 T153112 Done Live at xtools.wmflabs.org
6 Wikitext editor syntax highlighting Editing 82 T101246 Done
7 Warning on unsuccessful login attempts Miscellaneous 73 T11838 Done
8 Automatic archive for new external links Bots and gadgets 72 T153354  Declined
9 Fix Mr.Z-bot's popular pages report WikiProjects 72 T141154 Done
10 User rights expiration Admins and stewards 70 T159416, T12493 Done
11 Add a button in the watchlist to remove pages Watchlists 68 T2424 Done
12 Ability to edit Wikidata from WP and other projects Wikidata 68 T136599, phab:project/view/4074/
Related: T112987, T132790, T103092
In development
13 Improve diff to handle splitting a paragraph Editing 63 T156439 Related: T21092, T7072 Done See Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Better diff handling of paragraph splits
14 New User Landing Page - Article Creation Workflow Bots and gadgets 63 T156442 Related: T50552 Needs Owner
15 360 panorama support Multimedia 58 T151749, T105789, T70719, T138933 Has Owner
16 Graphs, charts, and timelines tools Editing 56 T56213 Needs Owner
17 Web-based AutoWikiBrowser alternative Bots and gadgets 56 T157271 Needs Owner
18 Support for Incubator projects Wikidata 54 T54971 Included in major reconstruction works of Incubator, see T165585 - Make creating a new Language project easier
19 Checking dead links on all projects Miscellaneous 53 T157273 Related: T140388, T132606 Has Owner
20 Create new Han Characters with IDS extension for Wikisource Wikisource 53 T154044 Needs Owner
21 Better interface and visualisation for coordinates and map Reading 49 T157844 Related: T137253 Needs Owner
22 Editor-focused central editing dashboard Editing 48 T91655 Needs Owner
23 Watchlist priorities or Multiple watchlists Watchlists 48 T3492
Related: T126641
Needs Owner
24 Ask new users to disclose paid editing Miscellaneous 47 T157848 Needs Owner
25 Category move should also move stuff inside that category Editing 47 T5311 Needs Owner
26 Improve the stability of the page while loading Miscellaneous 47 T28234 Watchlist and centralnotices still a problem. Gadgets have options now to avoid this problem
27 Notifications for when your image is used Multimedia 45 T77154 Needs Owner
28 Add categories to the app Mobile and apps 45 T73966 Done
29 Identify high-use gadgets and ensure that they have proper long-term maintenance Bots and gadgets 43 T158462

Related: T108630, T121470, T87730, T151056

Needs Owner
30 Add talk page links to the app Mobile and apps 42 T158461 Basic support released for both Android and iOS
31 Auto-saving edits Editing 41 T75241 Done Community Tech/Auto-save edits, Community Wishlist Survey 2023/Edit-recovery feature
32 Automatic import and formatting of literature references from selected database sources Citations 41 T158465 Needs Owner
33 3D models Multimedia 41 T3790 Done
34 Allow admins to hide names of users while blocking them Admins and stewards 39 T159185

Related: T23097, T27763

Needs Owner
35 New pages Feed/Page Curation Moderation tools 38 T159188 Needs Owner
36 Keep Wikidata in sync with external databases Wikidata 38 T159190 Needs Owner
37 Create a blacklist of users who can not use Special:GlobalRenameRequest Admins and stewards 38 T101615 Needs Owner
38 Cross-wiki What links here Search 38 T3886 Needs Owner
39 Ability to reuse references in Wikidata Wikidata 37 T159191 Needs Owner
40 "Hide trusted users" checkbox option on watchlists and related/recent changes (RC) pages Watchlists 37 T159192

Related: T58719

Done by ORES and Collaboration teams in 2017 (T159942)
41 Hiding links through templates in "what links here" results Search 37 T14396 Needs Owner
42 Mobile UI for Wikidata Wikidata 37 T159195 Needs Owner
43 Watch only a section Watchlists 35 T2738 Needs Owner
44 DerivativeFX alternative Commons 34 T110409 Needs Owner
45 Use computer vision to propose categories Commons 33 T49492 Needs Owner
46 "Edit blame"-like feature – who wrote a phrase, when, and why Editing 33 T2639 Community Tech/Who Wrote That tool
47 Make hiding work correctly Watchlists 33 T11790 In development
48 Statistics of use of Wikidata's data Wikidata 32 T138697 Has Owner
49 Automatic notification of page creators when page is nominated for deletion Miscellaneous 31 T123866 Needs Owner
50 Make the display of protection templates automatic Admins and stewards 31 T12347
Related: T20418
Needs Owner
51 Built-in CatScan Search 31 T160225 Needs Owner
52 Allow any language to be the source for translations in Meta Programs and events 29 T69223 Done Config change set by user TTO. See T153209.
53 Add new inverted filter options to Special:Contributions Miscellaneous 29 T160227 Needs Owner
54 Backup of Commons files Commons 28 T160229 Related T131020, T111838, T71311, T147040 Needs Owner
55 Semi-automatic photo description and categorization tool Commons 28 T160231 Related T118875 Needs Owner
56 All-in-one-place edit conflict resolution Editing 28 T72163 Needs Owner
57 Suggestions for WikiProjects to join WikiProjects 28 T160232 Needs Owner
58 Enable administrators to update block logs Admins and stewards 28 T160233 In progress
59 Searching for images in nested categories Commons 27 T160234 Related: T37402, FastCCI Done
60 Auto-merge simple edit-conflicts Editing 27 T72163 Needs Owner
61 Support Wikipedia Education Program courses on Programs & Events Dashboard Programs and events 27
62 Make search suggestions work for pages outside the main namespace Wikidata 27 T48251
63 Make renames trivial on backend Admins and stewards 26 T33863
Related: T17212
Done while migrating to the new actor table (see mw:Actor migration)
64 Support KML files for geodata Multimedia 26 T28059, T137930, T144152, T57549 GeoJSON support in Commons Datasets now solves most of the initial requirements.
65 Implement Internet Archive BookReader in Commons & Wikisource Commons 26 T154100
66 Allow variants of an image to be derived from a single SVG Multimedia 25 Related: T138783
67 Quality scoring for new articles Moderation tools 25
68 Make categories sortable Commons 25 Related: T71417, T3289, T42870
69 Add navboxes to mobile/app version Mobile and apps 25 T68747
70 Import Wikidata text for disambiguation pages Bots and gadgets 25
71 Improve the history UI Editing 24 T5640, T6717, T15516, T13181, T20674, T30131
72 Make it easy to embed Wikimedia content Miscellaneous 24 T56829, T27854, T142243, T142090
73 Upload Wikisource text wizard Wikisource 24 T154413
74 Quarry maintenance Bots and gadgets 23 T71176, T111779, T133738, T137517, T139162
75 Enhanced "What links here" for sections Editing 23 Related: T103281
76 Allow a second email address (wikimail, password reset, notifications) Miscellaneous 23 T129747
77 Expand offline capability within the Wikipedia / Kiwix app Reading 22 Related: T158667 T64270 WMF Reading team is investigating possible solutions for Android. See T158667 for product requirements.
78 UncategorizedPages should ignore hidden categories Search 22 T30145
79 Drag and drop Commons files to Wikimedia projects Editing 22 T151647
80 Display rectangular part of the image as parameter of File and compatible with ImageNote Multimedia 22
81 Default alt text in image file Multimedia 22 T21906
82 Multi-protocol support for Special:Linksearch Moderation tools 21 T14810 Done
83 Article tracking tool for Wikiprojects, edit-a-thons and other campaigns, based on Wikidata Programs and events 21
84 Show only items that are allowed given the constraints of property when the user searches for them Wikidata 21
85 Automated reader's portal Wikisource 21
86 Mobile preview from desktop editing Editing 20 Related: T85587, T119252
87 Pick a thumbnail for an article's associated page image Multimedia 20 T91683, T95026
Related: T151276
88 Search user contributions Moderation tools 20
89 Multi-description tool Commons 20
90 Add button for inserting blank citation templates in wikitext editor Citations 20 Related: T130400, T94223
91 List of ______ <- Keyword Issue Search 20
92 Make link to user contributions more accessible on user pages Moderation tools 19
93 Allow users to restrict who can send them email Miscellaneous 19 T138165, T138166, T150419
Related: T129747, T97518
Done You can now blacklist users from sending you email. This was built by the anti harassement team in late 2017
94 Simple diff Reading 19 Related: T105173 Visual diffs are now available for VE, but not yet standalone.
95 Semantic search inside Wikipedia using Wikidata Search 19 T148735
96 Improved watchlist integration Wikidata 19 T90435
Related: T90436
97 Add "Insert Citation" to VisualEditor Wiktionary 19 T139152
98 Upload wizard for uploading artwork Commons 18 T51443
99 Search images by OCR Commons 18 Related: T23061 T105173
100 Cat-a-lot improvement Bots and gadgets 18
101 Support Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) Wikisource 18
102 Improve QuickStatements Wikidata 18 Done QS has evolved a lot since.
103 Search recursively in specified categories, to a specified depth Search 17 T37402 Done at T181549
104 Provide a dummy email address Miscellaneous 17 T150421
105 New option: Hide bots in logs Miscellaneous 17 T21322
106 Build disambiguation test into preview (text editor) Editing 17 T63072, T52160
107 Copy/paste statements of an item Wikidata 16 Related: T149905
108 Imagemap highlighting Multimedia 16 T108887 T58666
109 UploadWizard: Allow providing image categories and description while still uploading Commons 16 T39462
110 Character normalization search Wiktionary 16 Related: T138294
111 Free choice in the number of category entries Miscellaneous 16
112 Improve automated, full-page, bare-link citation completion tools Citations 16 T123776
113 Make it possible to set single entries from watchlist un-visited (and visited) Watchlists 16
114 IDN support for Special:Linksearch Moderation tools 16 T130482 Done
115 Return and improve the AbuseFilter's resource tracking Moderation tools 16 T53294
Related: T132200
116 List-to-table converter Editing 15
117 Transcode audio files to MP3 Multimedia 15 T165717 Done in late 2017 by Brion, after MP3 patents expired in early 2017
118 Tool for mass downloading files Commons 15
119 Article history integration Wikidata 15 T42358
120 Label erroneous Harv-style references Citations 15
121 Make it easy to quickly see all changes since last visit Watchlists 15 T10681, T151165
122 Thank IPs for their edits Miscellaneous 14 T63022
Related: T133452
123 "MediaChanges" feed to track pages where images are used Commons 14 T137758
124 Improved "pipe trick" behaviour Editing 14 T2845, T4700
125 Easy inter-project linking Wikidata 14 T71735
126 Add other project links in mobile apps Mobile and apps 14
127 Allow users to restrict who can send them notifications Miscellaneous 14 Related: T150419 Done A blacklist/mute option has been implemented by the Anti-harassement team in 2017
128 Debug PDF export for Non-Latin scripts Reading 14 T73869
129 Let Wikidata be more useful for Big Data Wikidata 14
130 Spelling- and typo-checking system for proofreading Wikisource 13
131 Enable on-wiki lift for account creation limit at a specific IP range Programs and events 13
132 Custom list for language learner Wiktionary 13 Related: T148364
133 Integrate the CIS-LMU Post Correction Tool Wikisource 13
134 Button to quickly revert page creation vandalism Admins and stewards 13
135 View location of all images with coordinates on a map Multimedia 13 Related: T149280
136 Also display images from subcategories Multimedia 13
137 Make forwarding to link #targets work in redirects without JavaScript Reading 13 T144781 Since discussed in T53736 and approved, but needs resourcing.
138 Browser reading list Reading 12 Related: T148364, T91902 In development. A Reading list for browsers and apps is being worked by the Reading team.
139 Make Wikisource "book-based" Wikisource 12 T17071
140 Mark thanked edits automatically patrolled for some users Miscellaneous 12
141 IDN support for Spam blacklist Moderation tools 12 T130483
142 Tool to list pages with no image Editing 12 Related Special page
143 Support SVG interactivity and animation in Media Viewer Multimedia 12 T138665
144 Primary Sources: When a claim from the tool gets approved, the page shouldn't get reloaded Wikidata 12 T148179
145 Visible category trees Search 12
146 Options to select and remove redirects and non-existing pages from watchlist Watchlists 12 T73383
147 Linking of accounts controlled by one user Miscellaneous 11 T16409
148 Semi-automated tool for importing Wikisource data from standard header template into Wikidata items Wikisource 11
149 Watch all items in a category Watchlists 11 T3710
150 Allow looking up Entities by specific property value Wikidata 11 T99899, T149108
151 Auto-suggest Templates Tool Bots and gadgets 11
152 Easy way to find last reviewed version Editing 11
153 Uploading from a mobile phone Mobile and apps 11 Related: T126848
154 LaTeX-style referencing for images and equations Multimedia 11 T7600
155 Easier file description Commons 11 T118875
156 Delete all NS:Page while deleting an index file Wikisource 11 T146587
157 Add a watchlist to watch on article linking Watchlists 10
158 Auto-congratulatory feature across all Wikimedia projects Bots and gadgets 10 Related: T124003 Done
159 VisualFileChange category processing improvement Commons 10
160 "Babel" for users area of expertise Miscellaneous 10
161 View two items at the same time Wikidata 10
162 Enter time data as Hours:Minutes:Seconds Wikidata 10 Related: T145532
163 Notify users of newly created articles added to categories or WikiProjects Miscellaneous 10
164 Integrate being able to use open license text in the Visual Editor toolbar Programs and events 10
165 Add simple filters to Danmichaelo's CropTool Wikisource 10
166 Bot to fix superfluous blank lines in templates, navboxes Bots and gadgets 10
167 Make it possible to "+1" statements on talk pages Miscellaneous 10
168 Hyperlink from "updated since my last visit" to the diff Miscellaneous 10
169 Mark redirects that have typos Editing 9
170 Better support for commonly used sources Citations 9
171 Provide a tool to efficiently analyze the usage of a template Miscellaneous 9 T120767
Related: T124822
172 RTRC|Real-Time Recent Changes App for Android Mobile and apps 9
173 Improved app for browsing Commons Mobile and apps 9
174 Citation quality assessment Citations 9
175 Take care of disambiguation items Wikidata 9 T141845, T144271, T139912
176 Notify editors of detectable errors they have created with an edit Editing 9 T48705 Done No direct notification, but tracked via Special:LintErrors now
177 Make the Page proofreading interface easier to use Wikisource 8
178 Allow watchlisting just the page or just the talkpage Watchlists 8 Related: T2738
179 Easily duplicate parts of an item Wikidata 8
180 Improve watchlist and other tracking of file changes both from local WPs and Commons files Watchlists 8 Related: T91192
181 Tool to post barnstars after large scale meetups Programs and events 8
182 Improvement of Phe's Statistics and Tools for Wikisource: vector graphs and a sortable table Wikisource 8
183 Real time group editing Editing 8 T3898, T76546
184 Add a community-modifiable help system to VisualEditor Editing 7 T53798
185 Generate automatic summary when manually adding a section heading Editing 7 T22307
Related: T53903, T54859
There is a patch, but it has not been merged yet.
186 Language links in Wikisource for edition items in Wikidata Wikisource 7 T128173
187 Display the authorship of a Wikipedia page Reading 7
188 Make two-factor authentication easier to use Admins and stewards 7 Related: T152157
189 Watchlist "Mark all visited" synchronization Watchlists 6 T98941
190 Position Maps & Media Viewer Multimedia 6
191 RecentChangesLinked should search associated pages Watchlists 6 T117122
Related: T42882
192 Fix the crosswatch tool Watchlists 6 T144083
193 MediaWiki:Edittools section should not be below "Save Changes" but closer to text editing area Editing 6
194 Primary Sources gadget: important bugs Wikidata 6 Related: T139757, T147330, T148143
195 Relaunching Wikitrends statistics tool Miscellaneous 6
196 Category browsing without multimedia viewer Commons 6
197 Add user profile images (avatars) Miscellaneous 6
198 AJAX editing of nsPage content Wikisource 6
199 Using watchlists to surface new articles on topics of interest Watchlists 6
200 Support the creation of more attractive pages on mobile Mobile and apps 6 T483 In progress
201 Rapid category creation Commons 5
202 Use notifications (echo) for mass messages Miscellaneous 5
203 Video support on iOS devices Mobile and apps 5 T142856
204 Tracking translation sources in revision history of translated articles Editing 5
205 Shortcut for patrollers to last changes list Moderation tools 5
206 Alphabetic sort function on category view Search 5 T37378
207 Watchlist drop-down options with less restrictive defaults Watchlists 5 Related: T151165, T120733
208 Filter watchlist to allow better visibility of category membership changes Watchlists 4
209 Add a 'clean' method for side-titles, and side notes to parser Wikisource 4
210 Bot to fix misplaced talk pages Bots and gadgets 4 Related: T19775
211 Fix Extension:Cite to allow tags and other functionality to work within ref tags Wikisource 4 T4700, T141971
212 Automated edit suggestions for articles' categories & WikiProjects Editing 4
213 Administrator- and Page mover-editable display titles, that make more than cosmetic changes to the title Editing 4 T15634 Extension:Display Title Configuration
214 Reduce size of Play Button in Videos Multimedia 4 T75438
215 Make finding and sharing documentation much easier Programs and events 4
216 Add button "export to mainspace" to user sandbox Editing 4
217 Recent uploads patrol webapp Commons 4
218 Allow Wikisource pages to be cited correctly Wikisource 4 T92808
219 Publish translated page in different location Miscellaneous 3
220 Only watchlist certain categories for membership changes Watchlists 3 T109759
221 Remember last used namespace Watchlists 3
222 Hiding or lumping links to references Reading 3
223 Readers comments and vote Reading 3
224 Good Article Nominations suggestion bot Bots and gadgets 3
225 Follow recent updates on current events Reading 3
226 Improve load time of RenameLink gadget Commons 3 T152013
227 Making Wikidata editable for human beings Wikidata 3
228 All edits from hardblocked IP mark as unreviewed Moderation tools 3
229 Adjust number of entries and days at Last unpatrolled Moderation tools 3
230 Allow create-protection to not show up in Special:ProtectedTitles Admins and stewards 3
231 Standardization of the includable special page Miscellaneous 3
232 Allow per-article edit limits Moderation tools 2
233 Create infobox for books in Wikipedia Wikidata 2 T76229, T128710
234 Improve user suggestion in Special pages Search 2 T145520
235 American Sign Language (ASL) functionality for Wikipedia pages Miscellaneous 2
236 Fix the bug where pages used by #ifexist show up in Special:WhatLinksHere Miscellaneous 2 T14019
237 Slideshow support Multimedia 2 Related: T138665, T150932
238 Allow user-set split of categories by namespace Search 2 T23003
239 View slider to compare two images Commons 2
240 Visual Editor support for the dead link template Editing 2 Related: T71547, T71498
241 Stereo viewer for the Wikipedia app Mobile and apps 2
242 Support for reverse sorting different from forward sorting for wikitables Editing 2 T137349
243 Add wikitext editor Options mode button Editing 2
244 Add DNG support (auto conversion to jpeg, Upload, Download) Multimedia 2 T21153
245 Watchlist SMS text notifications Watchlists 1 Related: T3492
246 Dismissible watching of created and edited pages Watchlists 1 Related: T3492
247 RecentChangesLinked & new articles Watchlists 1
248 Allow hiding chosen versions of images on File page Commons 1
249 Apple Photos sharing extension for Commons Multimedia 1
250 Increase file size limits Multimedia 1
251 Allow bulk uploads Multimedia 1 T135085
252 Computer vision Multimedia 1
253 Crowdsourcing handles to Wikimedia Commons content Multimedia 1
254 Template for translated articles Editing 1
255 Query OpenStreetMap database for Wikidata links for each item Wikidata 1 T145284
256 More database functions: i.e. WP-Categories as Select-Statements Wikidata 1
257 Move lexicon-like external sites as wd-statements, and add them back under section headers Wikidata 1 Related: T138652
258 table-style template for all Wikis Editing 1 Related: T483
259 Visual Editor menu refresh Wikisource 1
260 Allow multiple entries within each category Wiktionary 1
261 Watchlist sorted or coded to show page-traffic surges Watchlists 1
262 Improve Lupin's anti-vandal live spellchecking tool Editing 1
263 Add section/tab reset buttons for user preferences Miscellaneous 1
264 Feature for addition of common templates Miscellaneous 1
265 Human readable HTML emails Miscellaneous 1 T133764, T15303
Related: T13547, T128351, T108557