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Flickr-like uploader

  • Problem: Although there are various uploaders available: Upload Wizzard, Commonist, Vicuna, Pattypan... what we are missing is an uploader that will have the basic functionalities of Flickr. What does that mean? A simple workflow: 1) Choose files from a folder, 2) see thumbnails in the uploading tools, add filenames, categories and descriptions (everything else can be added automatically, like usernames or licence). Put it in the browser and make it as simple as possible for people to use. The uploading is happening DURING description of the files so that time delays are minimized.
  • Who would benefit: Commons newbies, users that are not familiar with wikicode and those who can be easily distracted by complicated uploaders. People who want to do things simply.
  • Proposed solution: Description of the proposed tool according to the principles used by the Flickr browser-based uploader tool and then writing the tool.
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It't the kind of "improvement" that might end up rewriting the whole thing :)--Strainu (talk) 23:07, 27 November 2017 (UTC)[reply]